Top 7 Christmas Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

The Christmas holiday season is when friends and family come together and share gifts. The holiday season is the best time for businesses to make money and gives an opportunity for both small and large businesses to drive new customers and boost sales.

Stores are cashing in on the season and shoppers spend significantly during this time of the year. Brands can use this to their advantage and create Christmas email marketing campaigns showing your appreciation to loyal customers.

However, with all the competition, it is not easy for marketers to sell products and services, gain potential customers and generate more leads before Christmas, to kick-start your business in the coming New Year. Marketers need to create lucrative and engaging email campaigns to gauge their customers’ attention and drive maximum conversions.

Here are the Top 7 Christmas Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation for you to consider

#1 Choose The Right Time

Marketers need to choose the right time such as the pre-Christmas campaign, Christmas campaign, and the post-Christmas to launch their email marketing campaigns. These stages are very important to create a successful Christmas email marketing campaign.

For pre-Christmas email marketing campaigns, marketers should start early as most people do not like to rush to buy gifts so they do it long before Christmas. You can send subtle personalized email marketing messages to your subscribers to remind them of your products and services. By doing this you are preparing them for the Christmas sales.

The next stage comes right after the Pre-Christmas email marketing. This is the time for sale where you offer discounts on popular products to entice your customers to buy.

The holiday season does not end with Christmas, as New Year is just around the corner. The post-Christmas email marketing campaigns can be designed offering more discounts for people to buy in the New Year. Appreciation messages can be sent to your customers for their participation during the holiday sales campaigns.

#2 Use Enticing Images of Your Products

Use compelling images of your products or services to attract customers. Images are said to speak better than words in email marketing. Make sure to use clear pictures of your products that will entice your subscribers to click and check out your offers and deals. You can also add GIFs such as Snowflakes, Santa flying, and sparkling Christmas tree, etc. to your email message to make it look good.

#3 Use Compelling Content

Create compelling content that will highlight the benefits and features of your product for your Christmas email marketing campaign and customers will not miss it. You can send personalized messages to your subscribers using their first names to address them. Such messages are more engaging and convert more. Your content should be engaging and interesting to generate more clicks.

#4 Use Enticing Headlines and CTAs That Increase Conversions

The Christmas holiday is the time when you’re inbox is filled with emails. Hence, your subject line is the determinant factor of whether your subscribers will read your email. Make sure to create interesting subject lines that stand out and are 50 to 60 characters long.

Your CTAs are an important element in your Christmas email marketing campaigns. CTA should be short, exciting, and descriptive telling the reader what actions they need to take.

#4 Build A Segmented Email List to Get More Leads

The main objective of your Christmas email marketing is to increase sales and also build more leads. You can increase the number of leads by running a Christmas campaign to get more sign-ups on your landing page. You can create different promotions until Christmas day. As each promotion lasts for 24 hours before the next one starts, you can keep your customers engaged and interested. Marketers can use social media network channels and also paid ads such as Facebook to increase their reach.

By using a segmented email list, you can launch targeted Christmas email campaigns to the right audience to make an impact. You can segment based on the subscribers’ geographies, demographics, shopping behaviour, etc.  You can send targeted emails to users who are truly interested in knowing about your offers and deals. This improves lead generation and boosts sales.

#5 Create Christmas-Themed Marketing Campaigns

Most websites change the appearance of their pages during the Christmas holidays to attract visitors. By using templates targeted for the Christmas holidays is a great way to attract more attention from users and to increase the traffic to your website.

#6 Use Attractive Holiday-Themed Email Designs

Changing the colours and themes of your Christmas email campaigns will reflect the mood of the season and is a great way to grab users’ attention. You can use different themes, for your emails, website, and all other promotional campaigns on social media platforms.

This makes your designs responsive and your subscribers will not get bored of the same look. Moreover, they can also check out your offers easily on mobile devices as well. You can use HTML email templates that will allow you to add images, links and customize them as per your brand’s offerings and goals.


Christmas email marketing campaigns should be appealing to your customers and based on their requirements. To run successful Christmas email marketing campaigns that will boost your conversions and sales to a great extent, you must ensure you follow the above-mentioned tips. When done right, you’ll be on your way to creating and sending emails that boost sales this Christmas holiday season.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.