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Get the Right Database at the Right Time

As a leading provider of email marketing services, Email Data Group provides quality data and enrichment services. We are aware that any data on a database does not hold good forever. Customer data is volatile - it deteriorates up to 3% per month. If false data remains unchecked, it causes errors when your business applications use it. To avoid this, our data specialists update and append fresh data to our database.

We have a strict procedure to verify each and every record in our database. The verification process is carried out both through telephone and email. This way, we ensure you focus your efforts on 'real' contacts.

Maximize Customer Data Quality with Phone Verification

We tele-verify our in-house database as well as every list we deliver. Our clients make use of our reliable telephone verification service to screen existing data, and make it relevant for marketing. Every year more than 200 of our data validators make millions of calls to validate B2B data.

The key benefits of our Tele-Verification process:

  • Validates existing contact information within days
  • Reduces returned mail, provides more accurate billing and shipping
  • Improves ROI from marketing by using well qualified data
  • Generates increased customer satisfaction

Check out the different stages of our Tele-Verification process:


Contact us at 800-710-4895 to screen your in-house files or find out how we can help you realize your data potential with verified data. Get Data Quality Assessment Report to know the health of your database.


I'm sure we'll secure new business from the contacts you've supplied us, and sooner rather than later...

Mr. Bill Kennedy
Bill Kennedy
"Know your People"
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