How to Obtain the List of all CFO Emails from LinkedIn

The CFO (Chief financial officer) email list is one of the primary sources for launching effective and result-oriented targeted marketing campaigns. A well-segmented and error-free CFO email list can bring a lot of benefits to your business including networking opportunities with CFOs across the world, can be used for marketing and lead generation process, cross-selling upselling opportunities, etc.

However, building an efficient CFO email list can be a time-consuming process and requires various strategies to gather the CFO emails across states and countries. One strategy to build a CFO email list is through LinkedIn.

Below are the details about building a CFO email list using LinkedIn and other ways:

1. LinkedIn Profile

One of the easiest ways to obtain the email addresses of CFOs is to check their LinkedIn profile manually. Look for CFO on the LinkedIn and send them a connection request. Once they accept your connection, check the CFO profile manually and the contact information will be located below the description of their profile picture. Likewise, by visiting each of the profiles, you can collect CFO email addresses.

2. Export contact details from first-degree connections

 Building a CFO mailing list using LinkedIn is a time-consuming manual process. Find all the accounts of the CFOs and send them the connection requests. Start sending connections before starting your lead generation process.

Once your connection count grows and reaches your target for building an email list, export all the connection details. In this process some profiles might have their information displayed and some profiles will not. However, follow the below steps to export first-degree connections.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to your profile, and click on the dropdown menu
  3. Click on “settings & privacy”.
  4. Navigate and click on the data privacy bar
  5. Under “How LinkedIn Uses your Data”, “click on Get a copy of your data”
  6. Choose and tick your preferences and click on “Request Archive”
  7. Once the archive is ready, LinkedIn will notify you with an email along with the link to download your data (Compressed ZIP format)
  8. Download your archive and extract the content from the ZIP file
  9. After extracting the data, look for a CSV (comma-separated values) file that contains your connections data including name, LinkedIn profile URLs, email addresses, and more.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription offered by LinkedIn. Sales professionals, marketers, and business development managers can leverage this specialized and tailored LinkedIn account for the process of lead generation, prospecting, and building relationships with potential prospects.

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator account that helps to create a CFO mailing list.

  • Advanced search and filter capabilities: LinkedIn sales navigator’s features help you to search CFO email addresses using various filters like location, job title, industry, etc. This helps to find highly targeted CFO LinkedIn accounts.
  • Leads and account management: Users can save the accounts of their prospective leads and can keep track of the activities of leads and saved CFO connections using the LinkedIn sales navigator. Also, one can add custom notes and tags to the saved connections to receive updates.
  •  Inmail Credits: LinkedIn sales navigator provides monthly Inmail credits to send messages to the people you are not connected with. Users can make use of this feature to build a CFO mailing list by directly messaging all potential leads.

4. Use external email finder tools 

 Marketers can leverage external email finder tools to collect CFO mailing lists for their lead-generation process. Some email tools provide browser extensions and you can easily integrate it with LinkedIn to extract the CFO email addresses.

However, before using the email finder tool to build a CFO mailing list, make sure that the email finder tool you have chosen complies with LinkedIn’s terms of service.

Other ways to build a CFO email list

Email data Providers

Using LinkedIn to connect with prospective CFOs is a great idea but building an email list out of LinkedIn is also a time-taking process if your requirement is huge. Some of the other ways to build a huge CFO mailing list are below:

Professional database vendors

Professional database vendors provide a high-quality segmented CFO email list within a short period. Professional database vendors utilize GDPR and other regulations to stay compliant with privacy policies and collect the data in ethical ways.

Leveraging email marketing, and using other manual strategies will demand huge effort and time of your resources. It requires an in-house team to create an efficient and large CFO email list. However, choosing database vendors is one of the easiest, fastest ways to get your CFO’s email database to initiate your marketing activities.


LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to network with your potential leads and it can be used effectively if you want to plan marketing activities targeting your existing connections.

If you want to create small one-time, seasonal campaigns, you can build a chief accounting officer email list from LinkedIn using the above ways. However, it solely depends on the time and resources you own.