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Email Appending

By hiring Email Data Group, you get Data Appending service, which will populate your prospect and customer database with vital information, and thus enable quick growth for your business. Choose from a range of our Marketing Services, and use any communication technique with confidence once you have an Appended Email Database.

Email Lists

Email Lists

Email Data Group’s experiment with Data Appending, spanning across a decade and various industries, proved that we can cater to any specific B2B requirement. That is why our Email Lists are effective – not only for sending emails, but also for planning website content, marketing collaterals, and blog posts, where you usually direct your “subscribers”.

Email Campaigns

Tele Verification

As a leading provider of email marketing services, Email Data Group provides quality data and enrichment services. We are aware that any data on a database does not hold good forever. Customer data is volatile - it deteriorates up to 3% per month. If false data remains unchecked, it causes errors when your business applications use it. To avoid this, our data specialists update and append fresh data to our database.


Email Data Group has been great to work with. We received a very thorough contact list and received it quickly...

Mr.Brain Wolfcale
Brian Wolfcale
Marketing Director
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