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As a marketer, you must understand that relying on traditional modes of customer communication is no longer enough. Thanks to data science, today, we live in the era of targeted communication. Therefore, you cannot boost sales and expect your marketing strategies to work if you keep chasing untargeted contacts. So, you must buy email lists that contain contact details of prospective customers.


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Reap The Benefits Of Targeted Communications With Our Targeted Email List


Furthermore, targeted communication with the help of an email list allows you to personalize your message for a defined audience. Hence, it resonates more deeply with your prospects and enables you to strike long-lasting professional relationships. Today most companies are investing in email lists for their campaigns. As marketers we clearly understand that relying on traditional methods of communication will not deliver desired results and hence, you will have to integrate various channels for optimal results.

If you buy targeted mailing list by Email Data Group, you can create a personalized campaign that is cost-effective as it will reach out to genuinely interested leads. At Email Data Group, we also encourage marketers to buy targeted email lists to contact geo-targeted professionals and decision-makers directly. Thus, whether you wish to expand your market, generate leads, add new customers or reduce your sales time, a B2B email list is an excellent place to start.

We, at Email Data Group have kept this in mind while building the Email address list, keeping it compatible for multi-channel communications through emails, direct mails, telemarketing and more. When you invest in our lists therefore, you make multi-channel communications possible, making sure that your marketing messages are conveyed to your respective audiences.

Buy Targeted Email Lists Based on Following Lists :

Category Total No of Counts Available
Technology Users List 8,890,785
Physicians Email List 15,754,865
Dentists Email List 872,555
CEO Email List 598,345
Accountants Mailing List 356,478
Category Total No of Counts Available
International Email List 71,789,970
HR Email List 189,678
Attorney Email List 210,432
B2C Email List 5,675,890
Industry Email List 60,729,580

Customize Targeted Email Lists with Following Data Sets Including :

. Company Size

Company Size

. Job Title

Job Title

. Technology Tracking

Technology Tracking

. Assets Size

Assets Size

. Industry Size


. Geography


Why Should You Buy Targeted Email Lists by Email Data Group?

Still not convinced why you should buy targeted email list? Well, according to statistics, half the world’s population uses emails for communication, and the numbers are rising every day. It is one of the most effective mediums for the widespread distribution of information.

At Email Data Group we therefore encourage marketers to buy b2b email list making it convenient for you to make direct contact with geo-targeted professionals for business. So whether you want to roll campaigns for generating leads, expanding markets, adding new customers, reducing sales cycle time or any other our business email list database is going to be a good place to start.

Make The Right Moves in A Competitive Market With Our Exclusive Email Address Database Of Decision Makers

At Email Data Group therefore, while building our b2b email addresses, it has been our priority to keep the database targeted and up to date, considering its exclusive audience base. Our business email lists are built keeping client requirements as priority. It is our guarantee therefore, that with our lists by your side, communications will be made easy and market growth will be possible. So, buy Email List and make your move.

Targeted Email lists from Email Data Group can give you access to executives working in the fast-paced software industry. These IT professionals are business savvy and a blend of technical and scientific skill. Reach out to technology users in the most effective manner with our email list.

This means that a business must leverage this opportunity to acquire and retain its customers. And a targeted email database can help you achieve this quite efficiently. Plus, if you buy targeted email lists by Email Data Group, you get the following benefits:

Benefits of using Email Data Group’s Targeted Email Lists

  • Verified Contacts:
  • Our dedicated data experts have curated authentic email lists that aid our clients in targeted communication to take their business to the next level. To ensure maximum accuracy, we verify data through telephone and email and eliminate obsolete or duplicate data. Hence, you get high-quality lead data that helps garner maximum customer responses.

  • High Deliverability Rates:
  • Since we collect our information only from internationally trusted and reliable sources, you can be sure that your messages will land in the correct inboxes. This helps us promise high email deliverability rates to our clients. Some of our credible sources include: Trade Fairs, Newsletters, Business cards etc.

  • Customized Lists:
  • We understand that every business has its own requirements and budget. Hence, we provide customized email lists to help boost your marketing revenue. So, buy targeted email lists by Email Data Group and get data solutions that perfectly serve your marketing and business requirements.

  • Consent-Based Contact Information:
  • At Email Data Group, we help you build and nurture customer loyalty with the help of our targeted mailing database. Thus, we follow a permission-based approach to identify interested customers, which leads to high conversion rates.

  • Email Appending Facility:
  • When you buy from us, you can leverage a unique service that helps update your older email databases. We provide email appending services that add new and relevant contacts to your older database.

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Explore Business Opportunities Globally with Our Customized Email Address List

As marketers, we all value timely communication. We are always talking about how important it is for organizations to reach the right people and contact them for the sales and promotion of their products and services. At Email Data Group our email list database in fact is based on the whole idea of simplifying communications, including the ease of fixing appointments, get noticed and be responded to.

