12 Email Design Tips for B2B Marketers

Email is considered as one of the most productive, efficient and effective channels by B2B marketers. But with 22% of the emails never making it to the inbox (as per a research by e-consultancy in 2013) it’s time B2B marketers take few seconds to understand the titbits about email design.

Based on our experience and powering email campaigns, we have few fundamentals for designing an email campaign.

  1. Design emails that are 600px wide – This standard size of 600px wide displays your email clearly in the recipient’s inbox.
  2. Keep your calls-to-action above the fold – Users don’t have the patience hunting for your call to action.
  3. Use HTML text/fonts – It is recommended to use fonts like Arial, Verdana, Georgia
  4. Avoid heavy images on the email campaign as spam filters are programmed to filter heavy emails as spam emails.
  5. Provide a very clear, large CTA on the email to solicit clear action
  6. Display the sender’s email clearly – People consider sender’s credentials as an important criterion before opening the email
  7. Restrict the number of columns – Best practice is to place images on the left and text on the right
  8. Focus on the key message on the email without divulging on diverse topics. People who read your message look forward to specific topics.
  9. Avoid flash or any time intensive animations on the email message
  10. Optimize the content on the buttons to stand out
  11. Choose a theme and use brand colors on the email template
  12. Ensure that your emails appear the same way you’ve designed it. Different email clients follow different coding or rendering techniques. So, in order to avoid any rendering problems, it is advisable to test your email campaign on different email clients.


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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.