Let Email Appending Protect Your Email Programs

In case you receive an email from some sender whose email address looks familiar and you open the email and click on the attachment to find that your screen turns black and you cannot navigate to any other page. All you can see is a message that reads that all your data is in their control and you will have to pay a ransom to get all that back. You have two choices- either you pay from your card and still not get your data back or you can get your system formatted. Yes, an email can bring in all the trouble you never expected, and all the credit goes to ‘WannaCry Ransomware’.  We are sure you would not want this for your targeted email programs. So, keep their right email addresses in your database.

email appending

It is important to maintain email list hygiene by removing bad addresses. Do not let an email address disturb your entire email program. Big companies across the world have been victimized by this malware attack, and the list includes FedEx Corporation, Renault, and Telefonica. Under threat, most of such companies may mark your emails as spam too. So, if you do not want to be the one to send spammy emails to your clients, be careful about the email addresses you include in your customer email list. This can be checked and fixed through an email append procedure. There is various email appending companies that you can choose from to partner with in order to get all the bad email addresses out of your email lists. (Also read: 5 Kinds of Email Addresses to be Removed from B2B Email Lists)

Role Account Records

Email addresses under this category are generic and do not specify any particular name of a professional. Such email addresses are owned sometimes by websites of companies for special roles. Let us see what they can look like:

  • info@generic.com
  • admin@generic.com
  • press@generic.com
  • abuse@generic.com

Since these addresses are generally handled by a group and not an individual. Sending an email to such addresses will address a group and not an individual. Chances are that your message may be marked as spam, deleted or worse, your email address may be chosen to send you a no-reply email, and that can be a phishing mail. Sending emails to too many role accounts will adversely affect your sender reputation among email services. So, email append solutions by a data append vendor will help you to get rid of such generic and unimportant email addresses from your database.

Typos and Syntax Errors

When invalid addresses are found, be sure that either they may be typos or incomplete email addresses. Though it can be a genuine mistake on the email subscriber’s part, the possibility is that you may send an email to such (fake) wrong address and it meets the eyes of a hacker or another company you may not be intending to target. How bad could this problem be? In such cases, people licitly trying to sign up for your newsletter will never receive it. Your brand reach becomes not only questionable, but your data may be in control of an unknown identity. Email services do not support incoming emails driven to invalid accounts and can grade your reputation low.

How do you fix this problem? Contact an email append vendor that keeps your database free of wrong addresses and replaces them with the right and up-to-date ones.

Spam Traps

Most times email services may create email addresses and advertise them online to use those as baits for spammers. Email services help companies identify spam when someone finds the addresses and starts sending unexpected emails. But, if you have email addresses like these in your database, then sending emails to more than one of such spam traps can disturb your reputation. You may come across these addresses through:

  • Purchases of lists from poor source
  • Competitors may use a spam trap to subscribe to your emails.

To know whether your email list has email addresses of active and responsive subscribers, rely upon a permission-based email appending process for removal of opted-out, do-not-email, spammy, incomplete and inactive email addresses. Email Data Group makes sure that your database is up-to-date with opted-in emails and that every email address is verified for accuracy and authenticity. Get email lists of key decision makers from different companies, segmented industry, designation, and geography wise.

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How Salesforce Cloud is helping Business Enterprises Worldwide

With the continuous advancement of technology, business enterprises are constantly adapting new and upgraded methods to maintain effective business communication with their customers. Salesforce is one of the leading cloud computing company who has developed their worldwide satisfied customer base through effective customer relationship management services. Let us have a look how Salesforce is helping their global clients to manage their business and earn more revenue.

Salesforce Cloud

Sales Cloud

Sales cloud helps the client enterprises to flourish their business and find new customers. Their contact management, opportunity management sales collaboration and Salesforce engage services can help the businesses to close better deals in minimum market time. This will help them to track all customer information and client interaction in one place. This cloud platform can help to increase productivity and generate more leads. Not only that, through effective lead management and marketing automation, sales cloud can provide support to nurture those generated good leads until they are completely sales ready. They have a guarantee of providing 43% lead conversion, 44% sales productivity and generating 37% revenue to their global clients.

Service Cloud

Service cloud has brought a new revolution in providing world-class customer service solutions. With the next generation Lightning Console customer service management solution, now it is easy to acquire all needed information in one fingertip. By using this cloud, agents can manage cases faster, easily track customer history data, thoroughly view dashboards, etc. Their Live Agent online tool can provide web-support to their clients through a service agent, ensuring 24*7 real time response and personalized interaction with their global customers and prospects. Self-service has got a new definition through Salesforce service cloud. Because of this, their customers can get every possible answer whenever they need to know. Through Live message, Snap-ins and Service Web Analytics Salesforce is providing personalized customer care services to their global clients.

