5 Recent Trends In Email Marketing That You Must Follow

Let’s not get into the controversy of how Donald Trump became president of the United State of America and what are the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of his political strategies. Let’s be as apolitical as a smart marketer should be (*wink*). But do you remember the iconic campaigns conducted by Barack Obama? His email campaigns used to have the most unusual subject lines like “hey”, “My best friend”, “I will never stop you fighting”, “Say you are with me” and many more. These “made-to-click” subject lines are so personalized that the email users immediately feel connected with the messages and guess what- the ‘click’ just happens! Such conversational way of putting the statement and using catchy subject lines are the inevitable reasons behind successful email marketing- so that fashion is still on. Let’s look at the other email marketing trends that the digital marketers should definitely be aware of.

Email-Marketing Trends

  • Not just Content- but the Context too

The necessity and effectiveness of content marketing is undeniable. But that’s not enough! In order to increase brand awareness, you need to be an expert in context marketing– which is the combination of both arts and science of delivering the right content to the right potential customers at the right time.

  • Don’t make it too personalized

Surprised? But this is the recent trend! With the overuse of personalized marketing email you may lose the interest from your subscribers’ end. Maintaining the tone in your overall email is fine- but try to keep it professional too, especially if you are a b2b marketer.

3) Keep your content limited

The field of email marketing is gradually changing. In this fast paced world and in the era of advanced communication technology usage, no one has time to stand back just to reach your marketing message. As per a recent study, 66% emails are usually opened in mobile devices. Your marketing email should not be a cluster of contents. Otherwise these vast section of mobile users within your targeted market would rather prefer to ignore your long email than putting extra effort and their time to read it. This is why, present marketing experts are suggesting to keep business email smart, graphical and quickly understandable . And of course, make it mobile-friendly!

4) Use of animated gifs

Who doesn’t love the funny, weird “gif break” while reading a content? So, gifs are in! Some of the best global companies are using interesting gifs in their marketing emails while presenting important statistics and data. Several global marketers have agreed to the fact that using animated gifs have enormously increased their open rate.

  • The practice of Eye-tracking

With the constant advancement in communication technology, contemporary business marketers are targeting wider range of market through their campaigns. In order to avoid decrease in open rate, presently expert marketers are preferring the practice of eye tracking. Using this procedure, marketers are being able to track the specific areas of their email message which are anchoring attention of their subscribers. This process is helping them to identify the “areas of interest” of the targeted customers and plan the email campaigns accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and use these latest email marketing trends to engage your global target audience and conquer the market! If you need help from the experts, Email Data Group has dedicated and experienced team of email marketing professionals who can help you to get better audience engagement by offering you the best possible email marketing strategy, marketing services and responsive business email database. Request a free quote today!

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Posted By Judy Parson on March 22, 2017

5 Kinds of Email Addresses to be Removed from B2B Email Lists

Business Email List

What is the most scary thing about an email list to you? Perhaps you know it by now. The depreciation of the validity of email addresses in a b2b email list with passing time is a matter of concern to marketers than anything else. Business prospects and customers are who help to enhance your business possibilities and revenue you draw in from new business acquisitions is what matters at the end of every marketing program. Emails being the best marketing platform allowing in-person b2b communication, need the help of up-to-date and opted-in business email addresses. So, have you been able to identify the types of email addresses that you should remove from your business email lists? If you have not yet, let us help you run through 5 most prominent types that you should get rid of as soon as possible:

  • Duplicate Entries

These are entries that will strike you in the very first step of the email data verification process. Having said that, please monitor whether your CRM deduplicates every subscriber list. De-duplicating an email list is useful since email addresses are the most unique contact data. During this process, it is necessary that you check whether every email address is highly responsive and 100% permission-based. Even unsubscribes should be scrubbed off from your email list as per the Can-Spam Act. And, if you want to fresh buy b2b email lists from an b2b email data provider, make sure the provider has the right measures to prove that the lists can be put to immediate marketing use.

  • Non Opted-in email addresses

Possibilities of a few contacts not willing to opt-in to your email newsletters are always there. To keep such contacts in your business email marketing list is not something we encourage marketers to do. The reason being purchased lists may have email addresses that are outdated or that the contacts may not want to use to receive marketing emails. In such cases, your emails to them may straight reach the spam folder or in the worst scenario your IP address may get blocked by your ISP and the server, resulting in zero deliverables. So, in order to improve your sender reputation, email deliverability rate and CTORs, it is important that you remove email addresses that have not opted-in for emails from you.

  • Generic email addresses

You may have come across generic email addresses and you may also have used alisa email addresses to send emails to customers and buyers for feedback on a particular purchase, for tracking an order, and for introducing new discounted sale. For instance, an email address such as donotreply@abcz.com or info@helpdesk.com can be considered as a generic one. If you have such email addresses, then be sure your marketing emails will not reach the right recipient and will definitely not yield the result as expected. These are not opted-in email addresses, so better remove them before you end up spending your time and money on campaigns rolled out to such addresses. Your emails deserve to end up in the correct inbox of the target audience and not otherwise.

