Email Appending and mistakes to be avoided

What is Email Appending?

It is when a vendor matches e-mail addresses in its database to postal addresses in a client company’s house file. It also allows you to update your information on your current customer database so you can be sure you’re not wasting space in your database. There should be enough room for names and email addresses in the same list making sure you can keep those required for a longer period of time. This is the quickest and most effective way to build an e-mail database.



When you have made up your mind to pursue an e-mail append pay serious attention to planning, pricing, and Email Appending process, when performed in an ethical manner by a reputable vendor, can provide you with guaranteed deliverable e-mail addresses for up to 20% or more on your first project.

To build a database of customers, make sure you hire a company that has the same vision like yours and is committed to helping you grow your company quickly and effectively.

While there is no hard and fast rule to be followed, there are some common Email Appending mistakes made by marketers which can be avoided.

Go with high-quality data:

The main objective of Email Appending is to upgrade and cleanse existing data source as well as get the email addresses of prospective customers. So, discuss your requirements with your vendor and make sure whether the vendor has the ability to deliver the same.
Don’t get carried away by vendors who quote less. Quality must be a priority and price does not assure quality. So, do not compromise.

The significance of Opt-In and Opt-Out e-mail alternatives:

When you narrow down on a vendor for e-mail appending, make sure they are able to provide 100% opt-in e-mail option. The opt-in email indicates that when upgrading the database with email ids, a welcome email or approval based e-mail has to be sent to evaluate the validity of the e-mail id.

By following this, one is assured that your privacy is appreciated and they can opt-out if they do not want to participate in e-mail projects. Avoid simple mistakes and make no room for negligence as it can damage your brand’s online reputation in the long run.

It is noted that most vendors’ opt-in databases have an approximate bounce rate of 30% to 50% or more. Some as high as 80%. This could result in you being blocked or blacklisted by the Internet Service Providers.

Evaluate your vendor alternatives very carefully:

Don’t just invest in the first Email Appending service provider you come across. Instead, do your own research. Find out about the company- since when they have been in the market, who are their customers and from which part of the world, what kind of service they excel at and so forth. And when you are doing your research you will notice that in most cases companies will not over guarantee. Today, while companies are keen to attract a new customer, they also have to maintain their online reputation and deliver the best email appending services.

Trust your own resources for checklist construction:

Once you select the right vendor make sure you provide them with existing data source for them to update. Collate the data in one exhaustive and also extensive database. You should have the ability to generate maximum data through organic ways like sites, social networking sites, client recommendations, events/promotional campaigns as well as other means you can consider. It is a known fact that company emails lapse at the rate of 3-6% on a monthly basis. Nevertheless, you will probably still call for appending solutions, to make sure that your very own data source is an excellent one.

Do not exaggerate your individualized messages:

Every marketers’ and organizations’ main purpose is to attract as well as retain clients. So, it is necessary to send the right messages to customers, but don’t overdo it. Personalized messages are a sure means to grab consumer interest and attention; this surely must be taken into consideration when sending emails.

Ignoring direct list-building options:

Organically grown e-mail addresses are the least costly to get and will provide you with the low yielding result. At times, doing everything the right way will probably only yield e-mail addresses for approximately 25% of your customer or donor base and your growth rate.

Appending e-mails to a prospect list:



When you get an e-append make sure you are using the only donor, customer or with individuals you have a relationship that never got around to giving you their e-mail addresses. So, appending e-mails to a third-party or prospect list is not recommended unless you want a high spam-complaint rate.

Not insisting on list cleaning as part of append process:

Your vendor should automatically perform hygiene services on your list like checking for typos, errors, and other problematic addresses to make sure results are clean and deliverable. In addition, they should adhere to all CAN-SPAM regulations including Federal Communications Commission Wireless Domains, the Digital Marketing Academy’s Do Not E-mail list, and your own unsubscribe list. Vendors should be cautious with data as it is their own.

Not asserting on 100% guaranteed deliverable results:

When you invest in any e-mails it should be deliverable. They should be the only preferred e-mail addresses of your customers.

If they bounce within a reasonable post-append grace period your vendor should credit your account immediately. And don’t settle for a credit towards a future project that you may not even be sure of.

Overlooking the importance of opted-out e-mail:

Another important part of e-mail append process should include permission messaging. Newly-appended customers should be given the opportunity to opt-out of an e-mail relationship with your company.

Sending personalized e-mail messages:

An outstanding way to handle clients is to send a welcome message along with your attached email addresses. This presents them to a brand-new technique of communicating with them and gives them the heads up regarding any mail they might be receiving.

