Lead Mining: Strategies That Work For You

Lead generation is an important facet of any company’s marketing strategy. A lead converts into a sale only if there is a strategy in place. Lead generation can be done in many ways. It has been proven over time that a multi pronged strategy is the best method. There are various steps involved in the […]

Amy John / June 30, 2015

How to score customer relationships, not mere targets!

Typical conversation scenario between marketing and sales: “Marketing team: We are generating leads but you sales guys are not closing Sales team: You are delivering wasteful leads; that is why we are not selling” Leads left behind! – Wherein lays the gap? Are marketing and sales teams missing the mark? One answer: Qualification criterion! With […]

Amy John / June 17, 2015

Three Surefire Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

For every dollar spent on it, an Email brought in $40.56 in 2014 According to survey by DMA, email has outnumbered other online marketing channels by a large margin and emerged as the most profitable marketing strategy. With a many emails addresses and lack of strategy is getting it difficult to meet your ROI? You […]

Amy John / June 8, 2015

5 Stage Checklist for a Flawless Email Marketing Campaign

Universal Checklist Are links in place and do all of them lead visitors to the right landing page? Is your call to action clear and precise? Is the click through process ready to be tracked to the last stage? Is the timing of the email optimized? Is there a referral click and ‘send to friend’ […]

Amy John / June 3, 2015