Data Verification: Essential Ways to make it a Precise Process

Email marketing is one of the best and the most well used marketing tool on the internet. One of the basic criteria’s for conducting an email marketing campaign is generating a good database. This database needs to be good for the success of the entire program. There are a lot of reasons why data verification needs to be taken seriously. One of the many reasons include avoiding being black listed as a spammer. This can be severely detrimental to the entire process.

Clean. Completely

There should not be a single address which is invalid. Your opt-in list should be perfect, without any spam traps and ghost addresses. Verification of each and every address in the list ensures that your emails are not being sent out in vain. After taking pains to design a good email marketing pitch, if your list is providing you with more bounces and spam traps, all the effort seems to be marginalized. To avoid such a situation, data verification is crucial.

Short list prospects

Identify your target audience. This is one of the most basic functions which need to be performed to perfection. Pick and choose your prospects, this requires research and analysis. A strong understanding of the aim of the marketing process will allow for a clearer picture. Send out opt in requests, it is better to be unsubscribed than marked spam.

Segment, Re-segment

Segmentation makes the job a lot easier. Understand where your message needs to be delivered. This allows you to pick out a list which is specific to that industry or geographic area. Then consider segmentation on the job title level and so on. The more you segment your list, the more precise it becomes.

A verified opted in list makes your email marketing campaign a razor sharp one. Hence investing in a popular data verification vendor is a good option.


On the day of her graduation, Judy finished reading Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It certainly was the turning point in her life because instead of her 5 figure engineering job she decided to join a start-up that developed gaming apps – because that’s what she wanted to do. The start-up experience not only shaped her go-getter, never-say-die attitude but also made it possible to have different perspectives and ideas about people, circumstances and situations. Today after lending her support and knowhow to more than 8 start-ups, she is a successful Digital Marketer and Consultant, having first-hand experience in working on social media, email blasts, online marketing and SEO. Based out of Ohio, Judy stays with her pet pug, enjoys wine and coffee, and celebrates Thanksgiving with her friends from the 1st start-up!