Clearing appended results into house list:

When you have e-mail addresses of customers, that doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. So, send a welcome message” to your appended e-mail addresses that introduce them to this new mode of communication and explains its value in terms of offers, ideas, etc. And don’t forget to offer them the opportunity to opt out.


Once you have your appended data or e-mails, don’t expect them to start performing immediately. So, calm down. Take a breath and have realistic expectations. Marketing studies have proved that it takes anywhere from 7-10 impressions to get someone to notice.

Also, there are some other things to keep in mind when you first start messaging your appended e-mail addresses. Like, you can expect a few bounces (1-3%) due to unpaid accounts, full mailboxes, and internet issues. Since most messaging recipients didn’t directly provide to you an e-mail address, you can keep them informed in advance and put extra effort into crafting your welcome message.

At Email Data Group we believe that growth of both small and big businesses mostly depends on effective advertising. You will need to rely on an appended data for strategic marketing campaign done in the correct manner to be able to grow your business and clientele list.

Make use of Email Appending Service and ensure that your business mailing lists always contain the most current, most deliverable addresses and responsive phone numbers available. So, whatever your plans are, make sure you do not make the same mistakes. Contact us at Email Data Group today! You can call on 800-710-4895 or Email us at

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7 Reasons You Should Invest in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is important. And many businesses owners believe that it is the most powerful strategies that can be used by them. For startups and established businesses, you can use email marketing to connect with new customers, build a relationship with current customers and retain them, create a market presence, increase sales and grow your business as well.


Email Marketing


Most businesses used to handle email marketing on their own, but in this competitive era of digital marketing, they have realized that in the long term it’s best to get it outsourced.

When your business grows, you tend to become more competitive, and it is then you should invest in email lists for your email marketing campaigns. As it is cost-effective, it aids you in building your brand, increases your ROI, and allowing you to target your audience.

Annual revenue becomes important to all businesses. It is wise to strategize your marketing budget. So, what can one do about it?

Here are 7 reasons why you businesses should put more money into email marketing.

1.When your business lacks measurable marketing plan:

Most companies don’t have a marketing plan in place. So it is important to be familiar with digital marketing aspects, like email marketing, SEO, web designing, content creation and content creation and much more.
A marketing firm may want to know what exactly you want to achieve. They will make sure you take advantage of the right channels and have something concrete in place.

2.Your website gets traffic, but has no results:

It’s a great feeling to see your website is drawing more visitors. But if there are no conversions, then what is the use. So, it becomes important for you to understand your audience.

When you have a marketing plan, you can collect data about your visitors and create targeted campaigns. So, in future, you can keep them engaged with your marketing messages.

3.When your website has become old and outdated:

Having an old website does not lead you anywhere. So, you need to have the right design team to make it more captivating for your audience, while meeting your business objectives.

You might want your website to be designed in such a way to generate leads, and produce more sales.

4.When you don’t have a blog of your own:

Today, it is crucial to SEO to have a company blog. It is an exceptional channel for communication, trust building and leads nurturing. Updating it regularly makes the search engines happy. So, invest in blogging and create engaging content and post it on the best channels available.

5.When you do not have engaging followers:

While you have followers on Facebook and Twitter, they may be friends. And you need some real followers who will become advocates for your brand. Here number does not matter, quality of followers does. So, engage them with your messages and ask for feedback and respond to comments, be it good or bad. This is the best social media platform designed for building and nurturing relationships.

6.When your emails have become stale and boring:

If you happen to send the same old email to your customers on your subscriber list, you are limiting your potential. With the number of tools available in the market, it is has become easier to collect data on your leads and segment them into different categories. You can also personalize your messaging that helps in the buyer’s journey.

7.When you have a lot to share with customers but don’t:

While you may have enough information to share with your customer, you may not have the time to organize or put together your content into a series of posts. So, it’s best to invest in email marketing and create content such as e-books, white papers, info graphics, etc. and begin to establish your business. If you want to succeed and grow your business, the best way is to provide them with relevant information that answers their generic questions.


Email List


Email marketing has its own benefit and only an experienced marketing service provider will be able to guide you in all the different aspects like SEO, social media, content writing, design, development, strategy and more.

By following Email Marketing Best Practices marketers can take their business to the next level of success. Therefore, at Email Data Group in order to remain competitive, small and large businesses must take advantage of the channels that are waiting for you. Contact us today at Email Data Group! You can call on 800-710-4895 or Email us at

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9 Best practices to improve your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates

There are so many factors that go into what drives open and click-through rates within the email marketing industry. After email marketing, the second most important metric of your email campaign is the click-through rate (CTR).