Marketing Cloud

With the help of Salesforce Marketing cloud they can personalize the email marketing campaign of their clients. Through this service, Salesforce helps their clients to deliver smart and result-driven content and create marketing emails that can anchor audience attention. Besides, marketing cloud can help the customer brands to get maximum return of their campaign investment through tracking and optimizing email marketing campaigns and transactional messages. Besides, by Salesforce marketing cloud also helps their customers to manage their advertisement campaigns, predict the right content for marketing and to create 1-1 customer journeys across email, mobile, social, advertisements, websites.

The list does not end here! Their Community Cloud is helping enterprises to accelerate channel sales by directly connecting with the business partners, resellers and distributors. Developing applications has become smarter with Salesforce’s App cloud technology. With their IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform, it is possible for their client business organizations to process massive amount of data, develop business regulations and increase customer engagement.

Respected global brands like Aston Martin, Vodafone, Sony electronics Asia Pacific, Philips, L’Oreal USA, Nikon instruments, American Red Cross, Avon, Canon, etc have been attached with Salesforce CRM service provider company with their long term satisfied customers. Now, if you are a marketer from technology sector and thinking of making your business bigger, targeting decision makers from these global enterprises will help you to achieve that. But one thing, do not start with this vast campaign operation if your foundation is not strong enough. Email Data Group can offer you highly responsive Salesforce users email list that can provide strong back-up for your global b2b multichannel campaigns and help you to get maximum return of your campaign investment.

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3 Best Email Marketing Practices for Engaging Prospects

Engage Prospects

Lead nurturing is the main focus of every marketer, though meeting this target can be a stress on the nerve given the uncertainty of the availability of the right email addresses of targeted clients, time limitation, limited resources and uncertain prospect perspective towards a particular product, brand or business. Did you know lead nurturing through emails can actually lessen the overall marketing costs? Forrester Research came forth with a study on companies that are successful at lead nurturing. These companies yield above 50% sales-ready leads at a cost 33% lower than the usual ones. So, let us see what techniques they use in email marketing that helps them in engaging large number of prospects in real-time:

Sending Company Newsletters

You know your customers or your prospects will not entertain too many emails a day. They may put your email address in the spam list. So, it is better you roll out monthly or quarterly email campaigns through newsletters. This way of engaging customers and prospects helps them to get to know your brand, business, and products better. Share client success stories through press releases attached to the emails. You can also try sharing the links to your best guest blog posts or articles featured in other high domain authority sites. When you have shared information of your organization and your objectives through written content, your expertise in the business domain is demonstrated. Why not link your website page to a subscription page and increase chances of attaining more email subscribers?

Optimizing Blog Emails

Guess what! None of your emails can leave a thought-provoking effect as much as blog emails can. But, given the fact that no email user will tolerate receiving a blog every day, it is best if you understand their need for blog frequency and send them blogs annually after seeing their reaction to the first one. This technique motivates those who truly liked your previous blog and is interested in reading more. You can segment this type of email subscribers once you monitor their email activity. Use eye-catchy subject line for attaining high CTORs on emails. (Also see: 7 Proven Ways to Improve B2B Email Marketing Strategy)

Nurturing generated leads

Most times, email users will download a certain type of content from your website. As a wise marketer, use this as the key to gaining leads. So, provide them with an option to subscribe to your emails for the content as and when they try to download any piece of content. So, this way you will be able to add records of contact information to your database and can convert them into leads. Prepare an email lead nurturing campaign to encourage a prospect to pass through your sales funnel successfully without any hindrance. So, what should this kind of campaign comprise? Let us run you through the major ones here:

There are basically 3 type of lead nurturing emails practices, each with a Call-to-Action tab for an offer applicable to the content meant to be downloaded content:

  • Beginning of the funnel

So, here you already have a lead, but you are not yet sure that will purchase your product. So, inform your lead with relevant information to analyze his or her curiosity towards your business. You can include a free resource to other information besides sharing your blog.

  • Midpoint of the funnel

Build thought leadership by educating your lead how your firm has been able to provide solutions to different problems faced by companies similar to your lead. Provide a customer case study demonstrating data that supports your case.

  • End of the funnel

Impress your lead with exclusive services like a first free trial, free consultation or assessment, etc. Make sure you promote your services in a manner that shows why your leads should consider purchasing them and what benefits your services can provide that your leads do not have at the moment.

Are you looking forward to a great email marketing experience? Email Data Group brings to your table 100% accurate b2b email lists, of key decision makers of several companies, segmented as per industry and geographical segments. If you ready for real-time targeted email marketing, we are ready with our email addresses for you.

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CRM: Technology that Connects Businesses

Whether it is keeping records of customer queries or closed sales or open deals or customer reviews, CRM software can be used to it best potential. Companies that supply services in big volumes to consumers need customer relationship management technology. With CRM software, business firms can contact clients from different geographies. So what are the features of common CRM software? Let us get a glance at them here:

CRM software

Automation of Sales

Any recent version of a CRM software will help the sales team in making reports on and scheduling activities. Any day-to-day business activity can be scheduled through the CRM software. For instance, set time for the meetings, creating quotes, and  helps to arrange pre-sales and sales cycle activities. The easily useable dashboards help users to prepare reports that give an n all-inclusive view of customer data, sales and customer feedback information. Leverage the opportunities by analyzing business forecasts.

