Lead Generation: 5 Smart Moves to Boost ROI

The process of lead generation is the back bone of any marketing endeavor. One of the most important aspects we need to keep in mind is that a collaborative effort between sales and marketing is the best solution. Without the work of the marketing team, creation of leads is not possible, and without lead nurturing done by sales, business is not possible. Here are 5 of the most popular and successful strategies which are useful towards creating a genuine lead.

Clear Objective: 

Any marketing strategy should have a clear mission statement; is it creating new leads, pitching a new product/new service, or an advertising campaign to increase visibility of the company and its brand. By doing this, the marketing strategy will have a clear direction.


Your prospective clients have a lot to tell you. Listen to them, understand what they need. Pushing products and services at a crowd which is looking for something else is only going to drain your resources. A razor sharp marketing plan requires an in depth analysis done on the prospect need.

Precise Nurturing:

Every lead is unique. Thus putting in place a step by step nurturing program which is dynamic will help in ensuring that your marketing plan stays relevant.

Create compelling content:

Every stage of the lead nurturing process should have content which is created for it, exclusively. This has always been the best way to ensure that leads are nurtured according to their activity and sales readiness.

Follow Up:

This has been found be the one of the weakest points in marketing strategies all over. Every lead is a potential sale and has to be followed up.

Incorporating these features smartly into the marketing process has always brought about substantial increase in sales. Using these tried and tested processes will yield results and also give value to the entire marketing strategy.

On the day of her graduation, Judy finished reading Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It certainly was the turning point in her life because instead of her 5 figure engineering job she decided to join a start-up that developed gaming apps – because that’s what she wanted to do. The start-up experience not only shaped her go-getter, never-say-die attitude but also made it possible to have different perspectives and ideas about people, circumstances and situations. Today after lending her support and knowhow to more than 8 start-ups, she is a successful Digital Marketer and Consultant, having first-hand experience in working on social media, email blasts, online marketing and SEO. Based out of Ohio, Judy stays with her pet pug, enjoys wine and coffee, and celebrates Thanksgiving with her friends from the 1st start-up!