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As you know, the digital era has changed the face of marketing and has brought about a paradigm shift. As a result, B2B emailing has become one of the most popular methods of new-age marketing. A B2B Email List is a comprehensive database loaded with permission-based contacts of technology users, C-level executives and professionals.


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In the B2B Space, attracting quality leads can feel like navigating a minefield. Cold calls often yield lukewarm results, ineffective marketing campaigns miss their mark, and low ROI leaves you feeling like you’re firing blanks. Overcoming these challenges necessitates a strategic and collaborative approach, involving targeted marketing, data accuracy, personalized communication, and a keen understanding of industry dynamics to enhance lead generation efficacy.

Whether you wish to add new customers, facilitate business expansion or generate leads, an accurate B2B Email Database is the key to success. Every organization and business has a product to sell, and it’s the marketer’s job to share it with their potential customers and clientele. And to achieve this, email marketing is the most profound medium for communication.

Emails can work wonders for your brand if you use a targeted list. With a B2B contact list from Email Data Group, you can create successful campaigns and achieve up to 3800% ROIs.

Furthermore, it is time you leave the spray and pray marketing technique behind and create a targeted campaign with the right audience that leads to higher sales. Besides, purchasing a verified email list instead of building one from scratch can help you save time and effort significantly.

86% of business professionals prefer email as a medium for business-related communication. And since email campaigns draw more conversions than any other marketing channel, investing in a B2B email lists makes a ton of sense!.

Get Customized B2B Email List Based on Following Categories :

Category Total No of Counts Available
Technology Users List 8,890,785
Industry Email List 60,729,580
Professional Email List 12,235,325
C level Executives Email List 9,150,990
Healthcare Email List 9,970,543
Category Total No of Counts Available
International Email List 71,789,970
Small Business Owners List 30,180,177
Event Organizers Email List 222,018
Decision Makers Email List 850,490
IT Services Mailing List 1,490,798

# Industry Specific Email Lists :

Industry Total No of Counts Available
Automotive Industry List 1,354,377
Advertising Industry Email List 60,729,580
Defence Industry Email List 153,365
Banking Industry Email List 9,150,990
Retail Industry Email List 5,157,441
Industry Total No of Counts Available
Manufacturing Email List 790,782
Hospitality Industry List 976,219
Healthcare Email List 2,145,935
Technology Users List 5,08,1086
Industry Email List 1,490,798

# C-level Executives Email Lists :

Position Total No of Counts Available
CEO Email List 8,890,785
CMO Email List 60,729,580
CFO Email List 12,235,325
CIO Email List 9,150,990
CTO Email List 9,970,543
CHRO Email List 9,970,543
Position Total No of Counts Available
COO Email List 71,789,970
CCO Email List 30,180,177
CSO Email List 222,018
CDO Email List 850,490
CPO Email List 1,490,798
Marketing Managers Email List 1,490,798

# Occupation Specific Email Lists :

Occupation Total No of Counts Available
Professionals Email List 8,890,785
Accountants Email List 60,729,580
Attorney Email List 12,235,325
Loan Officer Email List 9,150,990
Home Inspectors Email List 9,970,543
Occupation Total No of Counts Available
Nurses Email List 71,789,970
Homeowners Email List 30,180,177
Travel Agents Email List 222,018
Photographers Email List 850,490

# Country-wise Email Lists :

Country Total No of Counts Available
United States 39,809,201
Brazil 8,741,320
India 12,546,097
United Kingdom 7,386,127
France 5,918,366
Country Total No of Counts Available
Canada 4,892,731
China 4,009,171
Italy 3,951,904
Spain 3,506,632
Australia 3,407,677

# By Company Size Email Lists :

Employee Count Total No of Counts Available
1-10 7,492,153
11-25 3,204,190
26-50 2,843,685
51-100 3,484,987
101-500 8,185,711
Employee Count Total No of Counts Available
501-1000 3,895,914
1001-5000 9,776,920
5001-10000 4,714,764
10000+ 16,004,618

Customize B2B Email Lists with Following Data Sets Including :

. Company Size

Company Size

. Job Title

Job Title

. Technology Tracking

Technology Tracking

. Assets Size

Assets Size

. Industry Size


. Geography


Benefits of using Email Data Group’s B2B Email Marketing List

At Email Data Group, we believe it is better to take action today than cry over spilt milk tomorrow. Hence, you must act when the time is right and do justice to your business plans and marketing strategies. But if you are still not convinced, here are a few benefits of purchasing our reliable email list.

  • Updated and Verified Database:
  • Our dedicated and talented team of data experts have curated the authentic B2B Email List to ensure that we provide relevant and unique marketing information to our clients. What’s more, we update our Database to ensure that the data remains fresh and responsive.

  • High Conversion Rates:
  • With Email Data Group's actionable B2B Mailing List, you can reach out to your target audience at the right time and promote your product or service efficiently. This helps generate maximum leads, maintain business relations with prospects and improve your conversion rates.

