Lead Mining: Strategies That Work For You

Lead generation is an important facet of any company’s marketing strategy. A lead converts into a sale only if there is a strategy in place. Lead generation can be done in many ways. It has been proven over time that a multi pronged strategy is the best method. There are various steps involved in the lead generation process. A clearly defined path makes the task easier.

 Strategy development

Understanding the market and your client base is one of the basic requisites of a marketing plan. A research into the market you are catering to, client study, their purchasing habits and also what they want is very essential.

A strong understanding of what your competitors are offering and how you stack up against them gives you an edge. Align yourself in such a way that what you are providing and what the customer needs are in tune. This is an important step. If this is out of place, make an effort to see where you are going wrong and try to make corrections as possible.

A clear definition of your sales process is a must. How much time it takes for the purchase to happen, are there multiple decision makers, and what are the common queries that you face at different stage of the buying process.

Finally, after collecting all of the above mentioned information, a thorough study into it, will allow you to come to precise understanding as to where you stand in the market, what your customers are looking for and what you can offer them. Develop a lead generation strategy centered on this data.

Methods of lead generation

There are different means of generating leads. A mixture of all these types is the most potent one. Pick one and test them, independently and as a combination. See how the response is and then test a little bit more. Trying them in different sequences allows you to pick the best, sharpen it and make it work for your strategy.


A well defined mailing list is an important value addition to your marketing strategy. Considering that email is still one of the most popular ways in which customers get in touch with companies, having a good email marketing campaign is essential. In house mailing lists are one of the best means of generating good prospects. Purchasing or leasing an email list is also a very popular option. The list needs to be a work in progress, with constant updating and cleansing.

A marketing pitch designed for email should be powerful, direct and have a short but informative description of your intentions. Designing marketing emails specific for a certain demographic instead of a blanket email blast is advisable. This ensures that you are specific in your approach as well as your client has a very clear idea of what you want them to do. A clear call to action and fine tuned offers allow the open and click through rates to increase exponentially.


Telemarketing is also a very strong means of reaching out to prospects. While marketing emails are generally not reader specific, a phone call is a very personal approach. When a sales call is placed to a certain prospect, you are interrupting his schedule, this is true for any phone call, and hence it is important to be equipped with a conversation which states clearly what you are looking for. Attention grabbing details are very important here since you can make or break a sales call in the first minute itself.

After an email marketing campaign, giving the prospects a follow up call enhances your chances of creating interest and credibility. Hence a successful email campaign is a healthy mix of phone and email marketing.

List management

After your initial email and telemarketing campaign you will have a list of prospects. This was the intent of the marketing strategy and now you have achieved it. The next step is as important as the entire campaign. Following up of leads ensures that a lead converts into a client. It is a fact that a lot of leads are lost because we fail to follow up. A potent list management system or a customer resource management system is a prudent investment. Whatever the means; the basic criteria is that none of the leads generated should go to waste.

Providing attention worthy content coupled with great offers are essentials of the marketing campaign. Ensure that all the content developed is in tune with the stage of the lead cycle your campaign is in. this ensures maximum credibility and penetration.

These steps are only methods of going about with a marketing campaign, and it is important to design one according to the market and the products which are being sold. The frame work is the same but the matter varies with every company.

Lead Mining: Strategies That Work For You

Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.