How to multiply your qualified leads?

The ultimate goal of a lead generating campaign is to drive business. Hence the success of such campaigns is not defined by the number of leads but the leads that actually converted to business. With this thought, marketers are pressed to generate and manage more quality leads. Here are simple tips to multiply your sales-ready leads.

Know your audience

One of your landing pages might start producing plentiful leads; however it might not convert to an actual sale. It becomes important to segregate your sales ready and other leads. For instance, you are offering a free e-book on one of the services you offer. You cannot add all those who download the book into qualified leads bucket. Most of them might be downloading just as part of their research and certainly not want to be contacted by your sales personnel.

Nurturing campaign

For that audience who are not sales-ready yet, plan out an email campaign to nurture them. There might be leads that have downloaded your freebies, even multiple times. Track them closely to check if they request for your product demos. At this point, you can qualify them as leads that have serious business interest with you.

Segregate early stage and sales ready leads

This process becomes essential in planning the right kind of nurturing programs. Use relevant messaging with specific calls-to-action based on the stage of leads. It could be inviting them to download few more content, signing up for a free trial or even requests to demo.

Nurture through content

Connecting with your audience through targeted content could establish you as a thought leader, but what is more beneficial is it makes your audience familiar with your products/services. The tedious process of following up with unqualified leads can be intelligently handled by graduating your leads to qualified leads through relevant content.

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