New Wave of Change hits Digital Marketing Shores

There is no denying it: marketing strategies have evolved over time – as has the world around it. In a recent European survey, groups of marketers were asked to compare the marketing scenario of today to that when they started their careers. About 70% agreed that they are living in a completely different world. Print media and direct communications have been taken over by virtual interactions. The online market is flourishing with new experiences every day for its users. But even digital marketing is not the final stage for the evolution of marketing as a whole. The cycle continues. Will current digital marketing practices thrive, or perish under the current surges of change?

“The Golden Era of Digital Marketing is approaching”

We know that change is happening, but how fast? For 58% of marketers around the world, the pot has boiled faster in the last year than the previous five years combined. And 72% see this as an opportunity for new technologies rather than a threat to old strategies.

  • 86% companies agree that marketing on a whole is taking a positive turn
  • But there is a 50-50 vote that whether it’s a gradual change, or a dramatic one
  • Over the last five years, marketing (especially internet connected digital reach) has become:

–     The main revenue contributor for most companies.

–     A major influencer of overall business strategies.

–     The decider on applying technology to modify customer expectations.

Claim to Fame – Armory for New-age Digital Marketers

So, when we say change, what are we actually implying? Are B2B clients not interested in the old products and services anymore? Or does it have something to do with the way of representation? Answer to this question is dynamic. Actually, the change consists of a little bit of both.

  • B2B Services – Solutions which make the businesses run better, need to change with the fast-shifting buyer environment of the new age. Thorough and consistent prospect analysis is required each time a campaign is being launched.
  • B2B Marketing – Enhanced connectivity of the buyers make representation of business products much more stringent. Hence, new digital marketing strategies need to be formulated.

How are we intending to adopt the change?

  • 78% marketers believe that continuous upgrade to newer technologies is key to succeed in the digital market.

–          Companies need to adapt to the dynamic technical advancements, and plan their marketing strategies on that basis.

–          Budgets of technology purchases need to be increased. It’s a good sign that 77% major companies have committed to increase their digital marketing budgets this year.

  • 72% feel the increased permeation of products in consumers’ daily life routines.

–          Diversify marketing into different channels. A B2B buyer simultaneously consults six media on average before finalizing a buy.

–          Respect the prospect’s individuality and personalize marketing strategies accordingly.

  • 52% marketers see a mobile-enabled future for digital marketing.

–          With most of the world going mobile on smartphones and tablets, responsiveness of digital content can’t be avoided anymore. Specific digital marketing techniques have to be mandated for these particular technologically enabled groups.

The wave of change has hit existing marketing models over the world. Buyer trends are changing and digital marketing, as we know it, will change too. But that is the price of operating in a dynamic B2B environment. Either you adapt to it, or perish. Any marketing channel’s chance to survive is proportional to the relevance it strikes with its target groups. So, grab your life-jackets. It’s going to be a bumpy ride with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.