  • Email Addresses that bounce back mails

Your most reliable email marketing automation software may be the most dependable autoresponder tool for you, however, you need to be cautious of both hard bounces and soft bounces. Sometimes, hard bounces may be because the email addresses are invalid or it may be a blocked email address. Whatever be the reason, make sure this kind of permanent bounce backs should not affect your email list. It is recommended that such email addresses be scrubbed off your b2b email address list as soon as possible. Temporary bounce backs or soft bounces may be because the server and e-mail boxes may be jammed with other emails coming in and vise-versa. Nevertheless, keep a track on the number of soft bounces. If this is something that continues to happen, then delete such email addresses from your b2b email database.

  • Inactive or disengaged email subscribers

According to A/B testing, you can keep a track on the email metrics such as the email open rate and click-through activity of an email recipient. If analytics say that some subscribers have stopped opening or clicking through your business emails, then do not scrub their email addresses from your email list immediately, instead check their past activity record and see when they clicked through your past emails and which particular emails they opened. This will give you an idea on which subscriber list these email addresses should be sorted under. Then arrange for a re-engagement campaign and send them emails with opt-in settings, inquiring them for their feedback. While a few may opt-in for future emails, others may not. You can go ahead and delete the ones that do not opt-in for your tailored emails. Your emails should be catered to your prospects’ interests and needs, without doubt, but remember email list cleansing is important as being marked as spam may harm your sender reputation. The best way to get rid of wrong email addresses is email appending. Play by the game to get your results right!

Older the email address, more may be the propensity to abandon it. As there are chances that email test may result in email bounce back. There may be a possibility that the email recipient may have changed his or her email service provider or may have lost interest in your product or service, and may not just want to opt-in for receiving any further emails from you. Once you are done validating your b2b email marketing lists, segment it on the basis of time of subscription. You also need to check the CTORs, unsubscribe rates or churn rates, and bounce rates of older lists and compare the data with that of your new lists. The old contacts who are as active as your new contacts should not be removed from your b2b email address lists.

Bid goodbye to any part of an email marketing strategy (Also read: 7 Proven Ways to Improve B2B Email Marketing Strategy) that blocks your leads and conversions. Email Data Group’s email database management services help to elevate the quality of your business email database. Get a Quote today!

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5 Recipes to Adopt Marketing Automation

Online marketing makes your campaign deliverability more obvious and timely. Every online marketing message cannot be manually sent by direct marketers who are targeting millions of business prospects. This requires marketing automation software that sends campaigns in real-time to a huge email marketing list of email subscribers. Gleanster reported that in 2016, 77% of the top performing companies CMOs have used marketing automation to get more revenue. But there are 5 pre-requisites for adopting marketing automation. If you take care of them, the marketing automation will increase your sales leads and conversion rates.

Marketing Automation

Let us go through them here on:

Systematically Segment Lists

List segmentation needs list cleansing and management. To make marketing automation successful, it is important that you build a huge contacts list, with responsive contact information. A cold email list can miss-guide your campaigns and yield no results. To get positive results from a sales cycle, you need to run A/B testing on your previous emails and check the email activities and metrics like CTRs and identify which email addresses are more responsive, list such email Ids separately. You can also refer to the email addresses gathered from Newsletters in b2b email marketing strategy and social media page subscriptions.

The another way is to keep your database clean and remove non-responsive email addresses that have opted-out or have requested for ‘do-not-email’. You need to verify all the email addresses in your final database, cleanse, filter and segment as per customer demographics like age, gender, location, industry, SIC Code, buying interests, etc. According to a study by MailChimp, list segmentation can result in 15% more open rate and 59% better click rate.  See that your different lists do not consist of the same email addresses, as that would mean that many of your automated emails will be sent to the same email subscriber.

Use the Apt Content

Most marketing content can be purchased or can be personalized by you. In any case, the   content you use to send campaigns should be able to engage your target business prospects. So, every marketing content should, by default, have a powerful call-to-action like Join Free Today, Get Started, Request Quotes, at the right place to trigger the right response. Not all well-written marketing messages can stir the interest of the recipient. Your content should be able to convert the reader into a buyer. Understand the needs of your audiences and personalize your content accordingly. Different marketing message should be automated for different leads list. The sales cycle will also decide what kind of marketing content will appropriate at a particular time. The series of a sales funnel should comprise:

  1. welcome emails
  2. sales emails
  3. follow-up messages
  4. thank-you emails
  5. Special offers, contest emails, and so on.