All of us are happy when we get a smashing open rate, but when we lose the same reader within no time leads to disappointment. Hence, we must realize that an impressive email draws the reader to click. And the secret behind great inbound marketing is through emails that create a high click-through rate.

We all know that by clicking on the links in the body of an email you are directed to the website. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time on emails that generate no clicks at all. Hence, it is important to bear a few tips in mind in order to excel in the best email marketing practices.

Here, we will share some areas in your email-marketing program that will help you improve your click-through rates.

Give one Call to Action

It is important to have a call to action in your email. While it may be tempting to add more CTA’s, less is always considered as more. Moreover, giving more choices leads to confusion and even decrease your click-through rates. Thus, it makes sense to keep your calls to action reduced to one.

Follow the CAN-SPAM Rules

It is important to follow the CAN-SPAM act while creating and sending emails. This allows you to stop emails and also penalizes those who have violated the law.

Give social sharing options

The rise in CTR includes the clicks made on the social media buttons/links and the clicks made by people whom the email reached via social sharing.

Segment your emails

There are different email subscribers and everyone is unique. Therefore, you need to segment your subscribers and send them emails that are customized to match their business interests. So, when you send email to the right person, the chance of getting a click increases.

Make emails fit any mobile seamlessly

Today, most emails are opened on mobile devices. This is reason enough to make your emails mobile friendly. If not, you are likely to miss out on many subscribers who won’t click due to this shortcoming.By making your emails responsive, you also hold their attention for longer (thereby getting more clicks).

Reach out to new contacts

A good way of building your brand is, when you get a new subscriber, it is recommended that you email them within the first 24 hours. This will give the new subscriber what the future engagement is going to be like.

Personalize your emails

Everyone likes to receive a personalized message. This is one way of building communication. People trust the emails that are coming from a personal sender name and email. It is best to keep in mind that you must personalize your emails to build a connection with your subscriber’s. This leads to higher click-through rates.

Create the Urgency

You must convey a feeling urgency in your emails to the subscribers that they might miss out an opportunity if they do not act urgently. This encourages them to click on the CTA immediately.

Placing the CTA on the right side

Placing CTA’s to the left of the content looks and feels inconvenient as you require your reader to go back to the left side to do the action. Therefore, placing your CTA on the right does the trick, as we read from left to right and that could also be the reason why the scroll is on the right.


Apart from this, there are some obvious email marketing tips one must pay attention to. The first being to write a clear subject line that is clickable. Keep your email short and appealing to the reader. Moreover, it is extremely important to include an action-oriented CTA.

You must always remember that email marketing is all about heightening the curiosity of the subscriber. At Email Data Group we believe, that following some basic and simple tips of email marketing can make your email marketing strategy a huge success. Contact us at Email Data Group today! You can call on 800-710-4895 or Email us at



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Email Marketing best practices in 2017

We all know that email is one of the most powerful tools for marketing your products and services. However, one has to hone the art of making your email marketing as effective as possible. While it was considered as the means to reach out to your potential clients, over the years we have seen it has reached a saturating point. Be it promotional discounts or dinner vouchers, today our in boxes are flooded with emails.

A recent study conducted by a California technology market research firm found that the total number of emails sent and received per day in 2015 surpassed 200 billion. Nevertheless, email can be considered as a powerful tool to when used effectively.

Email Marketing

Here are a few points to be considered before sending out an email campaign.

Optimize your email for mobile use

The number of emails opened on mobile is increasing by the day. So it is best if buttons and clicks are big enough to click.

Personalize your email for better open rates

All of us like to receive personalized messages. So, if you want your emails to be opened, you can include the user’s name to attract the user’s attention.

Let your email messages be conversational

You only have a few seconds with your reader and in this short span of time you need to keep them hooked on to your message.So. It is best to limit your email to just a few sentences like you are talking to them.

Write an Overwhelming Subject Line

Make your subject-line as the headline of your story and make it attract the reader’s attention. Most important keep it to 50 characters or less.

Be creative with your call- to -action

According to research, it shows that using red and orange are considered as the best colors for call-to- action buttons. In addition, if you add a question in your call- to -action would be really great as it leads to more clicks.

Send tailor made segmented email messages

Create customized messages and make sure you are sending it out to a relevant target group. For sure, you are going to notice a higher conversion rate.

Let email be distinctive

When emails are sent make sure your company logo is prominent, along with a persuasive slogan.

Avoid emails with multiple links

We all know that less is more.So if you give multiple links it may be a little difficult to navigate on a desktop and even more if it is a mobile device.

Don’t design emails with one big image.

When images are sent in your emails at times, it can lead to unattractive messages and users may delete it without a second thought.

