Why List Segregation is Important in Technology Marketing

“Why list segregation is important in marketing?” – You may have faced this question if you have been around the marketing sector for even a year or so. The answer is simple – giving priority to those who deserve it. That’s the first basis of customization. In technology marketing or in any other form of marketing, it is not the list that you segregate. While you do it, you are actually shuffling customer preferences and building a strong relationship with recipients utilizing the touch point of optimum relevance.

Why List Segregation is an Integrated Part in Modern Technology Marketing Tactics?

You can’t create an appeal for a condo to a recently relocated couple. Even if you do, there are chances that you will be selling the fairy-tale – not the condo. Similarly, a technology product which has lost relevance to the business (or had none to begin with) will not sell. In the technology sector, new inventions have become an everyday thing. If not complete replacement, then there is always the issue of updates to the older versions. As a result, the technology list you built last month, will have already started decaying.

Technology Marketing is all about Staying Relevant to your Prospects

No matter how many times you say it, one term will never become irrelevant in technology marketing – relevance. Strategies to implement the same changes with time and rather frequently.

Current trends are as follows:

Building customized lists according to the company

Know what you are selling. Know whom you are selling to. Tweaking interests is far easier than creating them. And there is no assurance of end success for the latter. List segregation according to the sectors and companies hence is the practical approach to build any technology list. Creating compartments on the basis of company types may seem to be a waste of time in the beginning. But thanks to increasing competitions amongst existing and new technologies in the market, there is enough company names to fill each column.

Collect contacts of new software users

Like the advancement of technologies, numbers of potential users is also increasing day by day. These days you won’t see even a single company in the B2B market unaided by technical support. And when you go technical, you have to have the latest. If you don’t get it, someone else will. So, collecting the list of new software users is foremost important.

–          They are new to the game

–          They want expert help

–          They might buy more

Arrange them according to the software they are new in.

Apply the trigger based lists technique

Data-driven marketing – you can use it in your list building process as well. Trigger based lists collect B2B contacts when the corresponding visitor uses particular actions on your website, emails, and your social media pages.

When you use outsourced database service providers, also check the number of technologies that the providers cover and whether the options cover your field of products. Email Data Group works with a wide variety of technology sectors with a technology coverage crossing 10k.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.