Personalization in Email Marketing – Why it’s Essential for Email Marketing Success

Personalization in Email Marketing

Email Marketing refers to leveraging the email database of existing and potential customers to send emails regarding the brand, promotional emails, general discount emails, etc.

But when present-day consumers stopped responding and resonating with generalized emails, brands realized the need for personalization.

Personalization has become the fundamental factor to engage and gain the attention of the customers and so is email personalization.

Email personalization includes crafting emails that are relevant to the customer journey based on the customer’s interests, preferences, purchase history, and browsing history.

Let us read in detail about how to personalize emails to increase conversion rates: 

Types of Personalization in Email Marketing

Types of Personalization in Email Marketing

Below are the ways a brand can leverage to personalize email marketing campaigns:

  1. Content Personalization

Email marketing is one of the major strategies that marketers opt for and content is an integral part of email marketing.

Personalizing content in emails helps you set your brand apart from a competitor who uses generic messages for their email marketing.

Personalizing content by offering products/services to potential customers that align with their needs and preferences creates a sense of belongingness among customers.

Marketers also create tailored subject lines and campaign content creatively as per the interests and preferences of the potential customers to build meaningful relationships with the customers.

  1. Image Personalization

Visuals are a powerful form of communication and image personalization helps to grab the recipient’s attention and creates a sense of relevance to the potential customers.

When they find the message tailored and personalized to their interests and preferences, they are more likely to interact with the brand leading to increased customer satisfaction and conversions.

  1. CTA Personalization

Call-to-Actions are the dynamic element to lead customers through the sales funnel and play a crucial role in creating an effective user experience.

Brands can utilize audience viewing history, purchase history, interests, and preferences data of the customers and create personalized CTAs in emails. CTAs help the audience in the decision-making process.

Personalized CTAs are the best way to let the audience know that your brand understands their interest and preferences. It is a way of communicating with customers and helping them with their purchasing journey. Another important factor to include personalized CTA in emails is to craft the CTAs according to the individual buyer journey.

For instance, add a personalized CTA reminding the audience that their favorite product is back in stock. Address the emails with their names. Create a separate CTA for those who abandoned the cart, etc. Likewise, segment the audience as per their journey and include personalized CTAs in their emails.

  1. Personalized Offers & Product Recommendations

Sending personalized offers and product recommendations through emails is the second chance for brands to engage and bring back their potential customers.

Sending personalized offers based on their viewing history, cart abandonment, or purchasing history creates another way for the brands to interact with their potential customers.

This not only helps the brands retain and hold back their customers from switching to their competitors but also helps the brands in achieving increased customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Email Personalization 


Email data group blog Benefits of Email Personalization

 So far, we have understood various ways of personalizing emails. Let us also read about the benefits of personalizing emails in email marketing campaigns.

  1. Customer Engagement

 Customer engagement is an important aspect of brand building. The more you engage and try to keep your customers happy, the more they will be loyal to the brand.

Email personalization is an effective customer engagement strategy that keeps their potential audience informed about various brand benefits and also helps in retaining existing customers.

  1. Increase in Conversions 

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to increase conversions and bring in greater ROI. But the process of increasing conversions includes many sub-tasks that are equally effective in achieving the desired results.

Email personalization is one such strategy that helps to increase conversions. Through email personalization, a brand can send a targeted email to each customer. This strengthens the relationship between a customer and the brand leading to increased conversions and brand loyalty.

  1. Increase in Open Rates & Click-Through-Rates

Many generalized email marketing campaigns fail because customers do not open and read the emails. Most of the efforts are just deleted and moved to the trash box in less than a second. It is because the customer does not find relevance in the content or the subject of an email.

But email personalization utilizes every customer’s historical data to analyze their interest and preferences, and personalizes the email that is relevant to the customer’s journey.

When a customer reads the subject line that is relevant to her/his interest and past activities, they are more likely to open an email and interact with the brand.

  1. Enhanced Customer Relationship 

Present-day customers have multiple opportunities for their needs and every new brand emerges as a competitor with various marketing strategies.

The critical aspect of today’s customer is that a brand has to make genuine and continuous efforts to remind their existence to the customer. Personalization of emails is one such cost-effective strategy that enables the brand to build frequent interaction with the customer.

Email personalization provides opportunities for brands to engage with their existing and potential customers in a meaningful way (as the brands have crafted personalized emails targeting the interests and preferences of their customers). Thus, personalized emails enhance customer relationships.

  1. Increases Customer Retention Rates 

Isn’t it a special gesture when someone makes an extra effort to remember the things you like and initiate interaction? So are the customers.

Customers need to feel special with the brand’s gesture and the best way to make it happen is through personalization. When the brand has put in all the effort to craft a personalized email that is relevant to the expectations and interests of the customers, they are more likely to stay and engage with the brand for a long time.


Email data group blog Conclusion

Email personalization is a proven effective way to increase ROI and build long-lasting relationships with customers. However, overdoing personalization may seem like an infringement on the customer’s privacy. Hence it is equally important to analyze the email database, utilize only the needed data, and understand the boundaries of personalization to maintain a healthy balance in personalized email marketing campaigns.

Email data group blog Personalization in Email Marketing

Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.