How Chat GPT and AI is Changing Email Marketing in 2023? What are its Pros and Cons?

With the advancement of technology, and developing AI capabilities Chat GPT has got all the hype it expected.

Everywhere the discussions were about Chat GPT taking away jobs, Chat GPT hacks, Chat GPT prompts, etc. Later every marketer knew it is a technology and cannot replace a human completely rather it can assist a human to make his life easy.

Chat GPT has become one of the go-to places for writers, SEO analysts, marketers, etc. From blog to PR submissions, social media content, taglines, emails, and web content, all it needs for a Chat GPT is prompt (Directions on what to write, number of words, how to write, tone, flow, etc.) by a user.

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way human works. AI tools are creating the works that were created by humans before. Now it’s on the humans to upgrade better than AI tools to excel at their careers.

As discussed, Chat GPT and AI tools have changed the working of every industry & niche, and e-mail Marketing is no exception.

Let us see how Chat GPT/AI-powered tools have changed and are still changing the landscape of email marketing:

EDG BLOG Chat GPT and AI in Email Marketing

Chat GPT and AI in Email Marketing

1. Customized Email Targeting and Segmentation

Email marketing involves sending bulk emails to various potential customers and the huge database for email marketing needs to segment according to various criteria like demographics, interests, budget, preferences, etc.

Segmentation of data depends on various criteria as per their industry. Manually segregating these databases can be laborious. But AI tools can segregate the data as per the inputs and conditions provided by humans.

2. Email Subject Lines

Platforms like chat GPT can write various email subject lines effortlessly, making tasks easier for humans. Other Artificial Intelligence tools can also be used to generate emails at a basic level and later they can be fine-tuned with editing and by adding a human touch.

3. Writing Personalized Emails for Various Target Audiences

Some of the campaigns by brands will be huge & there will be different buyer personas, different groups of target audiences, and preferences. Writing personalized emails for every target group would be time taking for resources. Using AI tools & Chat GPT would ease the burden and help in crafting personalized emails that can be humanized later.

4. A/B Testing

A/B testing refers to sending two different variants of a single experimental email to different groups to check which of the one performs better.

The A/B testing process can be lengthy and extracting the data can be a challenging task. But AI tools help to streamline the A/B testing process and automate various stages of segregating audiences and sending emails.

Also, AI tools can iterate through multiple combinations quickly and provide insight into which elements (CTA, Subject Line, Visuals, Statistics, etc.) are most effective.

5. Cleaning Email Lists

Email marketing needs a regularly updated email database. An inactive and irrelevant database will lower the efficiency of marketing campaigns. AI tools help in analyzing the inactive audience, detecting the patterns of subscriber activity, removing temporary emails, and cleaning the email lists.

6. Scheduling Emails

EDG BLOG Scheduling Emails

Another major task in email marketing is sending emails to different target groups. All the emails cannot be sent at the same time rather, emails have to be sent as per the activity of the users and their preferred time. Every email campaign will have to reach the user at different times and doing this manually demands a huge workforce and a lot of time.
Using AI-powered tools to schedule and send emails according to the target groups and time zone, is both a time-saving and efficient process for email marketers.

Pros and Cons of Chat GPT / AI

AI tools and Chat GPT have both pros and cons. Implementing AI completely in various digital marketing approaches will still take time as AI capabilities and understanding human language are in a budding process. Let us see, how AI and Chat GPT can contribute to email marketing, their pros and cons.

Pros of Chat GPT / AI tools

1. Produces High-Volume Content

Chat GPT produces a high volume of content within a few minutes and reduces manual tasks. It is useful in sending generalized bulk emails, crafting email responses, and other queries.

Some other Artificial Intelligence tools are also available for AI email writers to paraphrase, and rewrite the content. These AI tools help to overcome writer’s block and provide alternate content options.

2. Chat GPT/ AI Tools are Free

Chat GPT is an open AI platform that helps visitors with accurate and timely generalized content. If the prompts are given rightly and leveraged to their full potential, Chat GPT can produce personalized and conversational content free of cost.
Also, most of the AI tools (tools for scheduling, paraphrasing, designing templates, cleaning emails, etc.) offer basic capabilities for free (just a sign-up or creating an account would be enough) and they can be leveraged effectively. Opting for premium services can be useful for enterprise-level businesses.

3. Chat GPT/AI Automates Basic Tasks

Chat GPT is one of the most used AI platforms in email marketing. It helps marketers automate basic writing tasks such as crafting generalized email copies and response emails to businesses. Chat GPT helps in creating content and helps marketers save time on these regular basic tasks.

AI tools can be used to automate email scheduling and segmentations that would rather demand a lot of time from human resources.

Cons of Chat GPT/AI tools

1. Repetitive Content

The content produced by Chat GPT relies on the information that was trained in 2021 and cannot deeply understand the intention and context behind the human language. The content produced by chat GPT on the same topic but from different sources has mentioned that they found the content repetitive, with a few sentences paraphrased.

Since AI or Chat GPT works on the trained text datasets and responds based on inputs given by humans, it does not have the capabilities to provide in-depth analytical content on the same topic multiple times. Hence, the content from Chat GPT or any other AI tools seems repetitive.

2. Lacks Humanization

Chat GPT can be utilized to produce a high volume of content but one of the major cons of Chat GPT is the content produced still lacks the touch of humanization and it cannot fulfill the need for personalized content such as personalized emails to businesses, empathetic email responses to customers, etc.

3. Content Produced by AI Tools Still Needs Human Intervention

Though AI tools/ Chat GPT can produce accurate responses and high-volume content, it can only be used to get content on simple topics that include a basic level of understanding.

AI Writing tools are seeing development in their algorithms every second but cannot produce fine-tuned content that perfectly matches the human flow and still needs human intervention to edit the content as per the intent, context, and tone of the target audience


EDG BLOG ConclusioN

AI has changed the approach of email marketing by automating mundane tasks, eliminating writer’s block, and providing timely assistance to meet some needs of email marketing. But email marketers are not confident enough to trust the results of AI/Chat GPT and use them without any optimization.

The future of Chat GPT and other AI tools lies in developing the capabilities of AI (Natural Language Processing) and training the tools to build human-like interactions.

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EDG BLOG How Chat GPT and AI is changing email marketing in 2023

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