Email List Hygiene – Its impact on campaign success

An email campaign is the best way to reach a targeted audience base. Therefore, marketers go the extra mile to ensure that the business email lists are robust and up-to-date for maximum deliverables. Email List Hygiene thus gains prominence. Therefore, marketers worldwide have opted to buy email lists from reliable providers.
Most marketers in pursuit of verified mailing lists are also looking at options to enhance the quality of the mailing lists. An existing email database may be precise, responsive, and authentic to ensure higher deliverables. A reliable email list provider ensures that the mailing lists are accurate, credible, and b2b campaign ready. So, when marketers purchase email lists they stand to gain more.
It is also important to note that business email lists are dynamic in nature. The methods employed to augment existing mailing lists may vary depending on the availability of the resources and the versatility of the mailing data.

List Hygiene- what it entails:

The essence of email database cleansing is that it removes out inactive and irrelevant email subscribers for future marketing campaigns. It is especially more important when marketers decide to buy targeted email lists for niche marketing campaigns.

List cleansing will not only augment your existing business databases but will also ensure that you are sending campaigns to a genuinely interested audience base. This is where Email Service Providers gain prominence. They lay emphasis on the fact that a clean list is a must to get the campaigns delivered into the right inboxes at the right time.

Know where your email lists are landing

Did you know that a significant percentage of email campaigns land in the spam folders of the recipients? This could be detrimental to the campaigns you wish to send to the targeted audience base. In order to avoid it, ensure that the mailing lists are healthy and relevant.

According to a study, email lists decay by about 22.5% every year making it important for marketers to unlock the importance of maintaining list hygiene to attain optimal ROI. Irrelevant and obsolete data results in poor deliverability which in turn means failed campaigns. Hence it is important to maintain list hygiene to ensure enhanced deliverables and revenue.

Reasons why companies are disappointed in B2B database providers:

There are several reasons why businesses do not bring results as expected. You could have chosen the wrong B2B data provider who has offered you low-quality data and left you disappointed.

The advantages of Email List cleaning:

• Once marketers opt to get the mailing lists cleansed there are lower bounce rates and reduced campaign costs
• The verified and up-to-date data provides more actionable insights
• Fosters successful and targeted marketing campaigns
• Promotes improved campaign revenue
• Optimizes business communication and brand building

How email list hygiene augments business communication:e 

The deliverability factor has now become personalized, so much so that it is measured through different parameters. It is often described at the subscriber level and there are certain deliverability signals like open rates and engagement rates.
There are algorithms to understand if the messages are marked as spam and this could tell you a lot about the email lists and their relevance. Therefore, paying more attention to the relevance of the audience base and the targeted email list is important. Good list hygiene may be achieved by following some best practices:

Methods to Augment Exiting Mailing Lists:

Choose double opt-in over single opt-ins: To ascertain that the recipients of your email are subscribers, you ought to send double opt-in. This also minimizes non-deliverability. Research shows that double opt-ins can also reduce spam and rejected campaigns.

Reduce hard bounces: Hard bounces occur when the mailing lists are inactive or when the email addresses or the domain in the email address do not exist. Therefore, it is important to maintain the precision of the lists along with the deliverability.

Revamping existing lists: The best way to thin the existing mailing list is by removing irrelevant data. Trimming the mailing lists will ensure that marketers get an edge and promote campaigns to a relevant and existing database.

Ramping it down: Deleting the subscriber email addresses may not be the right solution. It is relevant to ensure that the mailing lists can be ramped down to make B2B email list more suitable for business communication.
Instead of removing the inactive lists completely, you may put them away from the main list yet continue to send them emails intermittently. This ensures that while you are working on maintaining good email list hygiene, you are also sending mailers to inactive email addresses without completely ignoring them.

It is important to make prudent business decisions to excel in global campaigns. One of them is to buy targeted email lists from a reliable provider and to make sure you maintain the list of hygiene. There are many email list providers that can help you maintain exhaustive databases while sprucing up for successful campaigns. Email Data Group is a leading provider of accurate mailing lists and business email lists for effective communication. Choose the most authentic and credible business mailing lists. Be certain of the list hygiene and give your global campaigns an edge.

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