  • Customized Email List:
  • At Email Data Group, we provide our clients with lists tailored to fit their marketing needs and business requirements. And with our custom-built B2B Email lists, you can boost your marketing revenue and sales tenfold.

  • High Deliverability:
  • Since we include only permission-based or opt-in contact information in our B2B Email Databases, you can be confident that your marketing messages will reach the right inboxes.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Made Possible
  • Why only stick to one channel when you can spread the word about your product through different mediums? So, launch multiple marketing campaigns such as email, telemarketing, social media, event marketing and more. Our B2B email database is designed to make your multi-channel marketing efforts a huge success.

  • Reliable Sources:
  • Lastly, with Email Data Group, you don’t need to worry about the trustworthiness of sources as we only use legitimate channels to get you trouble-free leads. Our credible sources include business directories, yellow pages, corporate websites, surveys, annual reports, etc.

  • Delivery Format:
  • The email list you receive will be in TXT, XLS, or CSV format. It can be easily integrated with your email marketing platform and CRM. The email list is designed to suit your marketing needs including CRM, and these email lists are adaptable and flexible to your workflows.

  • List Guarantee & Replacement :
  • Our email lists are verified regularly and provide 90% deliverability. You get a free sample/ demo email list to cross-check the quality of the email list and the invalid emails can be replaced.

Buy B2B Email List

Increase ROI Potential, and Deal Closure Rates with Targeted B2b Email Outreach.

According to the recent research from Hubspot, On average, B2B email response rates are generally in the range of 5-10%. Successful implementation of targeted email campaigns can result in a substantial increase in ROI, with studies indicating a potential return of $42 for every dollar spent on email marketing. Furthermore, businesses employing personalized and well-targeted email outreach have reported higher deal closure rates, often achieving a 20% or higher conversion rate.

Derive Deep Insights with a Wide Array of Contact Fields in Our B2B Mailing List

Since business professionals don’t encourage unsolicited communication, you must pique interest through an email campaign. And you will find that our B2B Contact List is well-researched and consists of every detail crucial to building an effective marketing campaign.

Let’s face it. To be a contemporary marketer, you must invest in resources and tools that can help you establish direct communication with the top executives. Having this extensive data in hand, you can accrue manifold sales and achieve swift business growth seamlessly. So, purchase your B2B Email List from Email Data Group and don’t miss out on valuable email leads and a global footprint!

Fortify Direct Marketing with B2B Marketing Database

What we list is what are clients are usually looking for, but are unable to get anywhere else. To offer precise customer contact data, we refer to government directories, public records, trade shows and events, online survey and feedback form lists, yellow pages, business magazines, etc. According to a recent survey by CMO Council, in America, companies roll out an average of 1.47 mm emails per month. So, why need business mailing list anyway?

Boost Conversions by Marketing with B2B Mailing Addresses

Earning and maintaining customer loyalty is good, but acquiring customers beyond known markets is even better as those markets offer widespread brand visibility. Acquiring a complete B2B marketing Addresses not only increases the potential of your campaigns across multiple and cross marketing channels, but also soars up the likelihood of reaping in better profits across marketing platforms. Let us take you through what we can offer you through our massive business email and mailing lists:

  • Accurate Email lists of target business prospects guides your campaigns directly to their correct addresses.
  • Instant message delivery through emails, phone, fax, social media and direct mail
  • wider market reach in real-time and global customer acquisition
  • Opted-in email, fax and social media marketing possible.
  • Drip marketing made easy with the targeted client marketing lists.
  • Bulk marketing (outbound marketing), targeted marketing (influencer and industrial marketing), facilitated by permission-based business marketing database


B2B Mailing Lists are comprehensive databases that are loaded with permission-based mailing list of technology users, professionals and C- level executives. The B2B Marketing Data may be exhaustive or regions specific, available in the pre-built format or customizable format for enhanced user experience.

In order to get a good B2B Email List it is important to know what you are investing in. Email Data Group is one of the pioneers in providing B2B Mailing lists and you may go through the features and attributes before purchase.

The B2B Email Lists from Email Data Group may be categorized as industry specific lists, lists of leading professionals and lists based on designation as well.

There are many providers of business mailing lists. Email Data Group is however the most reliable one as it provides verified data, segmented lists and unmatched global campaign ready B2B Email Lists.

The B2B Email Lists are adjudged as best only if they are 100% accurate, responsive and tele-verified. Besides, having a comprehensive and target-oriented email list ensures maximum deliverability. Email Data Group provides accurate and up-to-date b2b contact data.

Authentic B2B mailing list is the backbone of business success and once you invest in tele-verified data you get access to tele-verified email addresses and more for successful business communication across multiple channels.

A through research should help you know the major attributes of mailing lists that can enhance your campaign returns. Therefore, know about the features that make business data stand out. Email Data Group is definitely going to be top on your list. With industry B2B email lists, EDG is your one stop solution for assured campaign returns. Besides, Email Data Group is the best B2B Sales Lead company.

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