5 Top Marketing Strategies for Holiday Season

Fall is slowly giving way to winter, but the chalk art pumpkin patch signs, reclaimed wooden fences, and grapevine garlands that adorn each home’s entrance are not going anywhere. Or so you might think! Before you even know it, these adornments will be replaced with mini Christmas trees, wreaths, and soft gold lanterns and stars. Holiday season is here, even at the doors. While shoppers have already prepared their extensive lists for 2021 holiday season, are you as a marketer ready to leverage the annual holiday madness? .

If not, you better start now! Since ‘tis the season when you stand your biggest chance of generating high profits, your regular marketing approaches may fall short of the goal, or worse, fail to deliver any substantial gains. Here are seven extremely clever, tried-and-tested holiday-specific marketing strategies that will help you make the most of the rising holiday fever.

#1 Launch Shopping Ads

If there’s ever a time to run direct ads on the SERP, it’s the holiday-specific ones. This is especially a must-have strategy if you sell physical products such as ginger bread houses or other holiday collectibles. Also known as Product Listing Ads or PLAs, these ads offer an outstanding user experience, which pushes them to make a quick (read emotional) purchase decision. How? By including all that a potential customer needs to know about the product – photos and price.

Keep in mind that your products will appear alongside those of your competitors. So, make sure your prices are competitive and include some unique photos of your products (maybe play with the camera angle or lens). These will ensure that your shopping ads are highly effective this holiday season.

#2 Launch Shopping Ads

Too many marketers are satisfied with running only time-sensitive offers or other financial incentives-based ad copies. And this is a huge mistake, mainly because this is one strategy that most advertisers adopt, especially during the “holiday rush hours.” Creating a new ad copy is difficult enough but doing it well may seem like a venture not worth pursuing. But if you don’t want to lose out dearly, dust off the current copies and create fresh and compelling messages. You need not even mention holiday sale in your ad copy; using subtle seasonal messaging combined with incentives generally work pretty well.

#3 Leverage Holiday Rush the Best You Can

Regardless of meticulous planning, there will always be shoppers who miss out on something and are frantically searching for that perfect gift in the last minute. While it’s a time of abject misery, you can turn things around for both such shoppers and yourself by running timely time-sensitive campaigns. This should not be limited to your ads but you must customize your landing pages, social campaigns, and email messaging to let shoppers know that they can have the best, provided they act right now.

Ensure that everything, from the imagery you use on social media to your ad copy reiterate not just the misery of the holiday rush but how your brand can help alleviate the misery. Maybe you can offer free shipping on orders placed on a certain date, maybe throw in some extras for early purchases, or make two-for-one sale offers. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags and giveaways on social media for promotional purposes.

#4 Alleviate Customer Stress and Offer Them a Great Experience

Holidays are as notorious a time of the year as they are joyful and celebratory. Your customers are already in stress regarding their gift shopping. What you can do is work towards alleviating their stress by sharing useful content. For instance – If yours is a supermarket, maybe you can share simple and delectable recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. This way, customers might end up purchasing more if there are recipes that they want to try out from the list.
However, keep in mind to only use content that relates to your business offerings and is also useful for your readers. And most importantly, make sure all your content is suitable for the holiday season.

#5 Alleviate Customer Stress and Offer Them a Great Experience

Do you already use social media marketing? Then it’s time to optimize it for this holiday season. And one way to do that and stay on top of that year’s trends is to use relevant hashtags on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. While even Facebook has the hashtags options, it might not be that useful since they’re not really popular.

Not only do hashtags allow you to spread the word about your products and services but they also let you encourage user-generated content where customers can post a picture or a status featuring your products, their experience of it, and whether or not they’d recommend it to their social circle. Remember to do your research ahead of time and use hashtags that are most trending within your industry.

In summation, you can also use strategies such as sending out gratitude cards decorated in a festive theme and offer highly personalized experiences to make each customer’s holiday shopping special. Just remember that it’s not all that difficult. With some careful planning, your team can develop a solid holiday marketing strategy that will help you close more deals and generate high revenue this holiday season. So, happy holidays and happy marketing!

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.