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Contact Appending

Contact Append-Your guide to quick and highly responsive client engagement

To enhance your contact base with profitable business contacts is what every marketer aims for. The basic need is for a verified customer contact database. If your business database is becoming obsolete, then you might want to think of getting it updated sooner than later. Getting contact data appended by an authentic data append partner is a wise decision. Organizations should look for a consistent, systematic data for quality marketing and extensive market coverage.

Data append service vendors gather requested business contact information on the availability of other contact information from the service buyer, such as: company name, registration number and postal address. Customer name and telephone number is also preferred.

At Email Data Group, we understand that business corporates need to acquire a marketing database that is complete in itself and verified for 100% accuracy. In case, any of the above mentioned customer information is absent from your present customer data, then you can get our cost-effective b2b contact append services for a detailed client contact data.

Get cleansed contact data from Contact Append Services

Every vital business contact information is examined through a dual verification process, which involves phone and email procedures, before it is sorted in the in-house database by the contact data append vendor. Contact appending begins with the first two steps:

  1. Planning

    The client provides the b2b database and marks data that is of high priority to them and shares it with our data append experts.
  2. Analysis

    The client data is evaluated to notice what is missing, what needs to be erased and what needs to be updated. Once the missing fields are detected, the data append experts match client's database with their already cleansed and standardized data and provide maximum match rate.

Business contacts appending best for multichannel campaigns

Connecting with new customers and earning the confidence of previous customers is what appended business contacts help you with. Let us see how:

  • Through alternative contact appending, old customers can be reconnected with and new connection can be established within the same organization
  • Due to accuracy and deliverability of fresh and verified data, marketing costs will reduce with a single attempt at the campaigns
  • Multiple contact appending service helps to fill the gaps in your customer contact database
  • Business contact append provides opted-in customer data for responsive b2b communication
  • Append b2b contacts are filtered for uninterrupted marketing across the globe through contemporary marketing channels
  • Appended mobile numbers indirectly helps to increase ROI in marketing campaigns with real-time market coverage

Our b2b contact appending for millions of businesses

We match your business database with our massive master database. Through automated data match, the data append software system highlights similar records and required data is appended to our client's existing data records. Most commonly contacts appended are :

  • Job Title
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Industry Type
  • SIC Code
  • Social media and website address
  • Zip Code, and more

Generate high leads on bulk campaigns with comprehensive marketing data availed through our effective append services.

To achieve high response rates on your campaigns, drive them using appended contacts, which will be provided to you through secure means by Email Data Group. We are just a phone call away, dial 800-710-4895 to reach us.

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Your company is the only one that contacted me that included actual email address in the sample append that was sent back – really proof that we knew what we were going to be paying for...

Miss Tracey Ellis
Tracey Ellis
Vice President, Marketing

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