Lead Generation: 5 Smart Moves to Boost ROI

A good lead generation strategy is the key to the long-term growth of any company.

Acquiring new leads, following up with interested prospects, and implementing a lead generation workflow are all important to boost ROI.

If you have qualified leads, then they are more likely to become your customers. Every marketer’s primary aim is to improve lead quality and increase the number of conversions and sales ROI. If you want to maximize lead conversions and sales, then only the most qualified leads should reach the sales team.

When you roll out an online ad campaign that gets record clicks, you must nurture these leads through a lead generation strategy that includes retention and the acquisition stage of the customer journey.

Here are 5 Effective B2B Lead Generation Moves to Boost ROI

#1 Nurture Campaigns and Optimize Landing Pages :

Marketers can leverage digital marketing through customer-centric nurture campaigns. You need to follow up with customers through their buyers’ journey to give them a push toward the next step in the process. Nurture campaigns are targeted toward customers who are already engaged with your products and likely to make multiple purchases over time thereby increasing your ROI.

Landing pages are amazing tools for planting seeds as key touchpoints during lead generation. So it’s necessary to optimize landing pages with an SEO strategy so that they fit in seamlessly with your lead generation efforts in the process of converting sales. Developing optimized landing page text is a worthy investment as they are stepping stone along the customers’ path to making a purchase.

#2 Remarketing and Follow Up :

A proper remarketing strategy will work better in terms of changing a customer’s mind to convert. By remarketing your existing campaign with a few tweaks you can retain the customers you’ve already got on your lead data. Remarketed leads need a little extra support and guidance so that you don’t lose them again.

Marketing AI is cost-effective for warm to cool leads and is also useful for the follow-up stage. Company response time is very important when they have a customer service-related question. Therefore, consumers need instant, personalized guidance without having to leave your website.

#3 Custom Account-Based Marketing :

A personalized email ad campaign experience can have significant effects on increasing ROI and customized account-based marketing is the personalization of B2B marketing. An account-based approach creates a customized ad experience for the whole business as it directly speaks to the culture of a company. Although it requires extensive research, the outcome can be huge compared to lead generation strategies.

#4 Consistent Workflows :

Since customers like consistency, you should never give up on a lead completely. You can create lead generation workflow for different customer journeys, and remarketing opportunities even if they have been sitting on your prospect list for a long time.

By using CRM software, you will be able to automate the entire prospecting and lead generation journey. You can even alter your segments and targeted campaigns automatically according to customer activity and gain insights into the interests of your visitors. Customers build trust as consistency gives your relationship a strong foundation backed by your company’s ongoing customer service and support.

#5 Encourage Online Reviews and Expand Online Presence :

When buying a product consumers prefer to first read online reviews. Hence it is important that your website have a testimonial page or a reviews feature. By including this you are likely to create opportunities for your customers and post them on your website. This further builds trust, improves your local search ranking, and eventually improves conversions.

Don’t limit your brand’s promotion to your website and social channels only. You can explore opportunities and appear on other sites to grow your credibility. You can use mediums such as guest blogging, or answering questions on Quora or other business-relevant Q&A sites or forums.

This way you can build brand awareness and put your business name in front of customers who are seeking relevant solutions to their problems. It also helps new customers about your brand and helps build trust faster.



Integrating these 5 Effective B2B Lead Generation Moves can increase your ROI significantly and improve business relations, customer retention, etc. While consistency is critical to creating a functional lead generation strategy, marketers can also try out new techniques to achieve their ROI goals.

If you want to triple your ROI, think multi-channel, to increase productivity. Finally, ROI online lead generation should be a long-term and continuous process. Using the tips above, you can streamline the lead generation process and increase your opportunities for business growth and ROI.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.