Data Verification: Essential Ways to make it a Precise Process

What do Mean by Data Verification? Data verification is the process of checking raw data that is sourced for accuracy. It can be fully verified or you can just get a small sample verified through email or telephone. Moreover, it is a time-consuming and tedious process. Another way of verifying the data collected is by […]

Amy John / May 22, 2022

Five Simple Measures to Avoid Data Decay

Data changes rapidly, therefore marketers and sales reps need to work together to ensure data is constantly updated. Data decay affects B2B records at a higher rate because of economic factors and the mobility of the workforce. As the digital future of B2B sales continues to evolve, there is greater demand for data-driven decisions. Businesses […]

Amy John / May 18, 2022

Boost your Organization’s Sales Productivity With Salesforce

The important feature to have a flourishing business today depends upon how you maintain your relations with your customers. If you keep your customers happy it means you will gain higher sales. Hence, sales teams are using various tools to deliver high performance and boost sales and the most popular one is Salesforce. By implementing […]

Amy John / October 13, 2021

Improve your customers with data appending

Enhance client base with data appending services Accurate, responsive, and relevant data strengthens core business value by offering pragmatic business solutions. Data appending and data enrichment services have redefined business data by enriching it with up-to-date mailing lists to add value to multichannel campaigns. It is the right solution to enable marketers to reach their […]

Amy John / May 10, 2021

How Daas handles overload of business information?

Big data have become so humongous that without a structure, it is only a complex set of algorithms. Unless arranged and segmented, it does not provide optimum value to operations and business. Now data as a service is offered professionally to reduce the burden on capital investments.  If you are seeking an expert DaaS provider, […]

Amy John / February 12, 2020

Email Appending Best Practices

Email appending today is considered an extremely helpful, fastest and most accurate tools to adding or updating a missing email address into your existing customer lists.According to some experts, it is said that when you use email appending you can see an average increase of 30% in your ROI. Although a controversial practice in the world […]

Amy John / December 15, 2019

The Dangers Of Bad Email Append

Having consumer data mapped in the business database is an ideal situation for every business enterprise. Often businesses make use of data enrichment processes like email appending to update their database records. While running a periodic email append is recommended, choosing a low-quality data appending service or non-professional email appending services can be detrimental to […]

Amy John / April 13, 2019

Email Appending and mistakes to be avoided

What is Email Appending? It is when a vendor matches e-mail addresses in its database to postal addresses in a client company’s house file. It also allows you to update your information on your current customer database so you can be sure you’re not wasting space in your database. There should be enough room for […]

Amy John / February 8, 2018

Let Email Appending Protect Your Email Programs

In case you receive an email from some sender whose email address looks familiar and you open the email and click on the attachment to find that your screen turns black and you cannot navigate to any other page. All you can see is a message that reads that all your data is in their […]

Amy John / May 26, 2017

How Salesforce Cloud is helping Business Enterprises Worldwide

With the continuous advancement of technology, business enterprises are constantly adapting new and upgraded methods to maintain effective business communication with their customers. Salesforce is one of the leading cloud computing companies that has developed their worldwide satisfied customer base through effective customer relationship management services. Let us have a look at how Salesforce is […]

Amy John / May 10, 2017