Shopify Mailing List

Get access to responsive data with the Shopify mailing list and maximize returns Business communication with a targeted audience base is one of the challenges that b2b marketers go through. Putting all the discrepancies to rest, Email Data Group has brought together a validated mailing list that can add value to multichannel campaigns. The Shopify […]

Judy Parson / June 17, 2021

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy in 2021

LinkedIn lead generation strategy has become a hot topic everywhere. But, wait. Do you know where to begin from and where to end? No? Do not worry, you have landed at the correct station. LinkedIn, in a very short span of time, has become a really crucial platform. From being both a casual and as […]

Judy Parson / May 27, 2021

Best place to buy a B2B email list in 2021

What is an email list? Do you think it’s worth buying a b2b email list for your business? An email list contains the names and email addresses of people who have already given you permission to send them updates through emails. It allows for the general distribution of information to many internet users at one […]

Judy Parson / May 24, 2021

Improve your customers with data appending

Enhance client base with data appending services Accurate, responsive, and relevant data strengthens core business value by offering pragmatic business solutions. Data appending and data enrichment services have redefined business data by enriching it with up-to-date mailing lists to add value to multichannel campaigns. It is the right solution to enable marketers to reach their […]

Judy Parson / May 10, 2021

Top Ways to Build Email Lists via Social Media

While you already have a social capital built, why does it become important to move the same audience to your email lists? Because email gives you better control and reach. Though the use of social media is increasing, when it comes to brand engagements, email still leads the way. Facebook claims that brand posts reach […]

Judy Parson / May 3, 2021

How Does Email Marketing Work

Email marketing is used extensively today because it is quick and inexpensive. Email helps in getting your marketing messages in front of your audience in a short span of time. In today’s competitive and fast-paced world of the internet, it comes across as an essential tool to grow your business. One can have a direct […]

Judy Parson / March 20, 2021

Six intelligent email marketing practices

B2B marketers often in hurry to reach their prospects’ inbox ignore some essential email marketing practices and later pay heavy price. Sending unsolicited emails, email blasts, emails with misleading subject lines, all triggers ISPs and taint your sender reputation. Given below are 6 intelligent practices to gain more from email marketing. First Don’t send emails to […]

Judy Parson / February 10, 2021

How To Choose Realtor Email List To Maximize Campaign

The world of business communication is as dynamic as it gets. With the advent of new technologies and mediums of communication, reaching a targeted audience base with services and offers is quite a challenge. The real estate sector is one such domain where competition is rife and reaching a genuinely interested audience base is nothing […]

Judy Parson / December 7, 2020

Email List Hygiene – Its impact on campaign success

An email campaign is the best way to reach a targeted audience base. Therefore, marketers go the extra mile to ensure that the business email lists are robust and up-to-date for maximum deliverables. Email List Hygiene thus gains prominence. Therefore, marketers worldwide have opted to buy email lists from reliable providers. Most marketers in pursuit […]

Judy Parson / November 5, 2020

“B2B Email List Providers,” Are you disappointed with them?

Data has become the primary source to grow your business. Companies have realized this fact now and are investing in data like never before. Whether you want to roll out campaigns or want to get your existing data appended, you need to partner with a reliable marketing database vendor and invest in their B2B Email […]

Judy Parson / February 23, 2020