Newsletters – B2B Email Marketing Strategy

“Must-Read” newsletters are raging in the market nowadays. And why not! Businessmen read more mails in a day than all the newspapers in a whole week. Specific newsletters, rapping the reader’s nerve points, strike much more relevance than generic tabloids. Peoples’ need for authenticated, instantaneous newsfeeds has increased. It’s a common observation that big businessmen prefer to collect their daily dose of current affairs online.

Emails thrive in their genuineness and respected by readers for their authenticity. Email marketing brings B2B readers close to their desired content, and typically, to their respective business objectives.

  • Tomorrow’s Information – Today

If there’s a new development in the company, let your subscribers know. Have a new product? Create a newsletter on its features.  B2B newsletters reduce the time-gap between you and your clients. Readers have the latest information right from the horse’s mouth, right on the day it happens. Their dependency on third-party authentications is minimized.

  • Highly customizable

Unlike in print media, where the writing is in the form of an impartial narrative, target groups for your newsletter is already defined. You can tweak its theme and features and mold it to suit your prospects’ needs. But being an e-newsletter doesn’t mean that it comes devoid of protocols. Readers, especially B2B readers, are known to take their personalization with a dash of professionalism.

  • Low maintenance and follow-up costs

You can’t set up a new shop for each product in the real world. These limitations don’t apply in the online market. Changing the website theme has a much lesser cost than its real life counterpart. An employee – a team at most, and a few tools – that’s all that is required to maintain an average website. Once the website theme has been changed, the newsletter can follow suit – and that also without any extraordinary deliberations.

  • Opportunity for expansion

Trying out newer topics and trends allow you to reach new recipients. The online advantage already expands your horizon to reach a bigger number of audience. With a little help from what you have to offer, subscriber counts rise even more.

Additionally, repeated B2B Newsletter campaigns also:

  • Increase customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Add revenue to the host with higher transaction/purchases
  • Help in cross-promoting and upselling products amongst selected target groups
  • Act as an adaptable feedback mechanism
  • Takes care of current customers with regular follow-ups

Adaptability is one more reason for choosing newsletters over any other medium. Proper customization allows B2B newsletters to serve as ideal brand ambassadors. Establishing a brand is a complex job – with differences in needs from time to time. Newsletters can address this issue flexibly and bring out solutions on a real-time basis.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.