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Get In touch with fresh customers and reconnect with existing ones with comprehensive email appending services by Email Data Group. What you do for your email marketing campaigns today will determine how it performs tomorrow. Email is the most simple way to get connected with your old and new customers. And, if you are still using your old database, its about time you invest in email appending service from Email Data Group as a simple solution to all your data related challenges.


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Leverage Fresh, Actionable Data and Drive Better Marketing Metrics with Our Email Appending Services


Featuring ROIs as high as 3000%, email marketing is undoubtedly an effective way to connect with your audience, push personalized content, and drive better brand awareness and lead generation. However, many marketers fail to capitalize on email marketing’s effectiveness. And the prime reason for this failure is the lack of access to quality data.

You cannot drive successful multi-channel marketing if you don’t have accurate data. If you’re dealing with unsatisfactory B2B marketing campaigns, low open rates, and low CTRs, you can safely assume that there are issues with your database. Well, Email Data Group, with our bespoke email appending services, can help you get rid of all your data-related woes.

Our data specialists – well-versed in the world of data – can refurbish your home-grown database, filling it to the brim with fresh, actionable prospects. Reducing communication costs, minimizing response times, deploying campaigns faster, expanding your marketing options, and driving higher ROIs – all of which is now possible with our email appending solutions.

At Email Data Group, our objective is to help clients in making informed business decisions. Email marketing is the most preferred form of business communications accepted by both B2B and B2C businesses

Email Data Group Provides Various Appending Services Including

B2B Email Appending Services B2C Email Appending Services
Reverse Appending Services Phone Appending Services
Techology Data Appending Title Appending
Sic code Appending Company Name Appending
Fax Appending Services Contact Appending Services
Social Media Appending Services Website Appending Services
Job Description Appending Industry Appending Services
Revenue Appeding> Address Append

Benefits of Email Data Group’s Email Appending Services

  • Reduced Wastage of Time and Resources
  • Data degrades due to the ebb and flow of the market. Identifying and updating the information regularly can waste productivity and time. With our email appending services, you can focus your marketing effort on wooing customers while we weed out inaccurate data and bring in new leads.

  • Improved Deliverability and Engagement
  • Having access to quality customer data guarantees that your email messages make it to the right inboxes, thereby increasing engagement and deliverability. Higher engagement and deliverability rates inevitably lead to increased sales.

    Protect your IP Sender Reputation

    Using outdated b2b email lists can potentially land you in a spam trap, which can cause severe brand damage. But with our email appending services, you’ve got nothing to worry about. With the new and improved data we offer, your emails would never end up in a spam folder, let alone a spam trap.

  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • The appended data is run through numerous checks, including bounce & compliance checks, black-list screening, junk, and spam removal. Not only this, at Email Data Group, we also keep email data acquisition permission-based, as well as maintaining NCOA and SMTP standards.

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What is Email Appending?

Email Appending refers to a marketing service where a provider surveys your existing marketing database and matches it to their own up-to-date master database, uncovering insufficiencies in your data and replacing those inconsistencies with up-to-the-minute information.

The scope of email appending services isn’t limited just to email addresses. At Email Data Group, we conduct an end-to-end inspection of your database, weeding out and replacing not only incorrect email addresses but other data fields like name, postal address, social media handles, phone numbers, etc.

Apart from refurbishing the contact information of existing leads, our experts also supply your sales funnel with fresh prospects. With new and updated information under your belt, your marketing teams can curate personalized email, social media, and telemarketing campaigns, driving greater engagement and augmenting your email marketing metrics.

Why choose Email Address Appends from Email Data Group

At Email Data Group, we have over 30 million b2b contact details and 19 million b2c contacts – there's little scope therefore that we will not be able to find matching email addresses for you

Our email address appending service incorporates the addition of other details as well. So if you need your customer database to be updated with fax number, SIC Code, company name, sales and revenue details or any other, we can do that as well

Email appending pricing is a matter of concern for most. We therefore make sure that we only charge for data that you are requesting for and no more

Our service is available industry and country wide. So whether you are looking for services in USA, UK, Canada, Australia or any other location for Financial Services, Education, Technology, Insurance, Advertising, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Agriculture, Banking, Real Estate or any other, we can help with the relevant services!

And to top it all – at Email Data Group we are confident of the quality of our email append services! We therefore offer our clients 50 Free email appends for validation!

Email Appending Process Explained

New to the whole concept of email appending? Maybe aware but a little sceptical of its efficacy? Well, here’s a step-by-step process of how we take your underperforming dataset and transform it into a cornucopia of leads:

  • First, you send your home-grown database to us
  • Next, we match your database with our up-to-date master database to uncover inaccuracies, redundancies, inconsistencies, and duplicates.
  • After we’ve matched all the data, the actual process of appending starts
  • Once the new information is added, we run rigorous human and AI verification checks.
  • Upon confirming the validity and reliability of the data, we’ll deliver you the revamped list in the format of your choice.

The data is as credible as it source. That’s why our experts stick to only the most trusted and authentic sources when appending your database. We believe that rather than just matching data with our master database, it’s better to make sure that the lead is interested in receiving marketing messages from you. To ensure that, our experts carry out double opt-in verification, confirming that the client is ready for email marketing messages.

As a result, alongside an accurate database, you also get data that is sure to fill your sales pipeline. Not convinced? Well, here are some of the trusted sources using which we renovate your database: Business cards, Trade shows, Company websites, Technology Surveys, Trade reports and business magazines, Whitepapers, Feedback forms, Intent data, Public records such as yellow pages and Business Directories.

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Email appending is a well-known marketing practice wherein an existing client's database is matched against the vendor's master file to obtain corresponding email addresses of the respective contacts.Email appending services thus helps in obtaining email addresses of the contacts mentioned in the database.

Email appending services may be broadly categorised as B2B email append or B2C email append and reverse email append services.

Companies that offer email appending services first consider the client`s database and match it against a vendor`s Masterfile to obtain the email addresses. Email appending services reduces the overall database costs of investing in a brand-new database for the client. Therefore, e-appending services have gained huge popularity.

Email appending services works on the simple principle of taking customer data and matching the data against the vendors Masterfile to obtain accurate email addresses. This reduces investments and is a boon for marketers looking at reducing overall costs.

Email Data Group is a pioneer in providing verified lists and when you choose email appending services by EDG you get unparalleled accuracy and responsive email addresses in less time and at lesser investments.

At Email Data Group the process of email appending is carried put seamlessly. The existing client's database is matched against the vendor's master file to obtain corresponding email addresses of the respective contacts

Yes. Most marketers today are opting for email appending services to ensure that they reduce campaign costs and build comprehensive email lists of decision makers, professionals and technology users.

You may choose appending services option under the data services option on the home page. Once you navigate to the page, choose the request a call back option or you may request for a free email append trial option. For more information you may write in to us at: or call on +1 (800) 710-4895

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