4 Strategies to Influence Customer Perceptions

Thanksgiving is here! A season filled with celebrations, warmth and acts of kindness and gratitude, a time for positive transformations and a refreshed way of thinking.

What better time than now to extend this line of thought into your business to enjoy brand credibility and optimal results.

In the current competitive market, focusing on the needs of your customers can give you the required competitive edge. Customers are the source for real growth and any marketing campaign should ideally be targeted towards the one who benefits the most out of your offerings.  The best marketing strategy focuses on:

  • Understanding the client requirements
  • Shaping their perceptions
  • Aligning services to address their needs

This can invariably act as a trigger for business success.

Influencing customer perception

Here are four strategies that can help you create the right impression and influence the perception of your customers.

Stick to the core message

The largest advertising campaigns can turn into fiascoes when they fail to stick to the core message. You need to stick the core essence of your product and talk about the USP of your offering. This is the basic that you can offer your customers if you wish that they choose your product over that of your competitors.

Emotional Connect

Connecting with people at an emotional level can bring you big success. You may have an inclination towards a certain brand over the popular ones simply because you have some pleasant memories attached to the brand. As per consumer psychology, successful advertisements that compel people to consider a brand have a large degree of emotional flavor to it. See how you too can en-cash on such emotions this Thanksgiving and celebrate the true essence of this season.


The best way to stay in peoples mind is to be visible. When you have a large advertisement campaign budget, a big hoarding can do the trick. But this is not the only solution; there are other cost-effective methods that can get your brand the right visibility. Free downloadable information, t-shirts with your company logo, thought leadership articles, e-greetings and inspirational quotes are a few ways that can enable you to get the right visibility. Thanksgiving is one of the best times to thank your customers for being a valuable part of your business journey and charm them with simple surprises that will in turn get you the right visibility and traction.

Distinguish your Brand

Who does not aspire to be a trendsetter and create a niche? We all do. But smart marketers are those who create a campaign or products that can build a trendsetting image. Brands that are able create this image can never run out of customers. Create a unique USP for your brand this Thanksgiving and see how you will double your returns.

You want your brand to be the first one that the customer thinks of during his purchase. This is not so easy to achieve but with the right customer-driven strategies you will be able to create the added charm, this Thanksgiving.

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4 Strategies to Influence Customer Perceptions

Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.