Avoid sending out a sales pitch

Today, readers want more than just a promotional messages. So you need to give people what they want. Information which they can use, or links to entertaining blogs.

Don’t Include Offensive Or Hateful Content

Not all share the same sense of humor as you do. So just watch out. While a little humor is fine, don’t go overboard. Business must be kept professional.

Avoid Spam

Spamming makes you look desperate. So sending out spam when one hasn’t given you permission to contact them is illegal.

All Caps In Your Emails is a big NO

It looks like you are shouting on somebody’s face. So avoid it.

Send Emails Too Frequently. Stop.

If emails are sent for no apparent reason one gets tired of it. It’s best to about it.

Send Marketing Emails only after Testing Them

Make sure you test your emails look good across all platforms from desktops to smart phones. This saves you embarrassment after it’s sent to your whole database.


Email is powerful so marketers should leverage from it. By incorporating these methods you are sure to make an effective impression. To achieve a marketing success, make the right choice by availing Marketing Services from Email Data Group. Contact us at Email Data Group today! You can call on 800-710-4895 or Email us at

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How to Solve The Biggest Problems With Email Marketing Predictions

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, to a group of people, using email. Every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Email marketing has evolved rapidly along with the technological growth of the 21st century. However, the heart of email marketing remains the same. It is about providing customer-centric experiences.

shutterstock_324665789 (1)

what do you think could play a bigger part in your email marketing strategy in 2017? 

  • Chatbots to run e-commerce email marketing, they’ll run automated workflows; send confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails, create newsletter sign ups, all personalized with data from the chat session.
  • Shorten your Emails, according to 2016 research, the sweet spot for email length was between 50-125 words for optimal effect. With less space and minimal attention spans, expect email content to get shorter.
  • Eye-tracking is Back, eye-tracking is now being used for testing email creative. It uses focus groups with real end users. Thanks to more affordable hardware, it’s now possible to run fast and inexpensive email eye tracking tests.
  • Real-Time Contextual Email Marketing Solutions, content will be based different sources including, for instance, geo-location, device, weather, time, (twitter) trends and stock levels. Based on real-time variables the emails will be generated at moment-of-open.
  • Predictive Lead Scoring to Improve, More businesses choose to have integrated models that are employing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to generate lead scores automatically. This is what we call predictive lead scoring.
  • Conversational Tone To Increase Readership, a casual conversational tone will help your customers better relate to you and by extension to your brand, thus, creating a personal connection.
  • Machines will match Subscribers with Content, segmentation and personalization produce better-targeted emails but are often too time-consuming. With so much data and content, marketers will look to machines for content matching.


Interactive emails
Email interactivity pulls some of the interactions from the landing page into the email. By allowing more interactivity inside the email, it has potential to reduce barriers to engagement. It produces clickers with higher intent. The two biggest issues that still hold back adoption are

  1. Technical challenges around implementation
  2. Tracking and attribution changes.

Big Data personalization
Marketers have embraced personalization driving most of the content in emails. However, Big Data personalization is so complex and involved that it’s never likely to be a huge trend in any particular year. Instead, it’s probably truer to say that we’re in the half-decade of Big Data personalization.

HTML5 Video in email taking off
Video in email is straightforward and easy for subscribers to understand and for that reason is likely to be a catalyst in making both marketers and email users more receptive to other forms of interactivity.
With the launch of iOS 10, HTML5 video support is back! As of November 2016, more than 53% of emails were opened in Apple email apps justifying trying it as long as there is a fall-back for subscribers with email clients that don’t support HTML5 video.

Automated and triggered emails
Marketers know the importance of automated emails. At some brands triggered emails, like welcome emails and cart abandonment emails, already generate the majority of email marketing revenue.

Email marketing can be an extraordinarily cost-effective solution. It allows marketers to take quick action, assess their results, and improve their campaign’s performance over time, all with very little resource investment. To fully take advantage of your email marketing efforts you will need to make sure your email looks good, has content that will encourage your subscribers to take action, and that the email is actually delivered to your subscribers.

Marketers will use data to improve the quality of their email lists single touch payment from an email could be possible, and email marketing and automation will continue evolving into a dominant powerhouse driving consistent, engaging, revenue producing campaigns that don’t require hours of labor or code to deliver.

While it’s unclear which trend or trends will dominate the year, it’s guaranteed that 2017 promises to be the year of the marketer.

With Email Data Group, busy marketers can send well-targeted email marketing campaigns. And by choosing us as your marketing partner you can count on. Having over a decade of experience, we have earned the love of customers across the world. You can further benefit from world-class technology and personal attention from our email experts. Don’t you want to run an effective campaign? You can contact us at 800-710-4895 or Email us at


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