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Why not use a U.S. business email database for sharing your brand's story?

Every business/organization has a story to tell, a product to sell or a brand to create. But for a marketer to share his story he will need an audience. And since one cannot literally find a person to sit with and share his/her story, there are marketing collaterals used. Whitepapers, blogs, infographics – these are all collaterals that need to reach people who are ready to hear your story. So here's the question to all marketers – How are you going to share your story? And if you are a smart marketer, your reply should be, “With email marketing…”

Email marketing today is the most profound and result-driven form of communication. An email can work wonders for a brand considering that using targeted email lists marketers have been able to achieve up to 3800% ROI from campaigns.

And while there's a lot of debate over whether it is a good or bad idea to purchase b2b email lists, here's our question – Would you rather build it? Would you be content to use a b2b mailing list only? Considering that time and skill-set is not in your favor, we suggest you buy it.

When you don't buy email leads, you miss out on a lot

At Email Data Group, we believe that there's no use crying over spilt milk, that is, if you have erred to be passive when the time was right, there's no need to brood over it today. Take action instead.

There's sufficient research done to prove that email campaigns draw more conversions than social, search or any other marketing channel. And that means that without a b2b email contact database by your side, you are not doing justice to your marketing strategies and business plans.

While building a list of business emails is a good marketing practice, marketers often don't have the bandwidth to do so. And without verified business email addresses by your side, there is also little scope of taking your messages to its intended audience base.

Business professionals are pressed for time and don't encourage unsolicited communication. Their interests however are piqued by anything that's going to do their business good. So, when you have to bring a product or service into the limelight, don't hesitate to purchase email address database.

  • Automotive Industry Executives Email List
  • Human Resource Programs Industry Executives Email Addresses
  • Forestry Industry Executives Email Database
  • Construction Industry Executives Mailing List
  • Investment Advice Industry Executives Mailing Addresses
  • Insurance Services Industry Executives Mailing Database
  • Mining Industry Executives Email List
  • Oil and Gas Industry Executives Email Addresses
  • Personal Services Industry Executives Email Database
  • Real Estate Industry Executives Mailing List
  • NEC Industry Executives Mailing Addresses
  • Air Transportation Industry Executives Mailing Database
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Executives Email Address List
  • Printing & Publishing Industry Executives Mailing Address List
  • Telecommunication Industry Executives Email Data
  • Education Services Industry Executives Mailing Data
  • Health & Beauty Industry Executives Email Addresses
  • Legal Services Industry Executives Mailing Addresses
  • Biotechnology Industry Executives Mailing Address Database
  • Consulting Services Industry Executives Mailing Address Lists

To be a contemporary marketer, you need to buy email list

So yes – email marketing is in, and businesses need to roll out b2b email campaigns. And at Email Data Group this is where we can assist you with our services. We help marketers update their old customer lists by adding email addresses to it. Our email appending service is one of its kind, in that it can take an old marketing database with mailing addresses and phone numbers, and match it and update it with business email contacts.

Therefore, when you invest in our affordable b2b email marketing lists, you give to your brand the opportunity to be contemporary and upbeat. While on the one hand you gain access to data on new prospects, by appending email address you leverage from reactivating old contacts as well.

So be contemporary and unique. With Email Data Group by your side you don't have to go looking for b2b sales leads – it will come to you!

To know about our latest email marketing data offers, call Email Data Group at 800-710-4895 or email us at info@emaildatagroup.net. Business growth happens through valuable business partnerships. So why not impress your business prospects today with our b2b email address database?


Business mailing lists are comprehensive databases that are loaded with permission-based mailing list of technology users, professionals and C- level executives. The B2B email lists may be exhaustive or regions specific, available in the pre-built format or customizable format for enhanced user experience.

In order to get a good b2b email list it is important to know what you are investing in. Email Data Group is one of the pioneers in providing B2B email lists and you may go through the features and attributes before purchase.

The B2B email lists from Email Data Group may be categorized as industry specific lists, lists of leading professionals and lists based on designation as well.

There are many providers of business mailing lists. Email Data Group is however the most reliable one as it provides verified data, segmented lists and unmatched global campaign ready B2B email lists.

The B2B email lists are adjudged as best only if they are 100% accurate, responsive and tele-verified. Besides, having a comprehensive and target-oriented email list ensures maximum deliverability. Email Data Group provides accurate and up-to-date b2b email lists.

Authentic B2B mailing list is the backbone of business success and once you invest in tele-verified data you get access to tele-verified email addresses and more for successful business communication across multiple channels.

A through research should help you know the major attributes of mailing lists that can enhance your campaign returns. Therefore, know about the features that make b2b email lists stand out. Email Data Group is definitely going to be top on your list. With industry B2B email lists, EDG is your one stop solution for assured campaign returns. Besides, Email Data Group is the best B2B Sales Lead company.

Yes. You may buy a reliable b2b email list from Email Data Group as the database goes through meticulous verification and validation. To buy B2B lists you may choose the request quote option or write in to us with your requirement at info@emaildatagroup.net . You may also call on +1 (800) 710-4895 for more details.

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