3 Best Email Marketing Practices for Engaging Prospects

Engage Prospects

Lead nurturing is the main focus of every marketer, though meeting this target can be a stress on the nerve given the uncertainty of the availability of the right email addresses of targeted clients, time limitation, limited resources and uncertain prospect perspective towards a particular product, brand or business. Did you know lead nurturing through emails can actually lessen the overall marketing costs? Forrester Research came forth with a study on companies that are successful at lead nurturing. These companies yield above 50% sales-ready leads at a cost 33% lower than the usual ones. So, let us see what techniques they use in email marketing that helps them in engaging large number of prospects in real-time:

Sending Company Newsletters

You know your customers or your prospects will not entertain too many emails a day. They may put your email address in the spam list. So, it is better you roll out monthly or quarterly email campaigns through newsletters. This way of engaging customers and prospects helps them to get to know your brand, business, and products better. Share client success stories through press releases attached to the emails. You can also try sharing the links to your best guest blog posts or articles featured in other high domain authority sites. When you have shared information of your organization and your objectives through written content, your expertise in the business domain is demonstrated. Why not link your website page to a subscription page and increase chances of attaining more email subscribers?

Optimizing Blog Emails

Guess what! None of your emails can leave a thought-provoking effect as much as blog emails can. But, given the fact that no email user will tolerate receiving a blog every day, it is best if you understand their need for blog frequency and send them blogs annually after seeing their reaction to the first one. This technique motivates those who truly liked your previous blog and is interested in reading more. You can segment this type of email subscribers once you monitor their email activity. Use eye-catchy subject line for attaining high CTORs on emails. (Also see: 7 Proven Ways to Improve B2B Email Marketing Strategy)

Nurturing generated leads

Most times, email users will download a certain type of content from your website. As a wise marketer, use this as the key to gaining leads. So, provide them with an option to subscribe to your emails for the content as and when they try to download any piece of content. So, this way you will be able to add records of contact information to your database and can convert them into leads. Prepare an email lead nurturing campaign to encourage a prospect to pass through your sales funnel successfully without any hindrance. So, what should this kind of campaign comprise? Let us run you through the major ones here:

There are basically 3 type of lead nurturing emails practices, each with a Call-to-Action tab for an offer applicable to the content meant to be downloaded content:

  • Beginning of the funnel

So, here you already have a lead, but you are not yet sure that will purchase your product. So, inform your lead with relevant information to analyze his or her curiosity towards your business. You can include a free resource to other information besides sharing your blog.

  • Midpoint of the funnel

Build thought leadership by educating your lead how your firm has been able to provide solutions to different problems faced by companies similar to your lead. Provide a customer case study demonstrating data that supports your case.

  • End of the funnel

Impress your lead with exclusive services like a first free trial, free consultation or assessment, etc. Make sure you promote your services in a manner that shows why your leads should consider purchasing them and what benefits your services can provide that your leads do not have at the moment.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.