“B2B Email List Providers,” Are you disappointed with them?

Data has become the primary source to grow your business. Companies have realized this fact now and are investing in data like never before. Whether you want to roll out campaigns or want to get your existing data appended, you need to partner with a reliable marketing database vendor and invest in their B2B Email Lists. As a result, you are sure to get awesome results from your marketing campaigns. However, there are times where marketers are left disappointed with their data. Let us explore how to get the most from your vendor so that you achieve better results.

Benefits of collaborating with a reliable B2B Email List provider:

Enhance Your Current Customer Data

To achieve your business goals it is important to have access to accurate and updated data so that you can use it to get good quality leads that can be converted to deals. If you don’t get your existing customer’s data appended or updated you are sure to miss out on good quality leads. Thus, having access to in-depth information could be very helpful for your business.

Entering New Market

It is not easy to target new markets or go behind new leads. We need to have a proper marketing database and building your own can be time-consuming. Collaborating with a database provider can surely ease your task as they can offer important insights which will help you determine what is best for your business.

Good Quality Data

Invest in a reliable B2B data provider as data quality is crucial for successful sales. Your data provider should be able to supply the best quality data possible, have regular checks in order to ensure it remains accurate and fresh.

Save Time

Companies and marketers can save valuable time when they have access to the right data. Using a database provider to get up-to-date information can be the right decision as your team can stop spending time on this and focus on identifying leads.

Reasons why companies are disappointed in B2B database providers:

There are several reasons why businesses do not bring results as expected. You could have chosen the wrong B2B data provider who has offered you low-quality data and left you disappointed.

No relevant or in-depth information on a specific company

When you find out that the data you have purchased is not as expected and does not provide in-depth information, and then you are likely to feel disappointed. Therefore you may miss out on qualifying leads.

No specific contact details, phone number or email Id

Phone and email will remain the best and all-time favorite channels for reaching out to prospects. When you have access to a B2B database and are not able to find contact details of clients you want to get in touch with it can be frustrating making you feel you have made the wrong investment.

Limited number of records in the B2B database 

When you have plans of running a campaign you require a decent amount of leads to see positive results. So, when you purchase data and then find out that you have only a limited number of records for the region you’re targeting, then it can be extremely frustrating. One of the biggest reasons for disappointment for marketers is data providers don’t offer databases segmented by geographical location or industry.

Less deliverable

The main objective to invest in a database would be to get highly deliverable data to boost marketing campaigns. However, when you get low email deliverability rates, it can be annoying. While the average bounce rate varies on industry and location it’s good to look at the reasons behind this. It could be uploading a large contact list to your email service in one go, will have you detected as a spammer and you could end up being blocked.

Lack of trust in B2B Database Quality

If you have had a bad experience with data providers in the past, then it is but natural for you to not trust any b2b database vendor. While most vendors perform regular checks to keep it error-free and as accurate as is possible it is not realistic as it is proven that business addresses change every 30 minutes. By now you should realize that you will not get accurate data as most vendors claim.

Best Practices for Your B2B Email Campaigns

To get the best response from your B2B email marketing campaigns, it is wise to follow some best practices. You need to send emails in small batches at regular intervals and there should be a set limit, this prevents your email service from identifying you as sending spam content. You can send personalized emails as it has better chances of being opened and improves audience engagement. It is best to avoid using words like, ‘risk-free’, ‘bonus’, etc. in the subject lines or email body that could be identified as spam. It is believed that following up with prospects by email is one of the best ways to increase audience engagement.


Partnering with a reliable database provider is a necessity for all businesses. While some businesses and marketers may have encountered a bad experience in the past, it is best to do thorough research before investing your money.  To achieve your business goals we at Email Data Group believe it is best to target your audience for good quality leads. You can also get your B2B Email List custom built to get better results so you are not disappointed with your investment.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.