Holding Back Your Web Solutions to Engage B2B Customers?

Top brands of the world are concentrating on their customer loyalty programs more than ever! Giants from automotive, computers, online payment services, IM applications, e-commerce solutions and other thriving industries are working hard to keep a 90%-above customer loyalty engagement strength. Customer satisfaction results is a statistics that any company would proudly boast in all their promotional campaigns. You’ll place these as “90% happy customers”, “100% customer satisfaction” etc. logos at the bottom of every webpage you’ve made for your visitors to see. Advanced web solutions can showcase your customer marketing efforts easily. But, ease of access comes at the price of heavy competition. Customer marketing is not a vanity anymore, but a necessity to survive in the online market.

Web Solutions – a 360-degree Customer Engagement Tool

  • Where do you stand in engaging your customer?

    b2b engagement cycle that web solutions could work upon

Customers are rulers of the online galaxy. A decade or two back, sellers used “sales-talk” to influence buyers. Needs were created (if not motivated) according to the producer’s demands. Sadly, those days are gone! Now, buyers (especially professional B2B purchasers) have complete control over their purchasing decisions. The need of any human intervention is required only after 60% completion of the buying process.

Hence, there are web solution tools like content platforms, incentive programs, free document downloads, helpful insights, growth checkers etc. that indirectly influence their decisions beforehand.

  • How to engage B2B buyers online?

The deal is to educate the customer, than selling your product. You don’t tell them what to buy, why you are best! The online market is vast, and transparent. Before they even come in contact with you, they know about:

–          Your background

–          What previous customers have to say about you

–          Your current position in the market, and finally

–          Your capability to fulfill their requirements

They are also taking third-party recommendations into consideration. In fact, they are betting most of their bucks on that!

Customer satisfaction hence can’t be expected to come from a one-time purchase of your product. B2B buyers want to be rewarded in every step of the way. A multi-step strategy is what takes you ahead in the big game of customer marketing.

This strategy includes three essential steps:

–          Educating

–          Influencing

–          Nurturing

So, are your web tools up to solving these three basic necessities for the customer? Know more about nurturing customers through web solutions on our detailed discussion: Pressing the Right Nerve of Online B2B Prospects.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.