Have you tried LinkedIn to connect with ideal customers?

Connecting with people on Linkedin is for serious business and involves a precise content strategy. It is a markedly separate platform which offers opportunities to tap ideal customers. But this point has been overlooked by some managers who have missed the targets. One apparent reason is the failure to identify the correct prospects without knowing who would require services provided by the seller.

 If a content strategy needs to click on this business platform, then the approach has to be unique. It offers genuine contenders compared to other networking sites.

 Make Linkedin marketing work

 There are millions of ceos, thought leaders and decision makers who can be your prospects. They may not be a part of the dedicated email marketing database. Nor will they all be compatible with your portfolio or bouquet of services. There are several links; multi-layered with direct or 2nd and 3rd connections – all vying for attention on Linkedin. Some of your rivals may have already sourced leads via the platform. This post could connect the dots to make fruitful links.

A survey indicates various reasons why the professional platform works for diverse marketers.

 Expanding sales begins with setting up a business page for potential customers to visit. It should have information about the company, brands and how your team has been aiding people to get solutions.

PS: it should not have relation to direct selling.

Time to connect with ideal customers

 Linkedin helps in building the ideal customer profile and offers lead generation. Start with a content strategy to engage clients providing information on the company page. Design a profile that simply offers compelling content on what you do and your brands. If it is indulging in advertising, you are missing the link. Display content that pulls people to know more about the company. It should prompt them to visit the website. Generate a concise headline to evoke interest. Consider this information as your ideal profile to connect to ideal customers!

Shaking hands online

Once the content has generated interest, explore the profiles of prospects who have taken an interest in your company. Simple engagement is enough to maintain their interest and make them a part of your responsive email database.

If you are directly in touch, forward an email request. If they belong to another connection, you can get features from LinkedIn. It will support in creating the right ICP template.

Make alternative drafts considering different industry verticals and connections are listed on the business platform. They offer data enrichment and engage prospective clients based on the present profiles with following minders.

  1. Establish connections on the desktop and not cell phone browsers.
  2. Join active groups where you can connect with the ideal prospects.
  3. Carry out research on the connections you think fit your business, before shooting out emails or sending requests.
  4. Avoid getting spammed by controlling the number of requests.
  5. Invite high-profile people to connect.

Hopefully, these points will encourage you to attract the desired attention and increase business prospects.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.