Boost your Organization’s Sales Productivity With Salesforce

The important feature to have a flourishing business today depends upon how you maintain your relations with your customers. If you keep your customers happy it means you will gain higher sales. Hence, sales teams are using various tools to deliver high performance and boost sales and the most popular one is Salesforce.

By implementing Salesforce organizations can optimize the sales processes and boost productivity. Businesses of all sizes are using Salesforce CRM to streamline their day-to-day tasks and get access to employees’ information.

Key factors to Boost your Sales using Salesforce:

Identify the right customer:

Using Salesforce you will be able to identify the right customer. It will save a lot of your time if you know at the beginning which leads are responsive so that you can pursue them and get a profitable outcome of your investments. Salesforce gives you an overall picture of leads. It regularly updates all records and creates follow-up to target prospecting leads eventually leading to increased sales.

Maintain cordial relations with customers:

If you are looking at long-term benefits then you need to build a healthy business with your existing as well as potential customers. Salesforce keeps track of your communication with clients. Hence you will be able to maintain regular communication and also keep your customers engaged in your products and services. Salesforce software hosts email templates and also sends task reminders. It supports phone calls that will connect you with customers faster.

Faster Pipeline Building:

Data on each prospect can be stored on one platform so their information is ready at every contact and offers metrics related to visibility and forecasting. If your sales team is unable to route leads to the right people or has less information about prospects before calling, these issues can be sorted out by Salesforce CRM in an optimized way.

Team Player:

Salesforce helps you to maintain consistent communication with your team members to keep yourself updated. You can add more members to the group and easily schedule their tasks. This further helps you to finalize more leads and increase sales. With Salesforce, the entire team gets updated on clients’ information and this improves the overall efficiency of the sales team.

Cost Efficient:

Salesforce can track the products which have the highest-selling exponential graphs and purchase history of prospects. This enables you to decide on how to use the resources. Hence, the cost for the overall process from closing deals to marketing strategy can be reduced at a large scale.

Improves employee productivity :

Using Salesforce saves your team from heavy paperwork. They can now keep track of all previous records, and also helps them to connect them with the right customers and deliver better results.

Time management:

You can strategically plan and allocate better resources towards your work so that it is completed within the stipulated time. You can create a work calendar and prioritize clients to deliver projects on time. You will be able to gain the trust of customers and also track the employees’ performance as well.

AI-supported by Salesforce

It helps sales teams to discover relevant information about customers and their preferences and also predicts the best action to be taken to take the relationship forward. To increase and optimized sales productivity automation can be applied.

Mobile Compatible:

Salesforce’s mobile compatibilities help salespeople to work from anywhere, and anytime. The sales team should be capable of performing tasks from anywhere. Therefore, Salesforce apps are designed for mobile compatibility and better team productivity. Implementing mobile Salesforce CRM helps transform your business.

Customer Service offers:

Customer service should be provided both before and after the purchase. If the sales team has access to customer’s purchase history, then they can offer personalized messages and solutions to them, with the right Salesforce tool.

Supports business overall:

You can select from a range of Salesforce products that suit your business.

• Sales Cloud: Identifies customers, boost sales productivity, and helps close deals faster.
• Marketing Cloud: Integrates marketing and sales on a single platform and keeps clients engaged via different channels.
• Service Cloud: Customers can communicate seamlessly from anywhere in the world.
• Commerce Cloud: Creates personalized shopping experience for customers.
• Community Cloud: To improve engagement it helps build communities for employees, partners, vendors, etc.


Salesforce CRM can be customized based upon the needs and requirements of every organization. There are many features on how to manage employees through which companies can benefit. By implementing Salesforce, you can create a high productivity workspace for your sales teams to collaborate and execute work together to boost your organization’s sales productivity.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.