Pay Per Click

Use Pay-per-click Campaigns to make your business click.

When someone types in a relevant keyword, are your pages visible without having to scroll down?
May be you’ve already tried Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but are they generating much ROI?

To make your Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns click, you need to know –

  • Who are in your target market
  • What your ad has to accomplish
  • Where to your website you want your visitors directed
  • What they should do once they are there
  • The defined value of a desired call-to-action
  • Your budget

Email Data Group makes your PPC Campaigns click-worthy because:

You get original content - Breaking away from writing rules can cause fantastic results

We have scope for experiment - Test your ads, retain them, and retest what’s been failing

Solid analysis - Improve your ROI through analysis and reduce maintenance requirements

Go mobile, go social - Get device-agnostic ads and landing pages (social media is great for generating leads)

Research your target market,

Implement organized campaign plans.

Optimize campaigns by having them analyzed and measured!

Contact us at 800-710-4895 or Email us at and get into a habit of winning.

Email Data Group has been great to work with. We received a very thorough contact list and received it quickly...

Mr.Brain Wolfcale
Brian Wolfcale
Marketing Director

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