How Salesforce Cloud is helping Business Enterprises Worldwide

With the continuous advancement of technology, business enterprises are constantly adapting new and upgraded methods to maintain effective business communication with their customers. Salesforce is one of the leading cloud computing company who has developed their worldwide satisfied customer base through effective customer relationship management services. Let us have a look how Salesforce is helping their global clients to manage their business and earn more revenue.

Salesforce Cloud

Sales Cloud

Sales cloud helps the client enterprises to flourish their business and find new customers. Their contact management, opportunity management sales collaboration and Salesforce engage services can help the businesses to close better deals in minimum market time. This will help them to track all customer information and client interaction in one place. This cloud platform can help to increase productivity and generate more leads. Not only that, through effective lead management and marketing automation, sales cloud can provide support to nurture those generated good leads until they are completely sales ready. They have a guarantee of providing 43% lead conversion, 44% sales productivity and generating 37% revenue to their global clients.

Service Cloud

Service cloud has brought a new revolution in providing world-class customer service solutions. With the next generation Lightning Console customer service management solution, now it is easy to acquire all needed information in one fingertip. By using this cloud, agents can manage cases faster, easily track customer history data, thoroughly view dashboards, etc. Their Live Agent online tool can provide web-support to their clients through a service agent, ensuring 24*7 real time response and personalized interaction with their global customers and prospects. Self-service has got a new definition through Salesforce service cloud. Because of this, their customers can get every possible answer whenever they need to know. Through Live message, Snap-ins and Service Web Analytics Salesforce is providing personalized customer care services to their global clients.

Marketing Cloud

With the help of Salesforce Marketing cloud they can personalize the email marketing campaign of their clients. Through this service, Salesforce helps their clients to deliver smart and result-driven content and create marketing emails that can anchor audience attention. Besides, marketing cloud can help the customer brands to get maximum return of their campaign investment through tracking and optimizing email marketing campaigns and transactional messages. Besides, by Salesforce marketing cloud also helps their customers to manage their advertisement campaigns, predict the right content for marketing and to create 1-1 customer journeys across email, mobile, social, advertisements, websites.

The list does not end here! Their Community Cloud is helping enterprises to accelerate channel sales by directly connecting with the business partners, resellers and distributors. Developing applications has become smarter with Salesforce’s App cloud technology. With their IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform, it is possible for their client business organizations to process massive amount of data, develop business regulations and increase customer engagement.

Respected global brands like Aston Martin, Vodafone, Sony electronics Asia Pacific, Philips, L’Oreal USA, Nikon instruments, American Red Cross, Avon, Canon, etc have been attached with Salesforce CRM service provider company with their long term satisfied customers. Now, if you are a marketer from technology sector and thinking of making your business bigger, targeting decision makers from these global enterprises will help you to achieve that. But one thing, do not start with this vast campaign operation if your foundation is not strong enough. Email Data Group can offer you highly responsive Salesforce users email list that can provide strong back-up for your global b2b multichannel campaigns and help you to get maximum return of your campaign investment.

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