7 Proven Ways to Improve B2B Email Marketing Strategy

When the term business is used, it gets followed by the term ‘sales leads’. Isn’t it? Leads make for the future of a business and it all begins with a delivery-driven marketing campaign strategy. When deliverability and marketing come together, we can think of email at the very instance. Email marketing has over the years proven itself as the highest lead-generating marketing platform. A Salesforce State of Marketing report stated that 73% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as a factor behind their growing business.

Most marketers get worried about their email campaigns not delivering required results. Though email does not require too much creativity, it certainly does need to be equipped with a few elements that catch the eye of the recipient. So, for example,  if you send an email that has a full-page wide logo right on top of your message, along with other logos or icons, it can cause spam filters. A befitting and clear message and not just a sales pitch can trigger high click-through rates.

There is no denying the effectiveness of social media, television, phone and direct mail marketing systems, but if you want to save on marketing while drive campaigns through an eco-friendly platform, then it is the email that we recommend to you. An email marketing service provider can attract and engage business prospects through seven simple techniques:

Plan Campaign Strategy

Define your email marketing objectives and the key metrics of the campaign that you want to analyze throughout the process. Collect and analyze last campaign’s results and do your email campaign planning accordingly. Plan the promotion duration and the number of activities that you want to include within that time-slot. Use the email subject based on the product, the recipient, the location and the interaction phase the email recipient belongs to (Note: a welcome email is different from purchase reminder email).

Write Best Subject Line

If you have decided on the main theme of the campaign, then your subject line should be able to convey that clearly. If it is an email campaign that needs to showcase all the benefits of your products can render, then email subject line could be like – Andrew, want to know how ‘our product’ cleans your furniture? Let the feel and the tone” of the subject line be as responsive as your email content.

Content Marketing

Translate necessary information into a precise, easy-to-understand format. Highlight main points in bold bright colors. The template should be in accordance with the subject line and message. Write high-impact email message that is theme-based and audience-centric. You would agree that the same theme can be used to target a VP and a CFO at the same time, but the subject line and the message content should be personalized as per the recipient’s role in his or her company. Targeting the benefits over features can help your campaign look less like a sales one and more like an informative one. Understand what could be a prospect’s pain points and keep your competitors in mind. So, it is now, when you can attach a whitepaper or research paper to clarify your  point.

Increase CTR

When marketers say ‘CTR’ (click-through rate), they mean that it will lead to high rate of purchases. So, just as links to whitepapers, Youtube videos and events invite generate high CTRs, a link to CTA (call-to-action) also yields high CTORs. So, why should someone engage with you? Yes, to no only read and know about your company, but also register to make purchases. So, how else can our business emails earn more open and click-through rates?- Through social media linked tabs and buttons attached to them. This gives your prospect a free peep into your social media presence and activities.

Promotional Codes and Discounts

Is your marketing campaign detailing your email recipients about the discounts and coupons? If not, then emails with coupon codes and discounts will not only increase the open rate and click-through rate but will also lead them into purchasing an item they might have otherwise not been interested to buy all this while. When you mention- ”coupon code (…..) valid till …..’. Hurry to apply” in your email’s subject line, automatically you will get a huge number of open rates on that email. 60% of your email recipients will make purchases using that coupon code.

Email Signature Power

Your email signature is what you as an email sender represent on behalf of your company. An email signature talks a lot about you and your firm through a piece of short information that is automatically added to your ready-to-be-sent email as the last few lines. You may consider this signature as your online business card which can get you many callbacks from your prospects.

Social Media and Email Integration Strategy

As you can promote the social media profiles of your brand in your emails, so you can encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your email newsletters. Most marketers take the help of Twitter Cards that allow Twitter members to sign up for their b2b emails. Moz provides a sign-up option to Twitter followers, which provides them access to emails providing Moz Top 10 articles. Even, a Facebook page can be used to promote email lists subscription forms.

So, by now you must be sure of what you need to use, add or discard while composing an email. While other channels of marketing are in form to make your presence more widespread, email makes your presence felt by the niche markets and target clients. Applying these few techniques will surely improve your business email list and alongside help, sales lead generation too.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.