Marketing Plan Streamlining

With the CRM software in place, you can collate the data, the information and the resources required to build, identify, evaluate and manage marketing decisions that will make your customer service more value-added. Just like OnContact, there is Salesforce CRM that very popular across the globe and helps you to develop integrated, dynamic marketing campaigns and also to analyze their results.

Marketing Automation for better business acquisition

CRM software can be used to automate email campaigns (Also read: 5 Recipes to Adopt Marketing Automation) and workflow, while help to process leads and track website visits. So, your sales pipeline will have all the work automated by the CRM technology to give your campaigns better conversions and higher returns.

Contact Center Portal

CRM software begins collecting data of call scripting, helps users to integrate CTI and manage calling queues. This functionality offers the tools your business may need to guarantee all of your customers and prospects engagements are managed accurately.

CRM for Mobile

With CRM technology in your mobile devices, you will able to access business data anytime and anywhere. Starting from smartphones or tablets, the mobile CRM apps offer easy and quick access to data irrespective of your current location. So, staying in touch with your customers becomes both time and cost-effective way.

Integration of QuickBooks

If you want a seamless integration of accounting and CRM data, use CRM QuickBooks integration to access financial information of your customers in real-time. Check customers’ current balance, purchase history, status, etc.

Tools for Customization

CRM Software, with customization features, makes every business process unique. Easily adaptable screens, fields and tabs can be included, modified or deleted to suit your workflow needs. Given these features being present in the latest upgrades of most CRM software, every company and industry sector can build and maintain productive relationships with prospects and clients.

Do you have CRM software that can help firms develop the best customer relationship practices? Then you should get in touch with the key decision makers to explore market and industry segments. What will help you in real-time b2b marketing? Email Data Group’s tele-verified and accurate CRM users email addresses list that amplify email marketing strategies.

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5 Recent Trends In Email Marketing That You Must Follow

Let’s not get into the controversy of how Donald Trump became president of the United State of America and what are the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of his political strategies. Let’s be as apolitical as a smart marketer should be (*wink*). But do you remember the iconic campaigns conducted by Barack Obama? His email campaigns used to have the most unusual subject lines like “hey”, “My best friend”, “I will never stop you fighting”, “Say you are with me” and many more. These “made-to-click” subject lines are so personalized that the email users immediately feel connected with the messages and guess what- the ‘click’ just happens! Such conversational way of putting the statement and using catchy subject lines are the inevitable reasons behind successful email marketing- so that fashion is still on. Let’s look at the other email marketing trends that the digital marketers should definitely be aware of.

Email-Marketing Trends

  • Not just Content- but the Context too

The necessity and effectiveness of content marketing is undeniable. But that’s not enough! In order to increase brand awareness, you need to be an expert in context marketing– which is the combination of both arts and science of delivering the right content to the right potential customers at the right time.

  • Don’t make it too personalized

Surprised? But this is the recent trend! With the overuse of personalized marketing email you may lose the interest from your subscribers’ end. Maintaining the tone in your overall email is fine- but try to keep it professional too, especially if you are a b2b marketer.

3) Keep your content limited

The field of email marketing is gradually changing. In this fast paced world and in the era of advanced communication technology usage, no one has time to stand back just to reach your marketing message. As per a recent study, 66% emails are usually opened in mobile devices. Your marketing email should not be a cluster of contents. Otherwise these vast section of mobile users within your targeted market would rather prefer to ignore your long email than putting extra effort and their time to read it. This is why, present marketing experts are suggesting to keep business email smart, graphical and quickly understandable . And of course, make it mobile-friendly!

4) Use of animated gifs

Who doesn’t love the funny, weird “gif break” while reading a content? So, gifs are in! Some of the best global companies are using interesting gifs in their marketing emails while presenting important statistics and data. Several global marketers have agreed to the fact that using animated gifs have enormously increased their open rate.

  • The practice of Eye-tracking

With the constant advancement in communication technology, contemporary business marketers are targeting wider range of market through their campaigns. In order to avoid decrease in open rate, presently expert marketers are preferring the practice of eye tracking. Using this procedure, marketers are being able to track the specific areas of their email message which are anchoring attention of their subscribers. This process is helping them to identify the “areas of interest” of the targeted customers and plan the email campaigns accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and use these latest email marketing trends to engage your global target audience and conquer the market! If you need help from the experts, Email Data Group has dedicated and experienced team of email marketing professionals who can help you to get better audience engagement by offering you the best possible email marketing strategy, marketing services and responsive business email database. Request a free quote today!

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