Implementing Marketing Automation to Improve Conversion

When your business starts expanding you will realize that it is no longer easy to manage and retain customers. You need to be constantly in touch with them to retain them and this is possible with a marketing automation tool. It will help you connect with the prospects that will assist you in turning them into loyal customers.

Once you build your brand image you have to start generating leads by offering incentives such as promoting your offers. Personalized marketing campaigns can be leveraged to build brand image and capture a place in the mind of the prospect. Then you need to nurture them by following up regularly until they become paying customers.

What is Marketing Automation?: If your website is unable to reach your target conversion rate, then it’s time you upgraded your marketing system. By incorporating the latest technology, marketing automation, you can streamline your day-to-day marketing tasks to maximize marketing ROI. Although it is a recently developed marketing strategy, it has made marketing easier, faster, and efficient. It automates important procedures of digital marketing, which involves repetitive tasks.

Importance of Marketing Automation : Incorporating a marketing automation software tool in your system will help you save time and boost your website’s conversion rate. It can enhance your brand’s value, capture leads, and improve your conversion rates.

Offering your target audience automated follow-up messages will drive repeat purchases and help build strong customer relationships. Moreover, your marketing strategy must be more persuasive and personalized to appeal to these consumers. It has become difficult for marketing professionals to look into every aspect, hence a more effective tool, marketing automation is required to make things easier.

Marketing automation software can manage contacts, segment your email lists, and nurture leads that effectively help improve your marketing performance.

How marketing automation can help improve your website’s conversion rate and increase sales:

#1. Use the Lead Nurturing Technique Not all leads are ready for conversion, this is when lead nurturing comes into the picture, where you can convert a cold lead to a hot lead. You can use lead nurturing and segmentation together to send messages to your prospects that will be specific and targeted. Therefore, you can encourage your customers to become sales-ready. Leads that have already entered the awareness phase need to be nurtured and guided through the sales funnel to buy your product. With the help of a marketing automation tool, you can decide your next campaign and measure ROI.

#2. Increase conversion through email marketing Marketing automation can generate conversions by directing your target audience directly to your website. You can personalize your marketing messages for every interested potential customer to grab their attention and trigger a conversion. Now based on the response and to maintain their interest you can schedule follow-up emails that will take them to the next stage.

Well-written email content combined with a call to action can optimize conversion and you can earn huge returns for your business. You can also send automated welcome messages to introduce potential customers to your brand.

#3. The lead scoring system is effective With a marketing automation tool, you can now decide which leads are responsive so that you can invest more time in them. Lead scoring is based on certain criteria, such as an action leads have taken on your website, their interest, and level of engagement, the number of times they visited your page or blog posts, read your emails or clicked related links, downloaded a certain PDF or not, or engaged in social media activity or whether they’ve filled out an online form. Sales teams will find lead scoring helpful so that they can concentrate on the most qualified leads, rather than non-responsive ones.

7. Use metrics to upgrade your marketing strategy Marketing automation will make your digital marketing performance successful by allowing you to strategize marketing plans. This is possible by tracking the actions taken by potential buyers on your website. You can identify which topics to focus on while creating content for your digitized marketing procedure as it generates traffic to your website.

On your website, when visitors click links or fill forms marketing automation tools can automatically mark and add tags. You can send helpful guides to assure successful conversion. You can keep your customer base engaged by updating them on previous and upcoming products that they might be interested in.

Marketing automation also optimizes web page loading times by providing a better customer experience. Web pages that take too long to open may lead to more bounce back, therefore, resulting in the loss of prospective customers.

8. Call-to-action can lead to increase conversion A great call-to-action provides a button that is linked to a corresponding page on your website that is beneficial enough for your customer to click on. They can directly engage with the content on your website as it is an easy way to gain successful conversions. This is the best way to display products to potential customers that have followed a strong call-to-action and would inquire about your available offers.

Conclusion: Marketing automation helps send triggered emails in order to increase engagement with your prospects. It will connect you to responsive customers and track how engaged they are and then you can decide on your next move. By implementing marketing automation in your system you can create an automated workflow for your organization. Your sales teams will become more efficient and will also keep you ahead of your competitors. Strategically planning your customer’s journey will improve and increase the chances of conversions.


Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.