Top 10 Technology Database Providers

The demand for technology databases has increased tremendously and more and more technology database providers claim to offer the best data. Marketers look for data providers who provide the best B2B marketing services which will help them identify prospects and maximize sales leads. If you want to achieve better customer engagement, then you must have […]

Amy John / July 6, 2021

Get access to responsive data with the Shopify mailing list

Business communication with a targeted audience base is one of the challenges that b2b marketers go through. Putting all the discrepancies to rest, Email Data Group has brought together a validated mailing list that can add value to multichannel campaigns. The Shopify mailing list is an accurate, responsive, and b2b campaign-ready database that facilitates business […]

Amy John / June 17, 2021

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy in 2021

LinkedIn lead generation strategy has become a hot topic everywhere. But, wait. Do you know where to begin from and where to end? No? Do not worry, you have landed at the correct station. LinkedIn, in a very short span of time, has become a really crucial platform. From being both a casual and as […]

Amy John / May 27, 2021

Best place to buy a B2B email list in 2021

What is an email list? Do you think it’s worth buying a b2b email list for your business? An email list contains the names and email addresses of people who have already given you permission to send them updates through emails. It allows for the general distribution of information to many internet users at one […]

Amy John / May 24, 2021

How To Choose Realtor Email List To Maximize Campaign

The world of business communication is as dynamic as it gets. With the advent of new technologies and mediums of communication, reaching a targeted audience base with services and offers is quite a challenge. The real estate sector is one such domain where competition is rife and reaching a genuinely interested audience base is nothing […]

Amy John / December 7, 2020

Top 15 b2b Content Marketing Strategies

B2B Content marketing today comes across as highly effective for marketers to train potential clients about best practices for their industry. When compared to last year 70% of B2B marketers are producing more content this year. It is the most prevalent technique to nurture and acquire leads in the B2B industry. Marketers place a high […]

Amy John / August 9, 2019

5 Recipes to Adopt Marketing Automation

Online marketing makes your campaign deliverability more obvious and timely. Every online marketing message cannot be manually sent by direct marketers who are targeting millions of business prospects. This requires marketing automation software that sends campaigns in real-time to a huge email marketing list of email subscribers. Gleanster reported that in 2016, 77% of the […]

Amy John / November 18, 2016

Holding Back Your Web Solutions to Engage B2B Customers?

Top brands of the world are concentrating on their customer loyalty programs more than ever! Giants from automotive, computers, online payment services, IM applications, e-commerce solutions and other thriving industries are working hard to keep a 90%-above customer loyalty engagement strength. Customer satisfaction results is a statistics that any company would proudly boast in all […]

Amy John / August 25, 2015

Working on the Content Marketing Cornerstones

“Content marketing” is considered as one of the top trends in the marketing circles today. Content has its due credit, thanks to the digital space that we are in today; this new-age term has become a part of every web sphere. Despite the limelight on content marketing and all that it can do for your […]

Amy John / December 2, 2014

4 Strategies to Influence Customer Perceptions

Thanksgiving is here! A season filled with celebrations, warmth and acts of kindness and gratitude, a time for positive transformations and a refreshed way of thinking. What better time than now to extend this line of thought into your business to enjoy brand credibility and optimal results. In the current competitive market, focusing on the […]

Amy John / November 26, 2014