With all the ready content you can use the marketing automation to send your campaigns to your niche business prospects. Marketing automation can then help in all the reporting what your content strategy has resulted in. A content strategist can use the marketing automation software to integrate the web content writing strategies with the software.

When in Need of Leads

For a particular list that does not include leads, then you need to drive campaigns with the email addresses from such lists through automation. You have to drive organic traffic through CTA buttons on your landing page that leads to a form page which will make them submit their email address if they want to download either a whitepaper, e-book or a brochure. Then you can send automated emails and responders to the opted-in mail addresses of your leads. Drive automated campaigns to bring along your leads from the beginning of a sales cycle to the end. For this, you need to send personalized event invites, webinars, and trade shows. These ways are great to generate leads through marketing automation.

Set Goals that require Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is not necessary for all marketing programs. But if your marketing goals involve marketing automation, then know that your marketing strategies should use marketing automation in a way that it reaps the required deliverables. Convert more leads to customers with the best b2b email marketing strategies that can be integrated with the marketing automation software tools. A recent market study showed that within a year, 32 % of companies reap higher revenue with the use of marketing automation.

Purchase that serves the purpose

There are many marketing automation software available in the market like MailChimp, AWeber, GoResponse, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, Wigzo, etc. Sort your email lists according to your marketing strategies, if required, with email addresses facilitated by email appending processes. Know what content you want to put up, and then go for a marketing automation tool that seems to fit your budget and meets all your requirements. The changes you bring to your marketing program will bring the difference in the result any marketing automation will yield.

For example, MailChimp charges $10 per month for any growing business in the beginning, which increases as per your marketing needs. So, pay for what you want to get.

Marketing automation can increase your email campaigns efficiency, improve sales, marketing results and bring positive impact on your sales cycle. Know more how marketing automation can accelerate your sales pipeline. Get a free quote today!

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7 Proven Ways to Improve B2B Email Marketing Strategy

When the term business is used, it gets followed by the term ‘sales leads’. Isn’t it? Leads make for future of a business and it all begins with a delivery-driven marketing campaign strategy. When deliverability and marketing come together, we can think of email at the very instance. Email marketing has over the years proven itself as the highest lead generating marketing platform. A Salesforce State of Marketing report stated that 73% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as a factor behind their growing business.

Most marketers get worried about their email campaigns not delivering required results. Though email does not require too much creativity, it certainly does need to be equipped with a few elements that catch the eye of the recipient. So, for example,  if you send an email that has a full-page wide logo right on top of your message, along with other logos or icons, it can cause spam filters. A befitting and clear message and not just a sales pitch can trigger high click-through rates.

There is no denying the effectiveness of social media, television, phone and direct mail marketing systems, but if you want to save on marketing while drive campaigns through an eco-friendly platform, then it is the email that we recommend to you. An email marketing service provider can attract and engage business prospects through seven simple techniques:

email marketing strategy

Plan Campaign Strategy

Define your email marketing objectives and the key metrics of the campaign that you want to analyze throughout the process. Collect and analyze last campaign’s results and do your email campaign planning accordingly. Plan the promotion duration and the number of activities that you want to include within that time-slot. Use the email subject based on the product, the recipient, the location and the interaction phase the email recipient belongs to (Note: a welcome email is different from purchase reminder email).

Write Best Subject Line

If you have decided on the main theme of the campaign, then your subject line should be able to convey that clearly. If it is an email campaign that needs to showcase all the benefits of your products can render, then email subject line could be like – Andrew, want to know how ‘our product’ cleans your furniture? Let the feel and the tone” of the subject line be as responsive as your email content.

Content Marketing

Translate necessary information into a precise, easy-to-understand format. Highlight main points in bold bright colors. The template should be in accordance with the subject line and message. Write high-impact email message that is theme-based and audience-centric. You would agree that the same theme can be used to target a VP and a CFO at the same time, but the subject line and the message content should be personalized as per the recipient’s role in his or her company. Targeting the benefits over features can help your campaign look less like a sales one and more like an informative one. Understand what could be a prospect’s pain points and keep your competitors in mind. So, it is now, when you can attach a whitepaper or research paper to clarify your  point.

Increase CTR

When marketers say ‘CTR’ (click-through rate), they mean that it will lead to high rate of purchases. So, just as links to whitepapers, Youtube videos and events invite generate high CTRs, a link to CTA (call-to-action) also yields high CTORs. So, why should someone engage with you? Yes, to no only read and know about your company, but also register to make purchases. So, how else can our business emails earn more open and click-through rates?- Through social media linked tabs and buttons attached to them. This gives your prospect a free peep into your social media presence and activities.

Promotional Codes and Discounts

Is your marketing campaign detailing your email recipients about the discounts and coupons? If not, then emails with coupon codes and discounts will not only increase open rate and click-through rate but will also lead them into purchasing an item they might have otherwise not been interested to buy all this while. When you mention- ”coupon code (…..) valid till …..’. Hurry to apply” in your email’s subject line, automatically you will get a huge number of open rates on that email. 60% of your email recipients will make purchases using that coupon code.

