Zero In On the Website Contact Forms

Website Contact Forms have become crucial in converting website into a lead generating tool. . When a marketer creates a website, he/she focuses on two major aspects – driving more traffic to the site and driving more leads through the contact forms.

Website contact form

Though you have a lot of visitors signing up in your website, you still have barely any valid email addresses. Why is this so? There might be many reasons for the poor quality of the data being entered in your contact form.

1.    The visitor might have misspelled the email address

2.    The visitor is not a human but just a bot

3.    The visitor entered fraudulent information purposefully or with fear of being hacked, etc.

There might be zillion reasons for invalid data in your contacts repository. But the question is how do you beat it out?

Option 1: Embed a code in the contact form to verify the email address when it is being entered in the form. This eliminates the chances of entering completely invalid data. Though 30% of the fraudulent information can be controlled, still there are hitches. If the email address is something like ‘fasdafad’, it can be recognized by the code as an invalid email address. But if the email address is something like, the code cannot identify it as fraudulent. So you need to switch to better option.

Option 2: Opt for an Email Verification Service. It is proven that despite having code embedded, there are chances for erroneous data to creep into your database. Nonetheless, you cannot distinguish between the email addresses that are fraud and that are unintentionally misspelled. By commissioning the email verification tool, you can get all the email addresses in your database verified guaranteeing a 100% valid data.

Who is the best email verification service provider in the market?

The answer is Email Data Group.

One of our clients, after using the email list we have verified, said

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Zero In On the Website Contact Forms

Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.