CRM: Technology that Connects Businesses

Whether it is keeping records of customer queries or closed sales or open deals or customer reviews, CRM software can be used to it best potential. Companies that supply services in big volumes to consumers need customer relationship management technology. With CRM software, business firms can contact clients from different geographies. So what are the features of common CRM software? Let us get a glance at them here:

Automation of Sales

Any recent version of a CRM software will help the sales team in making reports on and scheduling activities. Any day-to-day business activity can be scheduled through the CRM software. For instance, set time for the meetings, creating quotes, and  helps to arrange pre-sales and sales cycle activities. The easily useable dashboards help users to prepare reports that give an n all-inclusive view of customer data, sales and customer feedback information. Leverage the opportunities by analyzing business forecasts.

Marketing Plan Streamlining

With the CRM software in place, you can collate the data, the information and the resources required to build, identify, evaluate and manage marketing decisions that will make your customer service more value-added. Just like OnContact, there is Salesforce CRM that very popular across the globe and helps you to develop integrated, dynamic marketing campaigns and also to analyze their results.

Marketing Automation for better business acquisition

CRM software can be used to automate email campaigns (Also read: 5 Recipes to Adopt Marketing Automation) and workflow, while help to process leads and track website visits. So, your sales pipeline will have all the work automated by the CRM technology to give your campaigns better conversions and higher returns.

Contact Center Portal

CRM software begins collecting data of call scripting, helps users to integrate CTI and manage calling queues. This functionality offers the tools your business may need to guarantee all of your customers and prospects engagements are managed accurately.

CRM for Mobile

With CRM technology in your mobile devices, you will able to access business data anytime and anywhere. Starting from smartphones or tablets, the mobile CRM apps offer easy and quick access to data irrespective of your current location. So, staying in touch with your customers becomes both time and cost-effective way.

Integration of QuickBooks

If you want a seamless integration of accounting and CRM data, use CRM QuickBooks integration to access financial information of your customers in real-time. Check customers’ current balance, purchase history, status, etc.

Tools for Customization

CRM Software, with customization features, makes every business process unique. Easily adaptable screens, fields and tabs can be included, modified or deleted to suit your workflow needs. Given these features being present in the latest upgrades of most CRM software, every company and industry sector can build and maintain productive relationships with prospects and clients.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.