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Fax Appending

Fax Appends- Exhilarating business customer relationship

Fax has been in existence for over 50 years, and the first modern fax machine was launched by the Xerox Corporation. Fax machines are inter-related by telephone lines. The fax of a written information is sent to the addressee, which is digitally reproduced on a paper in the addressee's fax machine. Fax is a tool that helps real-time communication between two parties, without delaying the process nor demanding extra investment.

Direct mails and emails might reach your prospective customers, but they might just remain idle in their mail boxes and inboxes and hence, it is important that you use a system that sends promotional letters to potential customers directly. Fax (abbreviated form of facsimile) is also termed as telephoning or telefax.

To keep every marketer in close association with their prospective clients or consumers, we at Email Data Group have introduced our fax append service, that allows addition of accurate fax numbers to your existing database. Fax marketing is generally considered a business communication tool. Sending infographics and graphical presentations of beneficial products and services is made easy through right fax numbers appended by our data append teams.

Append fax numbers for responsive and accurate marketing

Among multichannel marketing platforms, fax is the most interesting and delivery-driven marketing channel. Any other form of direct document transfer needs the sender to cover the physical address of the recipient along with the document. Without depending on any messenger service or other costly courier service, marketers can send instant messages to their clients or consumers. Business Fax Append provides relevant and up-to-date business fax data for targeted marketing. Some of the advantages of fax marketing are:

  • A fax machine provides scope for scanned printed form of product information, customized to users' preference and this kind of message transfer is both rapid and cost-effective
  • Proof of sending a fax always remains with the sender as a receipt which proves that the message has been sent successfully, and this can be used as a document in a court of law
  • Fax machines serve as source for accurate written information transmission to any place within or outside known geographies

Fax append service for highly deliverable business fax numbers

At Email Data Group, we update your database with accurate fax numbers that were missing, by matching the contact name and address of every record in your database with our in-house b2b database. Our exclusive B2B fax appending helps you in easing your fax marketing procedures by:

  • Getting rid of invalid fax numbers
  • Completing your database
  • Providing verified fax numbers of millions of businesses and professionals
  • Making your database capable of diversified marketing to tap new businesses

Our Fax Appending Services conditions your fax marketing strategies

A reliable data append partner helps to condition a fax marketing strategy through its suitable business fax appending services. To help you in rolling out direct campaigns through fax without any hindrance, Email Data Group provides appended fax numbers. Take a look at the significance of this service to foster your fax campaigns:

  • Get over 35% match rate on b2b fax numbers appended to your database
  • With complete and correct fax numbers send both opt-in and opt-out messages
  • Shrink overhead marketing costs by rolling out bulk fax campaigns
  • Our fax number appending provides up-to-date fax data for on-time business messages
  • Go global with your offerings by covering international markets through fax messaging

To expand your business with international customers, get their recent fax numbers updated through our unique b2b fax append. At Email Data Group, we take pride in serving our clients with utmost precision, so take the first step towards us through a phone call @ 800-710-4895.

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Your company is the only one that contacted me that included actual email address in the sample append that was sent back – really proof that we knew what we were going to be paying for...

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