4 Tips to make your Halloween Email Campaigns a Success!

Who doesn’t love a holiday weekend? Especially, an American! Happiness is when you get a reason to have a lovely weekend at the beach, watch the parade, have a barbecue session or just take a break! However, there’s something Americans are madly in love with- purchasing things which they don’t really need solely because the price is right!

Summer may possibly be over. However, one of the biggest weekend sales is here!

Here’s a note for the retailers and marketers – it’s your biggest opportunity to give it all before winter holidays arrive and everyone gets all lazy. October 31st and it is Halloween! Now that’s reason enough to gear up to don’t you think? Marketers across the United States are probably working on their email campaigns and marketing strategies to ensure that they can make the most from this opportunity. So make sure that you too are doing something about it.

Here are four quick tips to be successful with your Halloween email campaigns!

How well can you play with your subject line?

Wants your email campaign to be successful? Here’s the key- the subject of the mail. “Halloween sales”, “best Halloween deals”, and “Halloween Savings” are the most commonly used subject lines for Halloween email campaigns. Think from the recipient’s point of view- would you want to open an email with a worthless subject? NO! When emails like these hit the inbox, all a person will do is ignore it. In certain cases, it will directly hit the junk mail. Remember, as a marketer though sales and profit are your ultimate goal, you will have to begin by engaging the audience and luring them with your offer. If you, as a sender do not make it a point to make the recipients gain evidence in the subject line that it will benefit them, good luck with the success of your email campaign! Also, it’s actually a good idea to include words like “Halloween” in the subject line. It informs the reader at the first go. Be creative and to the point. The idea is not to be mainstream. So work on that subject line first!

Send your emails just-in-time to make the holiday worthwhile

If you own a travel agency, restaurant or hotel, now’s the time to have that email blast! Make it a point to market your product, (for instance, hotel rooms in Bali) very evident. Be bold with colors, add pictures that will make them dream, and deals that will tempt them to take action. Remember, the attention span of people is diminishing – and as a marketer, you have very little time to earn their trust. The point being, market your product using videos, pictures, and past experiences. This makes the recipient feel like he’s already falling in love with your product. A last-minute deal is always wanted, so, here’s your chance to seal the deal!

Hosting a special deal or sale? Please do so.

Ideally, you must start sending out your offers sometime in October beginning if you want to reach a wider audience base! There are two kinds of people- the kind that makes plans way before the actual day. The other kind is the kind which is very spontaneous. Probably, that set of people will book their hotel room, for instance, the day they check into the hotel. The point being, send out emails days prior to the actual event as well. That way, the awareness will increase and you never know who feels like taking up your offer and when! The idea is to understand the way your customer behaves and acts. But wait! Don’t make the mistake of sending the initial e-mailer and stopping at that. It has to be an ongoing activity. So put on your thinking caps and keep the conversation about your Halloween Sale and deal ongoing.

What about the body of the mail?

When a recipient opens the email that’s when you will have to do all that it takes to convert him/her into a customer. Your email should be like a breath of fresh air – almost like giving to its readers exactly what they need. Try highlighting the key points in your mailer – simply because you want to grab their attention to those. For instance, talk about an ongoing offer or discount, probably some freebies or referral program, and so on. This will make the prime content reach the recipient’s mind and make an impact on him or her.

All I want to say to my readers is that, think about what you would possibly want to read in a Halloween email. Would you want it to be dull, mundane, and stereotype with minimal value addition? Or would you want it to be an email where you would want to wander about and be a part of it?

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.