Social Media– The best place to achieve the brand recognition

Company rewards and recognitions are good, but that is when you are an employee cribbing for your manager’s approval. Something to decorate your cubicle, maybe even show off to your fellow colleagues! But when the b2b business is yours, your need should go beyond smaller gains. One look at the big picture will tell you that recognition is for the brand – not the individual. Take care of the brand, and the brand pays you back a million times in return. Maximum response to the right audience gets your brand the recognition that it always deserved. And where better to maximize your brand reach than in social media! From techy teenagers to big-buck corporate crunchers – your entire digital façade is right here.

Does your B2B social media strategy cross the barrier of engagement?

Sadly, engagement has increasingly become more about replying, and not about listening. Deep behavioral analysis of the target audience is mostly absent in social media campaigns these days. This trend is in paradox with the availability of technology in this regard. For social media marketers, post-campaign analysis equally matters.

3 reminders while fishing with a social-net

In social media:

1. Trends change at a very past pace. Since everything happens in real-time, brand popularity over social media is not long-lasting.

2. Content plays a major game. Diversification of content-types (legible, audio, audio-visual etc.) gains more attention. Videos, though harder to produce, gain maximum engagement.

3. Your target audience is scattered. Social media is basically a personalized platform. It lacks a well-segregated corporate outlook. Hence you’ll find your target audience in one (or several) niche pockets of one (or more) social media sites. Each social website has its own characteristics, depending on the type of people they cater to. And each needs it different marketing strategy.

Social media has been there for quite a few years, and is at the peak of its popularity. It looks like the best market-place for your next big launch. But caution! Only best marketers are flexible enough to swerve amidst the quick cascades of social media. It can gain you quick fame amongst prospects, and one miscued move can also spell doom for your brand. Some quick tips to save your day:

Quick tips to shine in social media:

–          Be brief

–          No repetition

–          Focus on details

–          Punchlines

–          Target top influencers

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.