Working on the Content Marketing Cornerstones

“Content marketing” is considered as one of the top trends in the marketing circles today. Content has its due credit, thanks to the digital space that we are in today; this new-age term has become a part of every web sphere. Despite the limelight on content marketing and all that it can do for your business, marketers are not able to unleash the holistic benefits that it has to offer.  There are invariable reasons that impede desired outcomes like,

  • engaging the audience in the right way
  • budget constraints
  • creating noteworthy content worth publishing

Creating valuable content is the crux of content marketing, but it is also important to package the content in the right way. Let’s explore a few content marketing imperatives that can lead your marketing endeavors in the right direction and boost high returns.

Focus on the foundation: Content Process & Design

Maximum efficiency can be achieved when the foundation of your offering is built with strong organizational cornerstones.

  • You can create a powerful marketing program with the right skill sets, resources and hands-on experience to support all your marketing efforts.
  • An editorial template can serve as a great tool that aids planning and organizing all the content projects lined up for the respective quarter/year.
  • Too many ideas but lack of execution will not get you results. Consensus and collaboration from external and internal stakeholders are extremely important to focus on the overall purpose of your content marketing strategy.
  • User-friendly layout that is crisp, focused and readable helps the end user with easy navigation.
  • A catchy headline should be able to do justice to your copy and capture audience attention.
  • Focus on the keywords subtly and wisely to ensure you target the most relevant keywords for your business.

Buyer persona

One of the prime functions of content marketing is to create content that is relevant to the audience. One of the ways you can be successful at this attempt is by understanding the buyer persona, and creating a content mapping template.

Content mapping template

Mapping in general implies understanding the relation between two or more elements. In the context of content marketing, if you were to sell a niche product, you’ll need to map your content requirements to the process of the product.

As an exercise to understand content usage and the preferences of your audience, try to answer a few questions. Answers to these questions will help you chart a winning content marketing plan for your business.

1. What types of content are consumed by your audience?

2. Do they prefer long content or byte sized content?

3. What channels do you use to distributed content?

4. Which of your content gets maximum attention?

5. Do you create content in-house or use external resources to create it?

If you face difficulty in answering these questions or need a free content marketing consultation, get in touch with us at +1 (800) 710-4895. We have experts who delve deep into your customer psyche, create customer personas, and deliver a content marketing plan tailor-made for your business.


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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.