LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy in 2021

LinkedIn lead generation strategy has become a hot topic everywhere. But, wait. Do you know where to begin from and where to end? No? Do not worry, you have landed at the correct station.

LinkedIn, in a very short span of time, has become a really crucial platform. From being both a casual and as well as professional networking site for teens, it has made its way to become the world’s biggest and the best network for professionals.

LinkedIn, which has recently become more of a marketplace, is a social network that targets and focuses on career development and professional networking. Here, B2B Data professionals, from all over the world, connect with each other. This is the reason why it has become the latest attraction spot in the whole world. Here, you get to find top quality leads.

Do you want to know why it is becoming the hotspot for every

B2B professional out there and also why you should start using it?

Well, first of all, you have to know that more than 20% of the total number of LinkedIn users have the power of buying. That makes it, more than 40 million decision-makers and the senior-level influencers count reaches up to 61 million. Your business can connect all of it, that is stated above!

Second, more than 600 million users in total, use LinkedIn. Half of this total number uses LinkedIn every month. And also, half of that, almost 43% are regular users. Literally, you have a very lengthy list of potential prospects, with whom you can connect and engage every day.

Finally, third, it serves as one of the best places for the generation of leads. It was found that nearly 80% of all B2B leads generated from different social media came through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the seven wonders of the world. To travel here, you need to amplify your LinkedIn lead generation strategy. There are, hundreds and thousands of strategies that promise to be extremely helpful and efficient, but actually, the secret ingredient is absent.

Since LinkedIn is growing quickly every day, it makes its stage really competitive. We, here at Email Data Group, are going to bring forward to you the best LinkedIn lead generation strategies. You can select the one that best suits you and your business, by doing some digging and applying other methods.

Here are the top LinkedIn lead generation strategies!


Honestly, the saying, “do not judge a book by its cover” does not work here. You obviously need to do that, at the very first step. Just like the book, a professional is also judged by his or her LinkedIn profile.

Your profile needs to be optimised, for the success of your LinkedIn lead generation strategy. If you are using your own account and profile, you need to optimise it, obviously. And if you are using your company’s profile, still you need to optimise it because you have to represent your brand and also behave very professionally.

It is always better if you fill in more information on your LinkedIn profile.
● A professional headshot
● A cover image that is of good quality and boldly shows your brand and your company.
● Define the area that you and your company expertise at.


There are loads and tons of decision-makers swimming in LinkedIn. But, the ultimate LinkedIn lead generation strategy is that one that fulfils the requirements, needs, wants and goals of the company. Looking for the perfect one among thousands will cost a heavy amount of energy as well as your precious time. And to get yourself rescued from this, you need to set your ideal customer profile, i.e, ICP, and then look for suitable decision-makers that are perfect for your company and your customers.

When you are done with ICP, all you need to do is start looking into LinkedIn to find top leads.


In or about 2000 characters, write all about yourself, your skills, your talents, your experiences and results, EVERYTHING!
But remember, do not just list down your achievements like a goods list, because you need to save that for later.

Consider this section like the exact situation when you go for your interview. This section is where you need to impress your lead and make them interested in you.

If you mention a few keywords in your “About”, then it will attract more leads while performing an organic search.

You will get an “experience” section when you scroll down. Put down all your experiences here and you can leave out that part of your time when you worked in a bookstore, dusting books.

The “recommendations and skills section” is a very important part of your profile setup. This part of the profile exists for you to make your leads understand that you are the golden egg. So, smartly and correctly, write down your skills and do not be shy or afraid to ask for recommendations.


For a good LinkedIn lead generation strategy, you need to concentrate on your content sharing and distribution. LinkedIn is a very potent place to find leads using content creation.

Your content will be used here to drive more interest and initiate engagement. Posting creative content will help you build your inbound strategies, where you will be able to attract leads, who are interested in your offerings.

Just like posts made on Instagram or Facebook, where you can post about something and attach links with it or write about it, here, in LinkedIn, you can get a lot of engagements through likes, shares, comments, and many more such activities.

You can also attach your profile link, where the leads can click and directly reach your company’s landing page or any other page where you want them to visit.


“Analytics” is not a very favourite subject or topic for most of the salespeople out there, and hence, they tend to stay far from it. But, believe it or not, analytics is a marvellous component of your LinkedIn lead generation strategy. If you want to create content that will draw in leads, then you need to know the type of content that actually works and the one that does not.

So, now you know our best LinkedIn lead generation strategies, and it is your time, right now, to start working on them. Just make sure that the content that you are posting contains and also represents the name of your company and your LinkedIn lead generation strategy should also target and focus on adding value to your leads and present or future customers.

Do not just stick to what we have stated above, because, again, select the one that suits your requirements and needs. No head out to have some fun time!

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.