5 Stage Checklist for a Flawless Email Marketing Campaign

If you are launching your first email marketing campaign you cannot go wrong. Therefore, you must have a clear marketing campaign strategy, create click-worthy content, craft killer subject lines, and lots more to make your campaigns successful.

Below is a 5 Stage Checklist for a flawless and effective email marketing campaign:

#1  Ask Permission

Many businesses feel that sending an email campaign to random recipients is acceptable. Hence you will find unwanted flyers stuffed into your mailbox. As with emails, people forget to ask whether it’s okay to send someone an email. So, it’s best to send email campaigns to people who have opted in to receive.

You can ask permission from your audience by using opt-in forms on your landing pages. Once they fill out the forms you can be sure they are open to receiving emails and will even be looking forward to your emails. Moreover, you can track your conversions once you’ve been welcomed into their inbox.

#2  Verify Your Email List

Using a verified email list will give your email campaigns a boost. Therefore, you need to take time to verify the emails so that you can reduce the time you spend on each task further when rolling out email marketing campaigns.

By verifying your contacts, you are making sure your targets are active and updated so that each time you send a campaign you will be able to reach your target audience. When you do not verify your email list you are likely to face bounced emails. Therefore, an email verification will help identify micro-mistakes like misspelled emails and incorrect data. So, it is best to verify your email list to keep it fresh, and active, to get a higher campaign open rate, and engage your customers leading to higher sales and conversion rates.

#3  Segment Your List

If you have a well-segmented email list it will certainly help in increasing your email click-through rate. You can get your segmented email lists customized by Email Data Group based on your email marketing campaign requirement. You can get your email list segmented into various categories like new subscribers, geographic location, active or inactive subscribers, potential customers, new customers, job title, etc. unique to your campaign requirements.

With a segmented list, you can send out customized content to your targeted customers. Therefore, you need to frequently remove inactive customers and ones who have unsubscribed.

#4  Content is King

Content will play an important role in the success of an email marketing campaign. When you roll out multi-channel marketing campaigns to your prospects across countries you must make sure to send the right content that will attract your customers and will keep them engaged. But one small mistake your customer might just click on the unsubscribe button.

Make sure you update your content so that it stays fresh and relevant to your audience’s interest. Keep track of which content interests your audience and they are opening your emails to make purchases from your website. So, invest in stellar content as it builds trust amongst your audience, and that is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign.

#5  Monitoring Email Performance Data

Once you have created your verified and customized email list, you can send it to your targeted customers. You will also need to collect data to better understand how you can optimize and improve your email marketing campaigns to get maximum returns. You would want to know when people open your emails, how many people have opened the emails, and even the number of times they have opened.

You can also monitor the percentage of people who have clicked on a link in your email. Which link in your email has received the largest number of clicks and what is the average unsubscribe rate. The money you spent on these campaigns can also be monitored as to how many sales and conversions you received. You can also see which segment had the highest open rate, click rate, engagement rate, and lots more.


Running effective email marketing campaigns is all about following the necessary steps, measuring the impact, and optimizing your future campaigns according to the data you collected. By following the checklist, you can achieve all of your email marketing goals. So, make sure to maintain regular communication with your subscribers who are looking forward to hearing from you and may want to build business relations with you. Nevertheless, you need to show them you are a genuine resource, and they will surely open your emails.



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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.