Top 10 Technology Database Providers

The demand for technology databases has increased tremendously and more and more technology database providers claim to offer the best data. Marketers look for data providers who provide the best B2B marketing services which will help them identify prospects and maximize sales leads. If you want to achieve better customer engagement, then you must have the right b2b marketing database.
Sales and marketing functions believe that data is essential to run your business smoothly. Therefore, it is advisable to first consider and evaluate the source of your data before you buy a targeted email list. A technology database provider should fit the needs of your company and should be able to customize the data as per your budget as well.
Many technology marketers depend significantly on data for the performance of sales and marketing campaigns. They increase their revenue by using a Targeted Email List for their multi-channel marketing campaigns and increase conversations. You are likely to achieve greatest success when your sales team has a top-quality B2B Email List.

If businesses are using old or incorrect data for email marketing campaigns, they are not going to have any conversations. Therefore, it is important to update it using the best Email Appending Services to maintain high-quality data.
Using accurate contact information marketers will be able to target the right people at the right companies, find new connections and send personalized messages to their prospects and companies.
Today, technology marketers and businesses prefer to purchase a list of technologies from a reputed technology database provider as it helps them,

• To reach out to new prospects and customers
• They will get updated and latest contact details of customers
• They adhere to industry standards and data compliance rules
• Saves your valuable time and resources
Therefore, investing in Technologies Users List from a good database provider is the right decision as it is easy to manage and pays off in the long run in terms of improving sales and returns from your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you will be able to target audiences and find leads who are willing to purchase your product or service.
To make things easier, we have compiled the list of the top 10 technology database providers so that you will be able to identify the right data provider for your business needs.

1. Email Data Group: They compile data from trusted sources for their technology users lists and verified meticulously to support multichannel campaigns and build effective business communication. It boasts 296 million contacts and 80 million contact details of decision-makers of top technology companies. Therefore, it is said to be one of the best technology database providers that ensure you
take your products and services to the tech industry across the corporate IT management industry.

2. Span Global Services: They provide reliable and real-time information on 15 thousand technologies their buying intent and hundreds of additional account features. Their data integrates seamlessly into popular B2B Sales and Marketing platforms like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and more. They keep data fresh and personalize workflows and marketing campaigns.

3. Discoverorg: Their data helps you to connect with your ideal customers. They provide data-driven solutions for sales, marketing, and recruitments. They connect you with prospects to generate more sales leads using their highly targeted sales lead list. Helps identify new opportunities with decision-makers and grow your business.

4. Zoominfo: Helps businesses and marketers to use B2B contacts to maximize sales. Their data easily integrates into sales, marketing, and recruiting technologies. They have over 15,000 customers and 120,000 users across the globe offering the most responsive and accurate business leads.

5. LakeB2B: With their technology data you can expand your business and connect with the right target audience across countries. They provide a complete USA Mailing List with relevant leads and prospects that need your services the most. With their highly customized and updated databases, you can explore emerging industries with the opportunities to communicate with decision-makers and business leaders.

6. Enlyft: Helps you identify your prospects and run personalized campaigns. They update and refresh data every 30 days to keep it as relevant and close to real-time as possible.

7. HG Insights: Helps maximize revenue by leveraging data to find leads that match your customer profile. You can engage your customers and increase conversions by networking directly with companies using the targeted technologies list.

8. PureB2B: Is a data provider offering B2B Leads Data and B2B Contact Data of B2B decision-makers. It provides solutions that help marketers meet specific B2B demand generation sales and marketing revenue goals.

9. Toolsberry: helps you identify companies based on your needs and tracks the usage of apps and technologies. They cater to both small and large companies with flexible pricing.

10. Datarade: Offers in-depth information about 2,000+ data providers across 210 data categories. They help you find the right data that fits your business goals.

So, when you select the technology database providers ensure they provide the latest information in their Technologies Users List. They should have a track record in providing the best technology contacts that have excellent deliverability and conversion rates.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.