Strategies to promote B2B and B2C Law Firm

Marketing is the process a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of its products or service. It also includes advertising and delivering their products to consumers and other businesses. The main objective here is to generate maximum revenue for their company. This is achieved by marketing professionals by directly collaborating with their sales team and implementing strategic digital activities that generate qualified leads, drive traffic, and sales.

With so many law firms there are various ways to market both B2B and B2C law firms in your day to day life and digital space. Create as many visual materials as possible which will help your business to stand out.

Marketing is practiced in both B2B and B2C organizations across the world to generate revenue and ensure the sustainability of their organizations and law firms are no different.

B2B is the marketing of products and services to businesses or other organizations whereas B2C is where you promote your products directly to customers. Law firms engage in both B2B and B2C marketing to offer services and grow their clientele.

Law firms have to understand both B2B and B2C market to strategically promote their products and services. Since both markets are entirely different you need to require relevant information to convince customers. While B2B decision-makers take decisions based on logic and practicality B2C decision-makers trust their emotions.

When B2B markets have to invest in a product you need to convince them with the specific features of l services such as return on investment, and quality management. Most often the investment is on the higher side, therefore they are cautious which leads to slowing down the conversion and sales process. 

Selling your legal services to your ideal client is the aim of all your marketing activities. Moreover, B2B and B2C marketing strategies will depend on a number of factors. Law firms need to understand how to market B2B differently from B2C. They need to address the unique requirement of clients at the same time deliver better results from your marketing efforts.

B2B Law Firms are paid more because the requirements and expectations of B2B clients are higher. B2B clients measure your services based on the return on investment. On the other hand, for B2C clients, the primary motivators are transparency and communication and achieving outcomes, and minimizing unexpected surprises.

So, what is the best way for law firms to do marketing?

  • Conduct market research to develop the right marketing strategy
  • Segment your B2B and B2C target markets
  • Identify your USP for both the markets to stand out from the crowd
  • Plan your budget and goals
  • Nurture your loyal customers by providing exceptional customer service
  • Develop your brand to emotionally connect with your target customers
  • Choose multi-channel marketing
  • Monitor and review your marketing activities to check whether you have achieved the desired outcome

Tips to understand B2B and B2C Marketing

  • B2B and B2C marketing is expensive and law firms engage and offer services to big organizations that have larger budgets.
  • When compared to B2C the B2B service agreement is a long process and when they hire a law firm, it is a commitment.
  • Law firms should have good interpersonal relationships with prospects as it plays a vital role in sales conversion.

How B2B Law Firms Connect with B2B Clients

  • When making a purchase decision B2B Law Firms have a definite way of providing information that supports a prospect’s need and is based on ROI than on emotions. The investment is higher in a B2B Law Firms transaction, which makes prospective clients take more time in making their final decision. Law firms use presentations when demonstrating the benefits and value of their services.
  • B2B law firms are interested in maximizing value against payment and are looking for better returns. They need a client portal solution that enables them to directly communicate with clients.
  • Reduce responsibility and risk thereby wanting a third-party provider to be conforming, and responsive. B2B law firms keep up with local requirements such as documenting and billing management tools. They store confidential client documents securely and meet clients’ stringent security demands.
  • B2B law firms offer clear data and are transparent in their communication. They comply with billing guidelines, appropriate regulations, and follow legal security guidelines. They ensure they deliver their services on time and within budget.

How B2C Law Firms Connect with B2C Clients

  • B2C law firms must take a different approach when connecting directly with customers as they are the final decision-makers.
  • Law firms reach B2C clients through traditional advertising and multi-channel marketing. For best response law firms need to nurture their B2C prospects by sending follow-up campaigns, keeping them updated on upcoming online and offline events, and other strategies. They need to convince their prospects as they make decisions based on emotional needs and desires.  
  • When B2C Law Firms market directly to prospective clients, their marketing message must relate to them on a personal level and must demonstrate the value of your services.
  • Most B2C law firms are interested in getting the right response, addressing clients’ issues, and providing excellent customer service. They are expected to be clear, and consistent in their communication and hold regular meetings to keep them updated on all issues.

How to make your law firm’s marketing successful?

If you want your marketing to be successful, then make sure your law firms understand the needs of prospective clients and provide services based on their needs. Your marketing messages must convey the benefits and features of your services that are aligned with the needs of B2B and B2C clients.  While B2B marketing messages need to emphasize factual data, logic, and financial benefits, B2C marketing messages emphasize response and your efforts. 

B2B marketing messages may appeal to the desires of the organization, and should always be backed by logical support. Your B2C marketing messages should highlight the benefits that your services provide and that will make your prospect’s life easier.  By launching targeted campaigns to the right audience your law firms will grow more quickly and consistently. Law firms should plan their marketing strategies to make their campaigns successful.


Create business pages for your law firm on various platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn that will help you increase followers and remember you when they require legal assistance. Make sure to list your services and run social media ad campaigns. Today being active on social media provides more benefits when compared to traditional advertising methods.

B2B and B2C Law Firms can help you to handle legal matters involved in your business operations effortlessly. By understanding the different ways to promote a B2B law firm from a B2C law firm you can reach your target audience and lead them to stay ahead of competitors.


Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.