The Smart Way to Stay out of Junk Folders

The best of email marketing plans and product packages can stumble without the right email lists in place. All your time and effort goes wasted when your email is marked as SPAM. Your email should be of relevance to the reader and stand out amongst other promotional messages sent by your competitors, so that you ensure it is fully utilized and appreciated. You also need to make sure it stays miles away from the junk folder.

No matter which industry you belong to, one of the best business decisions you can take is to build your email listsslide3

In addition to ensuring your message reaches the right business influencers and decision makers, email lists will:

  • Enable you to have total access and control over the email list unlike the other social media platforms that may opt to change their privacy or user settings
  • Build brand image, increase ROI and organizational credibility
  • Enable you to understand the customer psyche and response patterns
  • Maximize customer satisfaction and the probability of repeat business
  • Assist you in a robust business strategy and marketing campaigns based on previous success ratio

Discover how you stay out of junk folders and maximize the purpose of your emails. Reach out to the right customers, with the right message and experience the right results!

Give your business the right oomph through targeted email lists and destroy that Junk folder which busts your precious business deals.

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On the day of her graduation, Judy finished reading Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It certainly was the turning point in her life because instead of her 5 figure engineering job she decided to join a start-up that developed gaming apps – because that’s what she wanted to do. The start-up experience not only shaped her go-getter, never-say-die attitude but also made it possible to have different perspectives and ideas about people, circumstances and situations. Today after lending her support and knowhow to more than 8 start-ups, she is a successful Digital Marketer and Consultant, having first-hand experience in working on social media, email blasts, online marketing and SEO. Based out of Ohio, Judy stays with her pet pug, enjoys wine and coffee, and celebrates Thanksgiving with her friends from the 1st start-up!