Top 15 b2b Content Marketing Strategies

B2B Content marketing today comes across as highly effective for marketers to train potential clients about best practices for their industry. When compared to last year 70% of B2B marketers are producing more content this year. It is the most prevalent technique to nurture and acquire leads in the B2B industry.

Marketers place a high demand on content marketing campaigns for good quality and qualified leads for their business apart from focusing on ROI. Creating content for videos, blogs, and ebooks can attract potential customers to your website. Hence b2b marketers are focusing on a regular flow of content that speaks about your industry. It should be a solution to all their marketing challenges, thus, helping them build a trustworthy relationship.

The top 15 b2b Content Marketing Strategies for 2024 are:

1. Budgets for B2B content marketing will increase

Marketers are putting more effort into content marketing and increase their budget. Businesses and companies are adopting this trend and clearly understand the need for good content for immediate value as well as for long-term. Hence a major chunk of the budget is assigned for content marketing.

2. Get Customized Content

Content for the landing pages should be appealing to the different types of audience who land on the site. It can, therefore, be customized to target your audience and deliver the perfect content at the right time. With more tracking codes you will be able to track the customers’ behavior and where they are clicking on marketing emails. Hence, marketers can customize their content more effectively for ad campaigns, landing pages and emails to segmented mailing lists.

3. Repurpose your B2B content effectively


To drive organic and paid traffic to the company’s website we use email, LinkedIn updates, blog posts, etc. Instead of wasting your time and resources on doing everything everywhere consider engaging in repurposing content to reach a wider audience.

4. Make sure to choose quality content over quantity 

Don’t focus on just filling your content calendar, this can take your content and the quality of your blog downhill. Make sure you don’t lose sight of your audience and hence, keep your content flowing and deliver only high-quality content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

5. Make your content interesting

If your content is not interesting or convincing there is no point in spending all your time in promoting your content, as it won’t do you much good. In today’s world of Instagram images and Snapchat fun, we all want to be entertained. So, make your B2B content unique.

6. Help buyers make the right decision

Your B2B content should be so convincing that it should help your buyers make a well-informed decision which should be fruitful for the company as well. Your content should make customers buy their product helping them achieve their business goals by getting them better ROI.

7. Improved your sales funnels

We try to keep our audience engaged at the beginning of our content. And if you want further engagement it can shift to mid- and late-funnel. Your content should be informative so that it leads your visitors through your sales funnel helping them convert to your potential customers. So it’s important to perfect each point of content for better sales and conversion.

8. Personalize your Content


In today’s competitive market personalization of emails is a common approach across all industries. It was found that the businesses who have adopted this strategy the response was unquestionably high.

9. Get reliable news source

Do your own research and share the valuable information you collect internally with people who will find it valuable. You could also promote it in social media.

 10. Marketing

Earlier, most marketers believe that social media as a lead generation channel for B2C marketing. But today they are shifting their focus towards social media to educate and communicate with their potential prospects. As expected, LinkedIn will outperform other social channels for B2B businesses making it the most efficient and cost-effective platform for reaching a B2B audience. Today, B2B marketers are utilizing LinkedIn to make more data-driven decisions than before and the trend is likely to continue.

11. Amplify your content

It is just not enough to have quality content. You want it to be viewed by as many people as possible. You can use social media, SEO, email marketing, paid ads, etc. to reach a wider audience. This further helps in creating market presence and trust when people are making purchase decisions.

12. Content should be in bite-sized chunks that can be shared easily

When content is delivered to your audience in a visually appealing and compelling manner, it is understood more quickly and will be remembered. Moreover, people would like to share the content immediately. So, instead of just using content in whitepapers and case studies, you can also use graphical content as they can be read quickly.

13. Influencer marketing remains a useful strategy

Most marketers believe that influencer marketing strategy is effective. If you want your brand to be recognized and be connected with your future prospects through social media you can turn to influencer marketing. Young consumers want content to be more natural and subtle sponsored content which is promoted by influencers.

14. Right time, place and person

We want our content to reach the right people at the right time for highest engagement and conversion potential. Today, digital media allows for instant broadcast communications. We believe that buyers should be comfortable with your content at every stage of your campaign.

15. Content must have stronger nurturing power

Once you have your audience engaged with your promotions, your next step would be to move them ahead towards conversion. For this, you can make use of whitepapers. At this stage, you can gather more information from your buyer as he will be open to give more information himself in return for more in-depth content. So, it’s best to keep your online forms short and easy to fill out with only the most critical information required.


B2B marketers need to incorporate new trends in b2b Content Marketing Strategies for 2024. In order to keep your audience engaged you to need to provide compelling content on your website. Social selling is the new industry standards for B2B sales. By adopting this you will reap the benefits of this new trend.

Based on existing trends, more focus will be on digital marketing through organic search, social media, and analytics. B2B content marketing will be more focused and result driven. So be prepared to give what your customers want.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.