5 Recent Trends In Email Marketing That You Must Follow

Let’s not get into the controversy of how Donald Trump became president of the United State of America and what are the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of his political strategies. Let’s be as apolitical as a smart marketer should be (*wink*). But do you remember the iconic campaigns conducted by Barack Obama? His email campaigns used to have the most unusual subject lines like “hey”, “My best friend”, “I will never stop you fighting”, “Say you are with me” and many more. These “made-to-click” subject lines are so personalized that the email users immediately feel connected with the messages and guess what- the ‘click’ just happens! Such conversational way of putting the statement and using catchy subject lines are the inevitable reasons behind successful email marketing- so that fashion is still on. Let’s look at the other email marketing trends that the digital marketers should definitely be aware of.

Email-Marketing Trends

  • Not just Content- but the Context too

The necessity and effectiveness of content marketing is undeniable. But that’s not enough! In order to increase brand awareness, you need to be an expert in context marketing– which is the combination of both arts and science of delivering the right content to the right potential customers at the right time.

  • Don’t make it too personalized

Surprised? But this is the recent trend! With the overuse of personalized marketing email you may lose the interest from your subscribers’ end. Maintaining the tone in your overall email is fine- but try to keep it professional too, especially if you are a b2b marketer.

3) Keep your content limited

The field of email marketing is gradually changing. In this fast paced world and in the era of advanced communication technology usage, no one has time to stand back just to reach your marketing message. As per a recent study, 66% emails are usually opened in mobile devices. Your marketing email should not be a cluster of contents. Otherwise these vast section of mobile users within your targeted market would rather prefer to ignore your long email than putting extra effort and their time to read it. This is why, present marketing experts are suggesting to keep business email smart, graphical and quickly understandable . And of course, make it mobile-friendly!

4) Use of animated gifs

Who doesn’t love the funny, weird “gif break” while reading a content? So, gifs are in! Some of the best global companies are using interesting gifs in their marketing emails while presenting important statistics and data. Several global marketers have agreed to the fact that using animated gifs have enormously increased their open rate.

  • The practice of Eye-tracking

With the constant advancement in communication technology, contemporary business marketers are targeting wider range of market through their campaigns. In order to avoid decrease in open rate, presently expert marketers are preferring the practice of eye tracking. Using this procedure, marketers are being able to track the specific areas of their email message which are anchoring attention of their subscribers. This process is helping them to identify the “areas of interest” of the targeted customers and plan the email campaigns accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and use these latest email marketing trends to engage your global target audience and conquer the market! If you need help from the experts, Email Data Group has dedicated and experienced team of email marketing professionals who can help you to get better audience engagement by offering you the best possible email marketing strategy, marketing services and responsive business email database. Request a free quote today!

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.