So, how about working on your communication processes too for reaching out to your customers. Start by purchasing email list from Email Data Group and making the right move with your b2b campaigns. Using our list of business emails is a smart business move in that it will simplify communications through multiple channels making it possible to engage with a wider audience pool through emails, direct mails and telemarketing campaigns.

Moreover, considering our experience and expertise in the field of data collation and compilation, we make it convenient for marketers to acquire data through our email lists as per their campaign requirements. So, if you think that your products and services are ready for being promoted to key decision makers, then make your move and purchase your customized Email List today.

Acquire Responsive Email Marketing List In 3 Creative Ways

There is no fixed rule of acquiring an email database, however, marketers can adopt either of the three methods of email list acquisition mentioned below:

  • Buy email list:
  • You can buy email lists based on specific demographics.

  • Rent an email database:
  • You must work with the email provider to send out your email.

  • Own opt-in email addresses:
  • Some voluntarily give out their email addresses for opt-in emails on specific kinds of campaigns. Marketers can leverage from this and earn the trust of their contacts who are already interested customers.

Boost Business Relationship with our Email Address List

Business growth happens through quality client relationship. And when it begins with email marketing, then better get an e mail list that is segmented based on industry type, location, title, SIC code, NIC code, etc. So, if you buy email address list from us, you can utilize it diligently to enhance your email marketing techniques through cost-effective means. Buying email lists will help you to identify your potential customers through opt-in email messages, and fetch customer response in real-time. So, serve across a wider geographical magnitude by utilizing our email lists.

Purchase Email Lists To Fortify Email Campaigns In 4 Steps

Every campaign has to be customized according to the audience type and it goes without mentioning that delivering the Right Message at the Right Time can maximize deliverables. Here are 4 steps to be carefully used by marketers in their email campaigns to develop and maintain interest in their prospective customers towards their products/services.

  • Welcome Email Campaigns:
  • Welcome email is meant for building bridges between marketers and their business prospects. Every detail on new offers and subscriptions should be provided to prospective clients along with e-books, whitepapers, etc.

  • Ask for Preferred Frequency:
  • Do not send across information repeatedly, making subscribers unsubscribe before they want to place order for your services. Inquire subscribers about the frequency they would like to receive informative messages from you.

  • Time campaigns:
  • Utilize email access time tracking software to capture the time the recipients mostly check their inbox and through this tool send your email across to the recipient.

  • Message Depending on Buying Cycle:
  • Send relevant messages to customers depending on the buying cycle phase they are in.

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Buy Targeted Email Lists to Facilitate Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Let’s face it! If you want to market your brand effectively, you must execute a multi-channel marketing campaign. So, why only stick to email when you can facilitate various marketing campaigns such as telemarketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and more. If you buy a targeted mailing list by Email Data Group, you can quickly spread the word about your business through multiple mediums.

If you buy targeted email lists, you will find well-researched data that consists of all the necessary details to make your campaign a success. Our data solutions can help you craft a well-designed email marketing strategy that brings fantastic returns on your investment. Having this valuable data in your pocket can help you achieve swift business growth and do justice to your business plans. Hence, if you are a contemporary marketer, it is time to leave the spray and pray strategies behind and reap the benefits of targeted communication.

Lastly, guess what! Before you buy an email list by EDG, you can ask for a free sample to check the quality and make up your mind. So, why wait before it’s too late? Reach out to Email Data Group and request your free sample today!


Yes. Investing in a targeted email list can be a prudent business decision as it can help in niche marketing. Email Data Group provides accurate purchasing targeted email list for brand building initiatives. Buy targeted email lists as it is certain to add dynamism to your global campaigns.

Targeted email list can minimize all the glitches you face in multichannel campaigning. A targeted email list is designed with precision to suit your specific business criteria thereby helping you achieve unmatched campaign success and reducing your overall campaign costs. To reap global campaign success, buy targeted email lists.

You may buy targeted email lists in few simple steps. There is a request quote option on the right top corner of the page which will help you fill in details to make the purchase. For further queries you may write in to us at: or call on +1 (800) 710-4895

The email list collated by Email Data Group can maximize campaign returns and help in revenue generation. If quick response and higher ROI are your campaign goals, buy targeted email lists and experience the leap in results.

Yes. Email Data Group is indeed the best place to buy email list as the b2b email lists are compiled from reliable global sources and verified thoroughly to ensure higher deliverables and returns. The email lists may also be customized based on your business requirement making it a one stop solution for all your b2b campaigning needs.

Yes. You can buy targeted email list in few simple steps. Choose the request quote option or write in to us with your requirement at or call on +1 (800) 710-4895

Some companies that have been building their own email lists are gradually investing in email lists. We have time and again received queries for our impeccable and responsive targeted b2b mailing lists. So, yes companies do buy email lists.

Email Data Group is a pioneer in providing verified targeted email list for business communication. You may request quote to buy targeted email lists. For further queries you may write in to us at or call on +1 (800) 710-4895

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