Top 5 Reasons to Buy Technology User List

Most marketers thrive on big technology user list , but how many of us can capture the real value out of it?

Suppose, you have started a page where you and your customers can lend / rent each others mobile sets. Each time your customers borrow, your website tracks the information as to what mobile set, who is the original owner, how many times borrowed or leased. Your site adds info pages about your added customers, their whereabouts. While some customers sign up, others just hover your webpage, showing signs of little or no interest at all.  But each time your gadget changes hands, you get an email update to refresh your customer information website.

How will you identify your target customer out of the vast repository of database?

Incase you are confused, embark on the competitive advantages of a database user list.

•  Storing a repository of customer-data-in /-data-out

•  Handling multiple transactions to offer scalable reports

•  Finding the exact customer prospect with segmented data

•  Expanding customer reach with hundreds of prospects

•  Add, delete, update or retrieve information as and when you need

Whether on premises or in cloud, databases stale out often with changing customer base. This creates confusion to pinpoint the right customer that matches your  businesss objective. Greater the database grows, chances of  customer outreach goes higher. There are situations where your quality user list might seem too small to make an impact on marketing opportunities. Buying technology user list that shares the same properties or attributes can offer great priveleges and opportunities of double-edged communication between customers  and vendors. This is how it works.

The result

For customers– customized data that matches consumer behaviors, purchasing patterns, to aid customer engagement resulting in increased sales

For vendors– one centralized database with verified and segmented data assets; single customer view (SCV) of data to drive business decisions

Net benefit:  No confusion about “who is my target customer?
[Customer data  equated with the right business objective with  no extra efforts and time in collating data]

Whichever strategy you adopt to connect to your business prospect (email marketing, telecalling, direct mailing etc.), it is the list quality that matters! This tutorial intends to help you find best solution that can open future possibilities of using customer databases.

Get recipients from specific segment

Not every list provider can offer you with the right prospect list. Segmented business lists are specific customers belonging to demographic and behavioral categories. Getting a targeted customer database can offer greater chances to generate warmer leads with just little effort.  It is a mere waste of assets if your database is filled with prospects that are not interested in your promotional offers.

Acquire brand repute

There’s lot more that an opt-in or opt-out email address can do in securing the future of email campaign deliverability. An IP reputation is the result of years of dedicated efforts. You can’t afford to compromise on email results without a legitimate contact database list. An opted-in list is usually permission based that keeps unethical, spammy mails at the bay.

Accurate data scores big!

higher the accuracy rate of your business prospect information, greater are the chances of winning business deals. With removal of duplicate data and addition of missing information within customer database, chances of your email getting delivered to the right recipient’s inbox goes higher. Apparently, it also brings down the turnaround time of customer profiles.

Turning data into decision-making insight

Data is meaningless unless it drives decisions. Running the right analytics can offer insights to influence customers’ decision-making process. In B2B sphere, customers are smart enough to make enough researches about existing brand and services. Ensure that your analytic data is correct and in best order to drive decision-making.

Trusted database vendor

With increasing number of lead generating vendors selling technology contact list, do not blindly rely on companies that claims to provide email list based on 100 % statistical research. While statistical results are likely to vary, ask companies to offer you free samples of data appending file  before going ahead with their services. Once you get the right value of your data; it’s easy to locate your trusted data source vendor.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.