Email Signature Power

Your email signature is what you as an email sender represent on behalf of your company. An email signature talks a lot about you and your firm through a short information that is automatically added to your ready to-be-sent email as the last few lines. You may consider this signature as your online business card which can get you many call backs from your prospects.

Social Media and Email Integration Strategy

As you can promote the social media profiles of your brand in your emails, so you can encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your email newsletters. Most marketers take help of Twitter Cards that allow Twitter members to sign up for their b2b emails. Moz provides a sign-up option to Twitter followers, which provides them access to emails providing Moz Top 10 articles. Even, a Facebook page can be used to promote email lists subscription forms.

So, by now you must be sure of what you need to use, add or discard while composing an email. While other channels of marketing are in form to make your presence more widespread, email makes your presence felt by the niche markets and target clients. Applying these few techniques will surely improve your business email list and along side help, sales lead generation too.

A Successful email campaign starts with having validate data about your customers. From business email list to appending services, Email Data Group gives you complete marketing insights. Request a Quote today!

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4 Tips to make your Halloween Email Campaigns a Success!

Who doesn’t love a holiday weekend? Especially, an American! Happiness is when you get a reason to have a lovely weekend at the beach, watch the parade, have a barbecue session or just take a break! However, there’s something Americans are madly in love with- purchasing things which they don’t really need solely because the price is right!

Summer may possibly be over. However, one of the biggest weekend sales is here!

Here’s a note for the retailers and marketers – it’s your biggest opportunity to give it all before winter holidays arrive and everyone gets all lazy. October 31st and it is Halloween! Now that’s reason enough to gear up to don’t you think? Marketers across the United States are probably working on their email campaigns and marketing strategies to ensure that they can make the most from this opportunity. So make sure that you too are doing something about it.

halloween email campaigns

Here are four quick tips to be successful with your Halloween email campaigns!

How well can you play with your subject line?

Wants your email campaign to be successful? Here’s the key- the subject of the mail. “Halloween sales”, “best Halloween deals”, and “Halloween Savings” are the most commonly used subject lines for Halloween email campaigns. Think from the recipient’s point of view- would you want to open an email with a worthless subject? NO! When emails like these hit the inbox, all a person will do is ignore it. In certain cases, it will directly hit the junk mail. Remember, as a marketer though sales and profit are your ultimate goal, you will have to begin by engaging the audience and luring them with your offer. If you, as a sender do not make it a point to make the recipients gain evidence in the subject line that it will benefit them, good luck to the success of your email campaign! Also, it’s actually a good idea to include words like “Halloween” in the subject line. It informs the reader at the first go. Be creative and to-the-point. The idea is not to be mainstream. So work on that subject line first!

Send your emails just-in-time to make the holiday worthwhile

If you own a travel agency, restaurant or hotel, now’s the time to have that email blast! Make it a point to market your product, (for instance, hotel rooms in Bali) very evident. Be bold with colors, add pictures that will make them dream, and deals that will tempt them to take action. Remember, the attention span of people is diminishing – and as a marketer, you have very little time to earn their trust. Point being, market your product using videos, pictures, and past experiences. This makes the recipient feel like he’s already falling in love with your product. A last minute deal is always wanted, so, here’s your chance to seal the deal!

Hosting a special deal or sale? Please do so.

Ideally, you must start sending out your offers sometime in October beginning if you want to reach a wider audience base! There are two kinds of people- the kind that makes plans way before the actual day. The other kind is the kind which is very spontaneous. Probably, that set of people will book their hotel room, for instance, the day they check into the hotel. Point being, send out emails days prior to the actual event as well. That way, the awareness will increase and you never know who feels like taking up your offer and when! The idea is to understand the way your customer behaves and acts. But wait! Don’t make the mistake of sending the initial e-mailer and stopping at that. It has to be an ongoing act. So put on your thinking caps and keep the conversation about your Halloween Sale and deal ongoing.

What about the body of the mail?

When a recipient opens the email that’s when you will have to do all that it takes to convert him/her into a customer. Your email should be like a breath of fresh air – almost like giving to its readers exactly what they need. Try highlighting the key points in your mailer – simply because you want to grab their attention to those. For instance, talk about an ongoing offer or discount, probably some freebies or referral program and so on. This will make the prime content reach the recipient’s mind and make an impact on him or her.

All I want to say to my readers is that, think what you would possibly want to read in a Halloween email. Would you want it to be dull, mundane and stereotype with minimal value addition? Or would you want it to be an email where you would want to wonder about and be a part of it?

Get the data you need to reach your prospects through Halloween campaigns. Try Email Data Group’ free offers today and make a fruitful engagement.

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